1st European Conference on Trapped Ions (ECTI 2010)

19-24 September 2010, at Redworth Hall, County Durham, UK


The 2010 European Conference on Trapped Ions (ECTI2010) will be held at the historic Redworth Hall in County Durham, England. Situated in the beguilingly beautiful heart of the English countryside, this old country manor is laced with intrigue, with a history spanning the last five centuries. It is also known to be haunted—expect sightings of the supernatural!














Built originally as the family home of George and Eleanor Crosier in 1693, this extravagant residence was inhabited by the Crosier and then Surtees families of the English aristocracy before being renovated by Henry Edward Surtees in 1863. Contemporary Georgian fixtures were integrated into  the house, and a Baronial Hall was added, adding to this building’s castle like appearance. With an old tower and crenellated balconies, one is reminded of historic battles and deeds of heroism when one looks down from the battlements.














The hall is now a hotel of exemplary contemporary standards. This hotel is designed with the most indulgent modern luxuries, and the most lavish traditional comforts, only fitting for a residence of the aristocracy. Redworth incorporates its illustrious past with state of the art facilities. These include a 17m indoor pool, a Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, a cutting edge fitness suite and even outdoor tennis courts. Expect to live like a King.













It is rumoured that Redworth Hall is often the site of paranormal happenings—a building with such a colourful past can only be expected to be haunted! Corridors echo with ghostly footsteps, and ectiplasm (excuse the typo) flows through the house’s aged walls. Two spectres are reputed to walk the halls of Redworth, the first being a jilted lover who threw herself from the tower and now roams the house, with a particular fondness for bedrooms... The other is that of a child of the Surteeses. Deemed to be ‘ill of mind’ as a boy he spend many nights chained to the fireplace in the great hall. It is said that his laughter and crying can still be heard on the darkest of evenings.


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