Getting started with Sussex Chromebooks

Chromebooks are a bit different to other laptops so take a minute to get acquainted and see the details on these pages to find out more about what you can do.

Three things you need to know...

Chromebooks are perfect for research and online resources but only have basic software. So if you need more advanced programs, use one of the desktop computers instead.

All your data is forgotten when you close the lid. As the Chromebooks are shared by lots of people, your downloads and browsing history are forgotten as soon as you close the lid or press the Exit session button.

You can borrow a Chromebook for up to 6 hours. Make sure you return it before you leave if the Library is closing.

Chromebooks are different

They don't have the same programs as regular computers so you sometimes have to take a different approach to get things done:

View and edit office documents
Open and make amendments to office files with Quickoffice

Use your Sussex files
Copy files to or from your personal file space at the University

Print to campus printers
Use Web printing to print PDF or office documents

Take files away
Copy files to a USB drive or SD card

Take a screenshot
Make a copy of the screen or part of it

Edit an image
Crop or amend photos and graphics

Use your Sussex email
Connect to webmail to read or send from your University mail account

Take a quick note
Quickly save a note to your personal file space

Command line tools
Login to the University's UNIX server

What is a Chromebook?

It's a fast, simple laptop, designed to be used on the web. It gets you online with the minimum of fuss so you can:

  • research on the web
  • read online journals and use other Library resources
  • use Study Direct or Sussex Direct
  • view and edit office documents
  • copy files to and from your University file space
  • print PDF or office documents with web printing

Six hour loan
You can borrow a chromebook for up to 6 hours on your Library card. But please return it to the storage lockers to avoid paying an overdue fee (£3 initial fee, £3 per additional day).

Use on the campus
The Chromebook will work anywhere on campus as long as you're in range of the wi-fi. However, if a Chromebook is not brought back on time, it is deactivated remotely and can't be used until it's returned.

Technical support
If you need technical support with this device, speak with one of the Help Desk Advisors at the library help point, or go to IT Services in the Shawcross building.