Here you can learn from the history, complexity and current development status of the initiative known as Yasuní ITT. The original Yasuni initiative was a revolutionary and innovative model. Since conception it has had to change and has faced many obstacles - as a case study it is useful to have a closer look at its evolution.

On this website you will find:

  • A review of scientific information explaining why it is important to leave fossil fuels under the ground.
  • Why humanity needs biodiversity.
  • Existing initiatives worldwide that are taking a step towards a a post-fossil fuel society.
  • What we can learn from different regions about how to implement this concept at the local and global level.
  • This space is a scientific library and forum for alternatives pathways for a safe human space on our planet. 
Become part of the project: Let’s get together to investigate and and analyse alternatives to extractivism and fossil fuel based economies. Let’s make them visible and think of ways to make the transition.




New Research
BBC Radio 4: Black Gold in Paradise

Listen to an episode on Yasuní and an interview with Dr. Mika Peck, as part of BBC Radio 4's Costing the Earth series: Black Gold in Paradise

BBC Radio 4 Costing the Earth Yasuni episode




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