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Press release

  • 26 September 2006

Migration research wins £750,000 funding boost

The experiences of Greek Cypriots and South Asian migrants will be chronicled by University of Sussex academics in two studies backed by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The first study is being led by Professor Russell King from the Geography department, with Dr Katy Gardner from the Anthropology department co-ordinating the second project. Both of the schemes will explore issues of migration and identity and are associated with the Sussex Centre for Migration Research.

The experiences of Greek Americans, Greek Germans and British-born Greek Cypriots returning to Greece and Cyprus will be followed in Professor King's study titled, Cultural Geographies of Counter-Diasporic Migration: The Second Generation Returns Home. The project will research the kind of images second-generation Greeks construct of their homeland and their reaction to the discovery that the country has altered following globalisation and mass immigration.

Research into the lives of children living in East London will be recorded in a book and an accompanying exhibition, as part of the second project Home and Away: Experiences and Representations of Transnational South Asian Children. The experience of eight to 13-year-olds and their relationship with their homeland will be revealed using video, photographic and recorded interviews, as well as a series of arts, story-telling and writing workshops.

Professor King, head of Geography at the University, says: "The experience of migrants is one which can offer up a wealth of information, explaining the history of different countries and providing an insight into an issue which features in contemporary society.

"This double success comes under a highly competitive funding regime confirms the University's reputation as a major player in global migration research, opening up new agendas in studying the consequences of migration for British and European studies."

The University has been awarded the money as part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council's Diasporas, Migrations and Identities programme.

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