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Kipling Papers

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1. Letters from John Lockwood Kipling and Mrs. J.L. Kipling

BURNE-JONES, Margaret 1 letter 1885-[86]. Illustrated. With typed copy. 1/1

DE FOREST, Lockwood 1 letter 1891. Typed copy. 1/2

HALL, . 1 letter [c.1880?]. Illustrated. File includes note by L.C. Dunsterville 27.04.1921. 1/3

HILL, Mrs. S.A. See Papers of Rudyard Kipling. Correspondence. 1. Letters from R.K. b. To Other Correspondents. HILL, Mrs. S.A.

KIPLING, Elsie 4 letters 1909-10. In cloth wallet 1/4. See also Drawings, Sketches, etc. Letters and Drawings J.L.K. and R.K.

KIPLING, John 6 letters 1906-09. File includes story, Two sailor monkeys. Ms. pp. 20. Illustrated. 1/5

KIPLING, Mrs. John Lockwood 1 letter[1893]. Fragment pp. 5. With note, Dates Rudyard Kipling's career. Ms. 1/6

KIPLING, Josephine See Drawings, Sketches, etc. 2. Loose Leaves. Letters and Drawings. J.L.K. and R.K.

KIPLING, Rudyard 2 letters 1890. With typed copies. 1/7

MACDONALD, Edith 1 letter 1866. Illustrated. With typed copy. 1/8

NORTON, Charles Eliot See Papers of Rudyard Kipling. Correspondence. 1. Letters from R.K. b. To Other Correspondents. NORTON, Charles Eliot

NORTON, Sallie 10 letters 1899-1901. Typed copies. 1/9

PLOWDEN, Edith 44 letters 1880-1910. 33 were written by J.L.K., 9 by Mrs. J.L.K., and 2 jointly. With typed copies. 1/10-1/11

PRIDEAU, . 1 letter 1903. Typed copy. 1/12

RIVETT-CARNAC, Mrs. 1 letter 1870 1/13

TAYLOR, Caroline See Papers of Rudyard Kipling. Correspondence. 1. Letters from R.K. b. To Other Correspondents. HILL, Mrs. S.A.

2. Letters to John Lockwood Kipling

CONNAUGHT, Arthur duke of 13 letters 1888-91. File includes: Louise Margaret duchess of Connaught to J.L.K. 2 letters 1884-85. 1/14

PONSONBY, Sir Henry 13 letters 1890-92. File includes: Ram Singh to J.L.K.? 1 letter 25.02.1892; 1 letter re Ram Singh [n.d.]. Ms. copy; Estimate for proposed decorations, etc. for new Indian dining room at Osborne House...Ms. copy. ff. 4. 1/15

KITCHENER, H.H. earl 1 letter 1909 1/16

3. Letters relating to John Lockwood Kipling

BURNE-JONES, Lady Georgiana to Edith Plowden 1 letter 1911 With typed copy. 1/17

DAWSON, Elsie W. to Angela Thirkell 1 letter 1939. File includes: Mrs. J. M. Fleming to [Mrs. G. Bambridge?] 1 letter 1939; and Florence Macdonald to Mrs. J. W. Mackail 1 letter 1939. 1/18

DRYDEN, Ruth M. to Mrs. R. Kipling 1 letter 1920. 1/19

FLEMING, Mrs. J. M. to Stanley Baldwin 2 letters 1945. 1/20

FLEMING, Mrs. J.M. to Mrs. R. Kipling 1 letter 1936. 1/21

LYTTON, Victor earl to Stanley earl Baldwin 1 letter 1945 1/22

MORSHEAD, Sir Owen to Stanley earl Baldwin 2 letters 1945 1/23

MORSHEAD, Sir Owen to Sir Alan Lascelles 1 memo 1945 1/24

[ ] to W. Partington 1 letter 1937 1/25


1. Bound Volumes

Scraps. 1 vol. 12¼x 10 in. ff. 92 (166 leaves mounted). 2/1

Contains drawings in pencil, pen and ink, and crayon, washes in grey or sepia, etc., c.1870-90, of heads (especially of R.K.), figures, animals, scenes from Indian life, mythological, satirical and other subjects, principally by J.L.K. Includes drawings by Edward Burne-Jones (4), Philip Burne-Jones (1), the Earl of Carlisle (3), Rudolph Swoboda (3?); 2 pieces by Indian artists; Mss. of 4 verses (by R.K.?) and a page of a mock newspaper.

Rough Sketches. 1 vol. 11¾x 14½in. ff. 72 (240 leaves mounted). 2/2

Contains sketches and drawings in pencil, and pen and ink, grey washes, etc. c.1890-c.1900 by J.L.K. of animals, figures, Indian native and mythological subjects. Includes designs, decorated initials and ornaments for The Jungle Book, The Second Jungle Book, Punjab Folk Tales, etc., and a few printed proofs.

Proofs. 1 vol. 10 x 12 in. ff. 52 (146 leaves mounted). 2/3

Contains printed proofs c.1890-c.1910: of illustrations, decorated initials, ornaments, etc. by J.L.K. for The Jungle Book, The Second Jungle Book, Punjab Folk Tales and The Iliad of the East; of signs of the Zodiac; and of 6 book-plates. Inscribed 'J.L. Kipling. Tisbury. 1894.'

[Miscellaneous Sketches]. 1 vol. 4½x 7¼in. ff. 37. 3/1

Contains sketches and drawings in pen and ink or pencil of figures, animals, etc., c.1890-c.1910. Includes notes on designs for The Jungle Book and (in the hand of R.K.) for The Second Jungle Book. Inscribed 'Tisbury, Wilts.'

Elsie's own book. 1 vol. 7 x 10½ in. ff. 24.3/2

Contains drawings in pencil, pen and ink, monochrome washes, etc., c.1903?.

John Kipling junior his book. 1 vol. 7 x 10 in. ff. 20. 3/3

Contains an alphabet with initial letters decorated in water-colour, with illustrations in pen and ink and water-colour, text, etc., 1903?.

2. Loose Leaves

[Satirical Drawings]. ff. 3. 3/4

f.1. [Kipling follows Homer, Dante, etc.]. [c.1875?]. Pen and ink with wash. 6 x 8½in.

f.1 . Ruddy's idea of heaven. 1868. Pen and ink. 7¼ x 4¾ in.

f.1. 'Who gathered her borrowed books from holes and comers of the earth?' [c.1868?] . Pen and ink. 5½ x 8½ in. With C.R. Reynolds to Mrs. G. Bambridge 1 letter 1955, and note by Mrs. Bambridge.

J.L.K.'s mounted drawings and sketches. 3/4

Preliminary and finished studies c. 1870-90 by J.L.K. in pencil, pen and ink, wash, etc., of Indian subjects; with two studies by other hands. A few pieces bear initials, titles or dates.

Heads: native subjects. 2/4
ff. 9 (12 leaves mounted). Various media. 4 x 3 in - 13¾ x 9 in. Pen and ink 3, sepia wash 1, pencil or crayon 8.
Figures or Groups: native subjects. ff. 33. 2/4
ff. 12 wash (sepia or grey). 10½ x 7¼in - 14 x 10 in. Of civilian and military subjects. 3 pieces are unfinished.
ff. 6. Pen and ink. 10½ x 7 in. - 12¼ x 15 in. One piece is unfinished.
ff. 15 (18 leaves mounted). Pencil. 7 x 4 in. - 12 x 15¾in. 13 are sketches.
Heads: non-native subjects 2/4
ff. 5 (6 leaves mounted). Pencil. 13 x 9 in., etc. Sketches.
Craftsmen: native subjects. ff. 31. 2/5
ff. 28. Pencil. 6½x 7½in. - 10½ x 14½ in. 25 are sketches.
f. 1. Pen and ink. 10½ x 12½in.
ff. 2. Mixed media. 10½ x 14½in., etc. Unfinished pieces.
Scenes from Indian Life. ff. 52. 2/6
ff. 9. Pen and ink. 8 x 8 in. - 10 x 12 in.
ff. 14 (15 leaves mounted). Wash (sepia or grey). 5½ x 9 in. - 14 x 10 in.
ff. 5. Mixed media. 8 x 10 in. - 14 x 11½in. 3 pieces are unfinished.
ff. 24. Wash. 12 x 16 in., 16 x 12 in. Medallions within square borders.
19 + 1 fragment are blue within yellow borders, 2 are sepia, 2 grey.
Animals 2/7
ff. 5. Various media. 9 x 5½in. - 14 x 10 in. Pen and ink 1, crayon 1, grey wash 3.
Architecture, Townscape, Landscape 2/7
ff. 5. Various media. 10 x 14 in., etc. Pencil 1, pen and ink 1, grey wash 2, etc.
Artefacts. ff. 2. 2/7
f.1. Huga. Sepia wash. 12 x 9½ in.
f. 1. Peshawar cook bowl and spoons. Pen and ink. 16 x 11½in.
Miscellaneous Designs. ff. 2. 2/7
f.1. Cover design for Letters of Marque. Pen and ink. 16 x 11½in.
f.1. Ornamental border. Pen and ink. 5½x 9¾in.
Works by Other Hands. ff. 2. 2/7
f. 1. Persian soldiers ? Pencil, pen and ink. 9½x 14 in.
Fragment. Inscribed 'Drawing by Mota Singh...'
f. 1. Persian weaver ? Gouache. 7 x 5 in.
Wheeler's Indian Railway Library. ff.22. 3/5
File contains pen and ink designs for Plain Tales from the Hills and Wee Willie Winkie, 1 tracing for The Phantom ' Rickshaw, and proofs for the covers of Soldiers Three, The Story of the Gadsbys, In Black and White, Under the Deodars, The Phantom ' Rickshaw, and Wee Willie Winkie, etc. See also J.L.K.'s mounted drawings and sketches. Miscellaneous Designs.
Letters and Drawings J.L.K. and R.K. ff. 13. 3/6
File contains: Rudyard Kipling - 3 pen and ink sketches; J.L. Kipling - 7 illustrations in water-colour, crayon or pencil; to Elsie Kipling 2 letters 1901 etc. illustrated; to Josephine Kipling 1 letter [n.d.] illustrated. See also Papers of Rudyard Kipling. Printed Material. 2. Books. b. By Other Writers. LEAR, Edward.


Autobiography of a Lancashire Lad. Notebook 7¾x 6 in. 3/7

Contains 33 pages of the first chapter, Au Petit Bossu, of a story by J.L.K.?, sketches etc.

Recent chronology. Notebook 6½x 4½in. 3/8

Contains chronology with brief notes on J.L.K. and family 1837-90.

Recent chronology. Notebook 6 x 4 in. 3/9

Chronology with brief notes on J.L.K. and family 1837-95.


Bombay Correspondent, Pioneer 1870-73. 1 vol. 20 x 12 in. 28/19

Contains regular (usually weekly) and occasional articles contributed by J.L.K. to The Pioneer 5.4.1870 - 10.6.1873 on affairs in Bombay district (on government business, cases in the courts, official visits, education, the railways, the weather, accidents, social life, etc.). Includes Loafing, 5 pieces on English topics 1871, and 1 piece from Lahore dated 7.5.1882.

Pioneer, Bombay Correspondent 1873-77. 1 vol. 20 x 12 in. 28/20

Contains regular (usually weekly) and occasional articles contributed by J.L.K. to The Pioneer 17.6.1873-16.3.1875 on affairs in Bombay district (on government business, elections, cases in the courts, civil disorders, business and commercial activities, social events, etc.) and contributions 1.11.1875 - 19.6.1877 from Lahore on events in the Punjab. Includes occasional reports from Baroda.

Mixed Scribble 1877-97. 1 vol. 11½x 9½in. 28/21

Contains regular and occasional articles contributed by J.L.K. to The Pioneer and The Civil and Military Gazette c.15.7.1877 - 25.8.1883 from Lahore and Simla, etc., on political and social events in the Punjab. Includes 6 later pieces 1890-97 contributed to The National Observer, The New Review, St. James's Gazette, and The Scots Observer.


1. Official Documents

Committee of Privy Council on Education. 1 letter 18.3.1864. Ms. Acknowledges report of J.L.K. on enamelled terra-cotta. 3/10

Memorial of J. Lockwood Kipling, Principal of the Mayo School of Art, to Sir R. E. Egerton, Lt.-Governor of the Punjab [1882], Printed. pp.5. Seeks official status within the Education Department. 3/11

Grant of the dignity of a Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire 1.1.1887. Ms. File includes: Under Secretary to the Government, Punjab, to J.L. Kipling 1 letter 22.11.1887. 3/12

Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab. The report on the Lahore Central Museum for the year 1892-93. Remarks 25.7.1893. Printed. 3/13

Government of India. Department of Revenue and Agriculture to J.L. Kipling, 1 letter 31.10.1893. Printed. Concerns presentation of books. 3/14

2. Notes

Extracts from "As a tale that is told", by Frederic W. Macdonald. Ts. ff. 8. 3/15

"John Lockwood Kipling...": biography notes. Ts. ff. 3. 3/16

John Lockwood Kipling. Miscellaneous notes. Ts. ff. 2. From 1/15, 1/23, 1/24 and 1/25 above. 3/17

John Lockwood Kipling. Notes from a "Memorial" by the Hon. Sir Robert Egerton (1881). Ts. ff. 2. From 3/11 above. 3/18

John Lockwood Kipling. Notes made by his daughter, Mrs. Fleming, 1945. Ts. ff.3. From 1/20, 1/21 and 1/22 above. 3/19

John Lockwood Kipling. Some dates and notes on his career. Ts. From 3/8 above, etc. 3/20

Notes taken from two manuscript books by J.L.K. Ts. ff.2. From 3/8 and 3/9 above. 3/21

Rudyard Kipling's father, by L. Whitbread. Printed. pp. 3 from Notes and Queries 24.10.1942. 3/22



1. Papers concerning Copyright

a. City of Dreadful Night and Letters of Marque 1891 4/1
Correspondence. 10 letters 20.11. - 27.11.1891

From A.P. Watt: to J.L. Kipling 2 letters; to G. W. Allen 2 letters; to E. Marston 1 letter. From G. W. Allen to A. P. Watt 2 letters. From E. Marston to A. P. Watt 2 letters. From Morton, Cutler & Co. to A. P. Watt 1 letter. Concern the claim to copyright in these works by The Pioneer, Allahabad.

b. From Sea to Sea and Letters of Marque 1891 4/2
Correspondence. 1 letter 1891

From G M. Chesney to R.K. Concerns proposed reprints.

c. Wheeler's Indian Railway Library 1894 4/3

Purchase of copyright from R.K. by E. Moreau: bill of sale and receipt 7.3.1889 Ms. ff. 2.

Agreement between Sampson, Low, Marston & Co. and E. Moreau on printing and sales 4.8.1894. Ms. ff. 3.

Agreement between E. Moreau and R.K. for the purchase by R.K. of copyrights and printed stocks 10.9.1894. Ts. ff. 10.

Correspondence. 5 letters 9.7. - 30.10.1894

From A. P. Watt to A. H. Wheeler & Co. 4 letters, with agreement and receipt. From E. Moreau to A. H. Wheeler & Co. 1 letter.

d. The Brushwood Edition. R.K. vs. G. P. Putnam's Sons 1899-1902
Correspondence. 112 letters 1899-1901

From A. T. Gurlitz to Mrs. R.K. 54 letters 1899-1900; to A. P. Watt 18

letters 1899-1901; to R.K. 2 letters 1900. 4/4

From Mrs. R.K. to A. T. Gurlitz 31 letters 1899-1900. 4/5

From A. S. Watt to A. T. Gurlitz 2 letters 1900. 4/6

From G. H. Putnam to Charles Scribner 2 letters 1899. From Charles Scribner to G. H. Putnam 2 letters 1899. From W. A. Appleton to [?] Putnam 1 letter 1899. From Irving Putnam to A. P. Watt 1 letter 1899, enclosing Memorandum to A. P. Watt. Ts. ff. 3. From [ ] to A. P. Watt 1 letter 1899. Typed copies. 4/7


Cover designs used for Indian Railway Library editions of The Phantom ' Rickshaw and Soldiers Three. Printed proofs. 4/8

Trade marks used by R.K., with descriptions registered in U.S. Patents Office. Printed. ff. 2. 4/9

Index to works of R.K., by A. T. Gurlitz, with notes. Ms. ff. 145, 5. 4/10

List of works of R.K. recording publication and copyright. Ms. ff. 107. 4/11

[Proceedings in] U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Rudyard Kipling ... vs. G. P. Putnam's Sons ... Printed. 1 vol. 1902. 4/12
Transcript of record. pp. 337.
Brief for plaintiff in error. pp. 124.
Brief for defendant in error. pp. 41.
Opinion of the Court. pp. 12.
e. The Naulahka 1899-1900
Assignment of copyright in Naulahka 23.3.1899, with note. Ms. ff. 2, 1. 5/1
Correspondence. 11 letters 1900

From Mrs. R. K. to A. T. Gurlitz 6 letters. 5/2

From Mrs. R.K.: to G.A. Macdonald 3 letters; to [A.P.?] Watt

1 letter. From G. A. Macdonald to [ ] 1 letter. 5/3

Instructions Re Mrs. Balestier and Naulahka Book. Percy Braby & Macdonald, August 1900. Ms. 5/4
f. [A proposed Collected Works of R.K.]. R.K. vs. R. F. Fenno & Co. 1900
Correspondence. 9 letters 1900

From A. T. Gurlitz to Mrs. R. K. 8 letters 1900. From Mrs. R.K. to H. H. McClure 1 letter [n.d.]. 5/5

Bill of Complaint. U.S. Circuit Court, Southern District of New York. Rudyard Kipling vs. R. F. Fenno & Co. 15.11.1900. Ts. ff. 26, 2. 5/6

g. [A proposed Illuminated Poems] 1924
Correspondence. 4 letters 1924. 5/7

From E. B. Merriman to R.K. 2 letters. From C. D. Medley of Field, Roscoe & Co. to Mrs. R.K. 2 letters. Concern proposed illuminated edition of poems of R.K. by E.B.M.

2. Papers concerning Forgeries

a. A Letter in London Opinion 1917
Correspondence. 3 letters 1917. 5/8

From G. A. Macdonald to Mrs. R. K. 1 letter. From Macdonald & Stacey to Editor, London Opinion 1 letter. From Editor, London Opinion to Macdonald & Stacey 1 letter, enclosing draft of apology. Concern letter supposed to have been written by R.K.

b. Letters to Sylvestre Dorian 1925-32 5/9

Correspondence. 10 letters 24.2. - 18.10.1937 From O. J. Humbert of Taylor & Humbert to Mrs. R.K. Concern letters alleged to have been written by R.K. to Sylvestre Dorian.

For literary papers concerning alleged letters to Sylvestre Dorian

See Correspondence. 2. Letters to Rudyard Kipling and Mrs. Kipling. b. On literary matters. i. Specified works of R.K. Forgeries. Letters to Sylvestre Dorian.

3. Papers concerning Estates

a. Estates of the Balestier Family
Correspondence. 44 letters 1919-24, with enclosures. 5/10

Principally to Mrs. R.K. from: Brattleboro Trust Co. 9 letters 1919-21; Josephine Dunham 6 letters 1919-22; Nelson Spencer 2 letters 1919-20; Spencer, Ordway & Wierum 11 letters 1920-23; Judge James Tyler 7 letters 1920-24; Vermont National Bank 4 letters 1920-23; and others. From Mrs. R.K.: to Brattleboro Trust Co. 1 letter 1921; to Nelson Spencer 1 letter 1921.

Genealogies. 5/11

Descent of A. Grenville, Sir T. Grenville, E. Prideaux and P. Dennis. Ts. ff.4.

Drake pedigree. Ts. ff. 6.

Wills, Accounts, etc.

Joseph N. Balestier 5/12

Will 16.1.1888. Printed. ff. 2.

Proof of will, Probate Court, State of Vermont, 30.1.1922. Ts. ff. 12.

Account and distribution of estate, Probate Court, State of Vermont, 6.6.1923. Ts. ff. 5.

Supplemental and final account [1923]. Ts. ff. 9.

Trust Fund for Joseph N. Balestier, jr. and Emma B. Balestier 1927? Ts. ff.3.

Caroline S. Balestier 5/13

Last will and testament 29.6.1901. Printed ff. 28.

Anna S. Balestier 5/14

Accounts, inventories, etc. 1918-22. Ts. ff. 12.

b. Estate of Rudyard Kipling

Administrator's account and discharge. Orr, Dignam & Co.,

Calcutta, 1937. Ts. ff. 3. 6/1

Film agreements 1915-36. Ms. 6/2

Income tax 1933-34. Maxtone Graham & Sime, London. Ts. ff. 3.

With: Maxtone Graham & Sime to Mrs. R.K. 1 letter 1935. 6/3

Royalty Accounts and Sales, and related documents, 1910-33. Ms. ff. 36.

Record of sales of English, American and European editions by

Doubleday, Hodder, Macmillan, Methuen, Scribner, etc. 6/4

Royalty Accounts (Executrix A accounts). A. P. Watt & Son 1937-38. Ms.
11.1.-31.12.1937 ff. 100. 6/5
5.1.-29.12.1938 ff. 92. 6/6

Statement of Account 1936, 1937, 1938, 1941. Black Geoghan & Till, London. Ts. 4 parts. 6/7

Summary of position as to value of estate and payment of duties, July 1937. Field, Roscoe & Co. Ts. ff. 3. 6/8

Correspondence. 318 letters 1925-39
From T. M. Till of Black, Geoghan & Till to Mrs. R.K. 226 letters 1936-39
Concern financial business: income tax, stocks & shares, etc.
1936 65 letters 7/1
1937 67 letters 7/2
1938 52 letters 7/3
1939 42 letters 7/4

From Mrs. R.K. to T. M. Till 21 letters 1939. Typed copies. Concern financial business. income tax, stocks & shares etc. 7/5

From C.D. Medley of Field, Roscoe & Co. to R.K. 2 letters 1925.

From R.K. to C. D. Medley 1 letter, 1931. Typed copy. Concern will of R.K. 7/6

From C. D. Medley of Field, Roscoe & Co. to Mrs. R.K. 67 letters 1937-39. Concern legal business and some financial matters. 7/7

From Mrs. R.K. to C. D. Medley 1 letter 1938. Typed copy. 7/8

Inventories, Valuations, etc.

Articles declared to be of "national, etc. interest" [n.d] Ts. with ms. additions. ff. 12.

List of furniture and fittings at Bateman's. 8/1

Estate Duty Valuation. Inventory and valuation of household furniture, works of art, plate, books and personal effects ... Summers, Henderson & Co. Feb. 1936. Ts. ff. 95. 8/2

List of silver May 1939. Ts. with ms. additions. ff. 4. 8/3

Bateman's silver October 1947. Ts. with ms. additions. ff. 4. 8/4

Valuation. Bateman's, Burwash, Sussex. Inventory and valuation of the furniture & effects ... made for insurance purposes. Summers, Henderson & Co. August 1931 Ts. ff. 119. 8/5

c. Estate of Mrs. Caroline Kipling

Statement showing value of the estate as sworn for probate and approximate value of the residuary estate, 1940. The Public Trustee, London. Ts. ff. 8. 8/6

Inventories, Valuations, etc.

Keepsakes. List 1940. Ms. ff. 4. 8/7

Schedule of articles marked CK in the inventory of the contents of "Bateman's", Burwash, Sussex found at Keylands, March 1940. Gordon Prior & Goodwin, London. Ts. with ms. additions. ff. 4. 8/8

Schedule of articles at "Bateman's", Burwash, Sussex, admitted to be of national or historic interest on Mr. Rudyard Kipling's decease but not traced upon Mrs. C. Kipling's decease, March 1940. Gordon Prior & Goodwin, London. Ts. ff. 2. 8/9

Schedule of articles unmarked in inventory of contents of "Bateman's", Burwash, Sussex, March 1940. Gordon Prior & Goodwin, London. Ts. ff.18. 8/10

Schedule of articles marked CK, EB or EB in inventory of contents of "Bateman's", Burwash, Sussex March 1940. Gordon Prior & Goodwin, London. Ts. with ms. additions. ff.10. 8/11

Schedule of articles marked CK or blank in inventory of contents of "Bateman's", Burwash, Sussex found at "Keylands", March 1940. Gordon Prior & Goodwin, London. Ts. with ms additions. ff. 2. 8/12

Schedule of articles found at "Bateman's", Burwash, Sussex, but not recorded in inventory of contents March 1940. Gordon Prior & Goodwin, London. Ts. with ms additions. ff. 21. 8/13

Schedule of articles found at "Keylands" but not recorded in the inventory of contents of "Bateman's", Burwash, Sussex March 1940. Gordon Prior & Goodwin, London. Ts. with ms. additions. ff. 7. 8/14

Schedule of articles at "Bateman's", Burwash, Sussex, March 1940. Gordon Prior & Goodwin, London. Ts. ff. 2. 8/15

4. Papers concerning Financial Settlements

a. Children's Settlement

Investment ledger 1899-1924. Inscribed 'Settlement C. Kipling and others'. 8/16

Investment ledger 1916-22. Inscribed 'Elsie Kipling June 1917 from her father'. 8/17

Rudyard Kipling's Voluntary Settlement. Schedule of trust income 1919-21. Maxtone Graham & Sime, London. Ts. ff.10. 8/18

Share certificates 19.1.-11.5.1921. N. Lea of Birmingham. ff. 8. 8/19

Share certificates 30.1.-23.9.1924. Helbert, Wagg & Co. ff. 13. 8/20

Stocks and shares income tax certificates 1918-1923. ff. 203. Declare income from Baldwins, Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton, Birmingham Corporation Stock, Courage, Great Central Railway, Hull and Barnsley Railway Co., London Brighton & South Coast Railway, London Chatham and Dover Railway, London County Consolidated Stock, London Joint City and Midland Bank, Mann, Crossman & Paulin, Metropolitan Water (B) Stock, Nigeria Government, North Eastern Railway, Province of Ontario, and Southend-on-Sea Corporation. 9/1-5

Pass book. London City & Midland Bank 1910-1920. Inscribed 'Mrs C. Kipling, S. Baldwin Esq., A. S. Watt Esq. Joint A/c'. 9/6

Pass book. London Joint City & Midland Bank 1920-1924. Inscribed 'Mrs. C. Kipling, S. Baldwin Esq., A. S. Watt Esq. Joint A/c'. 9/7

Cancelled cheques. London City and Midland Bank 1910-24. ff. 31. 9/8

Correspondence. 145 letters 1914-25, with enclosures. To Mrs. R. K. from A. S. Watt, Macdonald & Stacey, London City & Midland Bank, Maxtone Graham & Sime, Helbert, Wagg & Co., and others. Files include: S. Baldwin to Mrs. R.K., 2 letters 1914-22; R.K. to Macdonald and Stacey 1 letter [1916], to S. Baldwin 1 letter 1924; Mrs. R.K. to S. Baldwin 5 letters 1914-22, to A. S. Watt 2 letters 1914-15, to G.P.O. 1 letter 1916, and to London City & Midland Bank 1 letter 1922. 9/9-13.

Declaration of Trust with regard to a sum of £10,000 and the investments representing the same, 14.11.1916. Ms. 9/14

b. Marriage Settlement of Elsie Kipling

Statement of account 1925-35. Ms. ff. 13. 10/1

Marriage Settlement Trust. Comparative statement, 1936 and 1938.

The Public Trustee. 1938. Ts. ff. 3.

With: Public Trustee to Mrs. G. Bambridge 1 letter 1938. 10/2

Pass book. London Joint City & Midland Bank 1924-29. 10/3

Inscribed 'Mrs. C. Kipling, Rt. Hon. Stanley Baldwin,

A. S. Watt, Esq., R. G. Munro Esq., Joint A/c.'.

Correspondence. 341 letters 1924-39. 10/4-11

To Mrs. R.K. from Field, Roscoe & Co., Maxtone Graham & Sime, Midland Bank, Helbert Wagg & Co., A. S. Watt, and others. Files include: S. Baldwin to Mrs. R. K. 8 letters 1924-33; Mrs. R.K. to C. D. Medley 1 letter 1927, to G. Munro 3 letters 1928-33, and to Helbert Wagg & Co. 5 letters 1931-33.

Legal Documents

Settlement on the marriage of Miss Elsie Kipling with Captain George Louis St. Clair Bambridge, M.C., 21.10.1924. Ts. ff. 14. With related notes. Ts. ff. 9. 10/12

Supplemental Declaration of Trust in the matter of Captain and Mrs. Bambridge's marriage settlement. Field, Roscoe & Co. 2.8.1929. Ts. ff. 4. 10/13

Opinion [of] Mr. A. Andrewes Uthwatt, Field, Roscoe & Co., 10.2.1937 ex parte the Trustees of the marriage settlement of Captain and Mrs. Bambridge. Ts. ff. 7. 10/14


1. Letters from Rudyard Kipling with some from Mrs. Kipling

a. To Members of the Family

BALDWIN, Alfred 15 letters 1893-1907. Typed copies. 11/1

BALDWIN, Mrs. Alfred 47 letters, etc. 1886-1923. Typed copies. 11/2

BALDWIN, Oliver See BALDWIN, Stanley

BALDWIN, Stanley 41 letters 1895-1938. Typed copies. Enclosure: R.K. to Oliver Baldwin 1 letter 20.11.1915. Typed copy. 11/3

BALDWIN, Mrs. Stanley 4 letters 1909-21. Typed copies. 11/4

BAMBRIDGE, George and Mrs. G. 420 letters, etc. 1921-35. Some letters are illustrated. Enclosures: The Lord, we are told ... [n.d.]. Verse; The votary and the shrine. [n.d.]. Ink sketch. With typed copies of 414 letters. 12/13-24

BAMBRIDGE, Mrs. George See also KIPLING, Elsie

BURNE-JONES, Georgiana Lady 2 letters [1910]-13. With typed copies. 11/5

BURNE-JONES, Margaret 6 letters 1884-89. Some letters are illustrated. Enclosures: A cousin's Christmas card [n.d.] Verse. Illustrated; The letter of Halim the potter to his father... [n.d.]. Verse. With typed copies of letters. See also MACKAIL, Mrs. J. W. 11/6-7

FLEMING, Mrs. J. M. 12 letters, etc. 1931-35. With typed copies 11/8-9

KIPLING, Elsie and John 223 letters, etc. 1906-15. Many letters are illustrated. Enclosures: Certificate re Robinson Crusoe 16.3.07; Ink sketch of John inside a large fur coat, John's present Christmas 1907; This is a fact... Verse for Elsie's 12th birthday, 2.2.1908; Ink sketch of grounded boat. Files also include R.K. to Mr. Pearson 1 letter 16.5.13. Typed copy. 13/1-7. With typed copies of 217 letters. 13/8-14

KIPLING, Elsie See also BAMBRIDGE, George and Mrs. G.

KIPLING, John Lockwood 4 letters [1910]-11. Each letter is illustrated. With typed copies. 13/15-16

KIPLING, Mrs. R. and Elsie 20 letters, etc. 1915. Some letters are illustrated. File includes P. Landon to Mrs. R.K. 1 letter 18.8.[1915]. With typed copies of 14 letters. 13/17-18.
13 letters, etc. 1917. Some letters are illustrated. With typed copies of 11 letters. 13/19-20

MACDONALD, Edith 31 letters[1880?]-1936. Typed copies. 11/10

MACDONALD, Frederick 1 letter 1912 11/11

MACKAIL, J.W. 3 letters 1897-1912. With typed copies. 11/12

MACKAIL, Mrs. J. W. 20 letters 1892-1932. Enclosures: Visiting card of John Kipling written by his father R.K. 28.9.97, with note, etc.;ink drawing. With typed copies of letters 11/13-14. See also BURNE-JONES Margaret

b. To Other Correspondents

ALEXANDER, Prince of Teck 1 letter 1910. Typed copy. 14/1

AMERICAN Academy of Arts and Sciences 1 letter 1929. Typed copy. 14/2

AMERY, L. S. 1 letter 1914. Typed copy. 14/3

AMSDEN, Mrs. 1 letter 1925. 14/4

ASSOCIATION of American Authors 1 letter 1893. Typed copy. Signed by C. B. Todd. 14/5

BADEN-POWELL, Robert 1 letter 1915. 14/6

BAKER, Sir Herbert 31 letters, etc. 1900-34. Enclosures: Hymn of breaking strain. ff. 2. Typed copy; Notes on talk with Kipling at Bateman's in December, 1932. Typed copy. With typed copies of 30 letters. 14/7-8

BALLARD, E. A. 1 letter 1935. Typed copy. 14/9

BANGS, . 1 letter 1894. Typed copy. 14/10

BARR, Robert 14 letters 1894-99. With typed copies. 14/11-12

BATES, Sir Percy 70 letters, etc. 1924-36. Typed copies. File includes A. Hardinge to Sir Percy Bates 1 letter 28.9.34. Typed copy. 14/13

BEIT, Sir Otto 3 letters 1925. 1 typed copy, 2 manuscript copies. 14/4

BELFAST Telegraph 1 telegram [n.d.]. Draft. 14/15

[BESANT], Sir Walter 1 letter 1898. Typed copy. 14/16

BISHOP, Susan 1 letter 1893 14/17


BLAND-SUTTON, Sir John and Lady 20 letters [1915]-34. Typed copies. 14/18

BLUMENFELD, R.D. 55 letters, etc. 1906-19 14/19

BODDINGTON, . 1 letter 1893. Typed copy. 14/20

BOK, . 1 letter 1920. With typed copy. 14/21

BRANDR , . 1 letter [n.d.] 14/22

BRIDGES, Robert 3 letters 1925. Typed copies. 14/23

BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation. Director General. 1 letter 1928. Typed copy. 14/24

BROOKING, J.H.C. 1 letter 1927. 14/25

BROWN, W. 1 letter 1920. Typed copy. 14/26

BROWNRIGG, Sir Douglas 2 letters 1916. Typed copies. 14/27

BUTLER, E. 1 letter 1920. Typed copy. 14/28

CALLENDER, G. 1 letter 1931. 14/29

CARPENTER, W. M. 1 letter 1929. Typed copy. 14/30

CARSON, Sir Edward 1 letter 1917. Draft. 14/31

[CAZALET-KEIR, Thelma] 1 letter 1932. Typed copy. 14/32

CHAMBERLAIN, Norman 1 letter 1914. Typed copy. 14/33

CHASE, Lewis 2 letters 1933-35. Typed copies. 14/34

CHATTO & Windus 6 letters 1916. Typed copies. 14/35

CHEETHAM, Sir Milne 1 letter 1922. Typed copies. 14/36

CHEVRILLON, André 31 letters 1909-35. Typed copies. 14/37


CLARKE, Lawrence 3 letters 1913-17. Typed copies. 14/38

CLEMENS, S. L. 1 letter 1907. Typed copy. 14/39

COE, A.E. 11 letters, etc. 1902-20 14/40

COLLIER, Sir John 3 letters 1900-01. Typed copies. 14/41

COLVIN, I.D. 1 letter 1918. Typed copy. 14/42

CONLAND, James 20 letters, etc. [1894?] - 1903. Typed copies. 14/43

CROFTS, William 1 letter 1888. With typed copy. Two versions. 14/44

DAVIES, David 1 letter 1917. Typed copy. 14/45

DE FOREST, Lockwood and Mrs. 21 letters 1891-1900. Typed copies. 14/46

DESCHAMPS, Gaston 1 letter 1921 14/47

DORIAN, Sylvestre 5 letters 1927-32. Typed copies. File includes note of dates of letters supposed to have been written by R.K. to S.D. 14/48

DOUBLEDAY, F.N. 1 letter 1921. Typed copy. 14/49


DUNSANY, Edward baron 7 letters 1931-35. Typed copies and manuscript copies. 14/50

DUNSTERVILLE, L. C. 55 letters, etc. 1886-1935. File includes: H. L. Ismay to L. C. Dunsterville 1 letter 31.1.13. Typed copy; and The Song of the Exiles. Manuscript copy. ff. 3. With typed copies of 53 letters. 14/51-52

[FATT, F. F.] 1 letter 1910. Typed copy. 15/1

FEILDEN, H. W. 61 letters [1905?] -21. Typed copies. File includes note on H.W.F. 15/2

FISHER, Beatrice 1 letter 1923. Draft. With typed copy. 15/3

FLETCHER, C.R.L. 66 letters, etc. 1907-32. File includes 1 leaf from sale catalogue 15.5.1939. With typed copies of 65 letters. 15/4-5

FORD, R. A. Duckworth and Mrs. 19 letters etc. 1906-16. Enclosure: Signed photograph of Ford. With typed copies; also with 2 sets of photographic copies, and typed copies of 16 of these. 15/6-8

FOREST, Lockwood de See DE FOREST, Lockwood and Mrs.

FRASER, . 3 letters 1896-97. Typed copies. 15/9

FREWEN, Morton 1 letter [1900?]. With typed copy. 15/10

FRIERSON, W.C. 1 letter 1925. Typed copy. 15/11

GORDON, Arthur 1 letter 1928. Typed copy. Two versions. 15/12

GOSSE, Edmund 2 letters 1890-1910. 1 photographic copy, with typed copy; 1 typed copy. 15/13

GREENE, Raymond 1 letter 1917. Typed copy. 15/14

GWYNNE, H. A. 231 letters, etc. 1903-35. Typed copies. File includes: R.K. to Editor, Morning Post 1 letter 21.6.13; R.K. to Arthur baron Lee 1 letter 17.12.19; R.K. to W. Churchill 1 letter 17.12.19. Typed copies. 15/15

HAGGARD, Sir H. R. 43 letters etc. 1895-1925. Typed copies. File includes: Extract from R. Haggard's Journal 1918-19. Ts. ff. 9; Extracts from The Cloak that I Left by L.R. Haggard. Ts. ff. 7. With other versions of 16 letters. 15/16-17

[HAMONNEAU, M.A.] 1 letter 1929. Typed copy. 15/18

HARDING, W. J. 2 letters 1898-1903. Typed copies. See also Printed Material. 2. Books. a. By Kipling Kipling on the Japanese. 15/19

HARDINGE, Charles baron 1 letter 1922. Typed copy. 15/20

HARPER, C.G. 1 letter 1918. Photographic copy. 15/21

HARRIS, Sutherland 1 letter 1925. Typed copy. 15/22

HAULTAIN, H.E.T. 18 letters, etc. 1923-35. 15/23

HILL, S.A. 1 letter 1888. Typed copy. 16/1

HILL, Mrs. S.A. 94 letters, etc. 1887-1915. 93 are typed copies. Files include: R.K. to S.A. Hill 2 letters 1888-89; R.K. to Caroline Taylor 6 letters 1889-90; R.K. to Rev. R. Taylor 2 letters [n.d.], 1890; R.K. to Mrs. R. Taylor 1 letter 1889; Mrs J. L. Kipling to Mrs. S. A. Hill 5 letters 1889-90; to Caroline Taylor 1 letter 1890. Typed copies. 16/2-5.
1 letter 1923. With manuscript copy and 2 typed copies. 16/6

HODELL, C.W. 1 letter 1919. Typed copy. 16/7

HORSMONDEN School The School Budget 1 letter 1898. Duplicated manuscript copy. 16/8

HOWELLS, W.D. 4 letters 1896-1904. Typed copies. 16/9

HUGHES, C.E. and Mrs. 61 letters 1929-36. Typed copies. Enclosure: E.G. Norton to War Graves Memorial Committee. 1 letter [n.d.]. Typed copy. 16/10

HUSSEY, Mrs. 12 letters 1910-23. Typed copies. 16/11

IRISH Guards Regimental Headquarters 1 letter 1924. Typed copy. 16/12

JAMES, Henry 12 letters 1892-1915. Typed copies. 16/13

JARVIS, C.S. 19 letters 1929-34. Typed copies. 16/14

JONES, Sir Roderick 1 letter 1918. Typed copy. 16/15

KEIR, Thelma Cazalet See CAZALET-KEIR, Thelma

KERNAHAN, Coulson 1 letter 1913. Typed copy. 16/16

KNOWLES, Sir James 1 letter 1905. Typed copy. Two versions. 16/17

LANG, Andrew? 1 letter 1899. In verse. Typed copy. 16/18

LANGLEY, S.P.? 1 letter 1897. Typed copy. 16/19

LAWSON, H. 1 letter 1915. Typed copy. 16/20

LEATHES, S. 1 letter 1917. With typed copy. 16/21

LEE, Arthur baron See GWYNNE, H.A.

LEIGH, Hon. Mabel 6 letters, etc. 1930-35. With typed copies of 3 letters. 16/22

LIVERPOOL Courier 1 letter 1908. Typed copy. Two versions. 16/23

LIVINGSTON, F. V. 1 letter 1932. Typed copy. 16/24

LOFTIE, Mr. 1 letter [n.d.]. Illustrated. Humorous letter to a giraffe on the Sunday early closing movement in South Africa. 16/25

LOVAT, Simon baron 1 letter 1925. Manuscript copy. File includes press cutting on Rhodes Trust. 16/26

LOVEMAN, Samuel 1 letter 1933. Typed copy. 16/27

LOW, Sampson? 1 letter 1927. Typed copy. 16/28

MACMILLAN, Sir Frederick 3 letters 1911-28. Photocopies. 17/1

MACMILLAN & Co. 5 letters 1890-96. Photocopies. With typed copy of 1 letter. 17/2

MALLET, . 1 letter 1934. Draft. 17/3

MARK Twain Society 1 letter 1937. 17/4

MARSHALL, H.R.? 1 letter 1897. Typed copy. 17/5

MARSTON, . 1 letter 1904. Typed copy. 17/6

MASON, A.E.W. 4 letters 1931-32. Typed copies. File includes manuscript originals of 3, with typed copies. 17/7

MAUDE, . 1 letter 1894. Typed copy. Two versions. 17/8

MELSOME, W. S. 6 letters 1916-34.Typed copies. 17/9

MONTGOMERY, Herbert 1 letter 1917. Typed copy. 17/10


MORTON, Mrs. E. M. 1 letter 1903. Typed copy. 17/11

NESBIT-BLAND, E. 1 letter 1903. Typed copy. File includes T. P. Jones to Editor, Kipling Journal 1 letter 1946. Typed copy. 17/12

NEWTON, Thomas baron 1 letter 1914. Manuscript copy. 17/13

NORTON, Charles Eliot 61 letters 1893-1908. Typed copies. File includes letters to C.E.N. from: F. N. Doubleday 7 letters 1899; E.G. Janeway and T. Dunham 1 letter 27.1.1899; J. L. Kipling 4 letters 1895-99; H.H. McClure 2 letters 1899; Eliot Norton 1 letter 1.3.1899; Sallie Norton 4 letters [1899] ; and K. V. Subrahmoney Anjer to R.K.? 1 letter 27.4.1901. Typed copies. 17/14

NORTON, Sallie 6 letters 1895-1913. Typed copies. 17/15

OSBORN, E.B. 2 letters 1935. 17/16

OSLER, . 1 letter 1907. 17/17

PAGE, Walter Hines and Mrs. 5 letters 1913-18. Typed copies. 17/18

PAGET, Guy See Printed Material. 1. Works of R.K. Letters from Rudyard Kipling to Guy Paget 1919-1936 .

PEARSON, . See Correspondence. 1. Letters from R.K. a To Members of the Family. KIPLING, Elsie and John.

PHILLIPS, W.H. 12 letters 1895-96. Typed copies. File includes: R.K. to W. W. Rockhill 1 letter [29.5.1897]; and T. Roosevelt to W.H.P. 1 letter 19.9.1895. Typed copies. 17/19

PLOWDEN, Mrs. M.C. 1 letter [1927]. Typed copy. 17/20

POWELL, Robert Baden See BADEN-POWELL, Robert

PRIDEAU?, . 2 letters 1912. Typed copies. 17/21

REED, Mrs. 1 letter 1932. Typed copy. 17/22

RITCHIE, . 1 letter 1899. With typed copy. 17/23

ROBINSON, Sir Christopher 1 letter 1936. Typed copy. 17/24

ROBINSON, E.K. 5 letters, etc. 1884-98. With typed copies of 3 letters. 17/25


RODD, Sir Rennell 1917. Typed copy. 17/26

ROSE, Jabez 1 letter 1907. Typed copy. 17/27

SAINTSBURY, George 26 letters 1895 - 1932. Enclosure: receipt for an umbrella signed by R.L. Stevenson, G. Saintsbury and R.K. [n.d.]. With typed copies. 17/28-29

SCHREINER, Olive 1 letter 1891. With typed copy. 17/30

SLADE, E.B. 1 letter 1915. Typed copy. 17/31

SMALE, H. 2 letters 1918. Typed copies. 17/32

The SPECTATOR See Printed Material. 2. Books a. By Kipling A Letter from Rudyard Kipling

STRINGER, . 1 letter 1935. Typed copy. 17/33

STURT, . 1 letter 1935. Typed copy. 17/34

SUNDERLAND, F.H. 9 letters 1932-34. Typed copies. 17/35

SUTTON, Sir John Bland See BLAND-SUTTON, Sir John and Lady

[SYKES], Bonar 3 letters 1930-35. Typed copies. 17/36

[SYKES], Isabel Lady 3 letters 1923-24?. Typed copies. 17/37

TAYLOR, Caroline See HILL, Mrs. S. A.

TAYLOR, R. See HILL, Mrs. S. A.

TAYLOR, Mrs. R. See HILL, Mrs. S. A.

THAYER, W. R. 1 letter 1919. Typed copy. 17/38

THOMSON, Basil 1 letter 1918. Typed copy.17/39

The TIMES. 2 letters 1897-1914. Typed copies. File includes list of verses contributed by R.K. to the Times 1897-1905. 17/40

TISBURY Assistants Cricket Club 1 letter 1894. 17/41

TODD, C.B. See ASSOCIATION of American Authors

TOMKINS, Mrs. 1 letter 1925. Typed copy. 17/42

TREE, Mrs. 1 letter 1898. Typed copy. 17/43

TROTTER, Mrs. 1 letter 1898. Typed copy. 17/44

TUITE, H.G. and Mrs. 3 letters 1915-33. With typed copies. 17/45


TWEDDELL, Gussie 1 letter [188-?]. With typed copy. File includes fragment of sale catalogue. 17/46

WATT, A.S. 3 letters 1930. Typed copies. Two are from Mrs. R.K. 17/47

WELMAN, Blanche 1 letter 1897. With typed copy. 17/48

WHEELER, Stephen? 1 letter 1897. Typed copy. 17/49

WHITE, E.L. 22 letters, etc. 1893-1927. Typed copies. 17/50

WILLFORD, G.M. 2 letters 1933-34. Typed copies. 17/51

WILLIAMSON, G.M. 1 letter 1901. Typed copy. 17/52

WILMAN, . 1 letter 1905. Typed copy. Two versions. 17/53

WILSON, A.D. 2 letters 1928-29. Typed copies.17/54

WILSON, Norman 1 letter 1912. 17/55

WOOD, Butler 1 letter 1896. Typed copy. 17/56

Unidentified addressees

[ ], Enid 1 letter 1921 17/57

[ ], Harry 1 letter 1922. Typed copy. 17/58

[ ], Harry 3 letters 1928-35. Photographic copies. 17/59

[ ] Master of hounds 1 letter 1904. Typed copy. Two versions. 17/60

[ ] Miss/Mrs. 1 letter 1894. Typed copy. 17/61

[ ] Mr. of Oxford 1 letter 1890. Typed copy. 17/62

[ ] Yorkshireman 1 letter 1896. Facsimile. 17/63

2. Letters to Rudyard Kipling and Mrs. Kipling, with some related papers

a. On Personal and Social Matters
i. General

Letters received 1894-1909. 43 letters etc. Include letters from: A. Baldwin 1899, S. Baldwin [n.d.], Mrs. H. Balestier 1897, C. Moberly Bell 2 letters 1906, W. Besant 1895, W. Booth 1906, Sir E. Burne-Jones 3 letters [n.d.], Lady G. Burne-Jones 2 letters 1894-1907, P. Burne-Jones 1897, S. L. Clemens 1901, Lord Curzon 1902, Admiral Fisher 1903, W. D. Howells 1896, W. H. Phillips 2 letters 1895, Prime Minister of Australia 1908, Lord Roberts 5 letters 1894-1904, and C. V. Stanford 1909. 18/1

Letters received 1910 - 17. 15 letters etc. Include letters from: Princess Marie of Greece 4 letters [?] 1914, and Lord Roberts 1914. 18/2

Letters received 1918-19. 17 letters etc. Include, letter from Lord Curzon 1918. 18/3

Letters received 1920-25. 24 letters etc. Include letters from: S. Baldwin 2 letters 1924-25, E. A. Ballard 2 letters 1924-25, M. Baring 1923, Princess Beatrice 1923, Lord Derby 1925, H. Rider Haggard 1925, Sir George Lloyd 2 letters 1922, and Lord Northcliffe 1921. 18/4

Letters received 1926-36. 26 letters, etc. Include letters from: Sir H. Baker 1934, S. Baldwin 1926, G.E. Buckle 1930, G. Saintsbury 2 letters 1926, and R. C. Sherriff 1929. 18/5

Undated correspondence. 11 letters, etc. Include letters from S. Bernhardt, W. E. Henley, and Ouida. 18/6

ii. Topical: Private

Brattleboro Feud 1896-99. 6 letters 1896. File includes petition to R.K. to return to Brattleboro. 19/1

Illness in New York 1899. Letters received February 1899. 21 letters. Include letters from: S. Norton, E. K. Robinson, and I. Zangwill. 19/2
Letters received March-April. 70 letters. Include letters from: Mrs. A. Baldwin, S. Baldwin, C. Moberly Bell, G. W. Cable, E. Gosse, H. Rider Haggard, J. Hay, Henry James 2 letters, G. L. Peabody, S. Weyman, and I. Zangwill. 19/3
Telegrams received February-March. 147 telegrams. 19/4
Bulletins by doctors. ff. 29. 19/5
Telegrams received by Lady Burne-Jones. 4 telegrams 26-28.2.1899. From: A. P. Watt 3, 'Jack', 1. 19/6
Letters received by J. L. Kipling and Mrs. J. L. Kipling. 4 letters 14.-30.3.1899. From: A. P. Watt 3, A. S. Watt 1. 19/7
Letters from Mrs. R. Kipling. 3 letters 14.2.-17.3.1899. To: Lady Burne-Jones 2, Mrs. J. L. Kipling 1. 19/8
Letters from Mrs. J. L. Kipling. 4 letters 22.2.- 17.3.1899. To: Lady Burne-Jones 4. 19/9
Letters received by Mrs. R. Kipling. 7 letters 1.- 17.3.1899. From: Lady Burne-Jones 4, J. L. Kipling 1, Lady Poynter 1, and Mrs. J. W. Mackail 1. 19/10
Menus. ff. 9. 19/11
Pall Mall Gazette. Poster 19/12
Press-cuttings. 4 cuttings. ff. 2 . 19/13

Death of Josephine Kipling 1899. 2 letters. Letters of condolence. 19/14

Death of John Kipling 1915. 17 letters 6.10.1915-4.7.1919. Letters of condolence from: Lord C. Beresford, Sir E. Carson, M. Corelli, Lord Curzon, G. Frankau, King George V, Lord Milner, Princess Beatrice, T. Roosevelt, and others. 19/15

Operation on R.K. 1922. 30 letters and telegrams 16.11.-14.12.1922. 19/16

Illness of R.K. with Pneumonia 1925. 6 letters, etc. 3.-29.12.1925. 19/17

Kipling Pedigree
Letters received. 8 letters 1895-1934. 20/1
File includes:
Ronaldkirk Parish Registers: Kipling entries 1579-1833. Ts. ff. 21;
Portrait of Sir Benjamin Rudyard and title page of his A worthy speech..., 9.7.1642;
Pedigree of Kipling family (Suffolk branch) originally of Yorkshire (North Riding) 1680-1932. Ts. ff.9;
Royal Academy of Music Order 23.8.1735 endorsed by John Kipling;
Genealogical lists for the families of William Lockwood and Ruth Merry married 28.12.1790 and of Josephine Kipling and Francis Lockwood married 6.9.1836. Ms. ff.4;
Covenant of John Mackay to serve with the Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudson's Bay ... witnessed by Edw. Jarvis and Jan Kipling 7.5.1791. Photocopy with typed copy;
R. Dryden to E. M. Plowden 1 letter 1925;
Mary Benson, Reminiscences of the Kipling family [n.d.] Ms. ff. 9. Concerns principally the parents of J. L. Kipling.
Letters of John Kipling and Mat Kipling to Moses Kipling. 11 letters 1791-94. File contains: John Kipling 10 letters 1791-93; Mat Kipling 1 letter 1794. File endorsed by Mrs. R. Kipling 'These letters were sent to R.K. by a woman from Budapest...' 20/2

70th Birthday of R.K. 1935. 9 telegrams 30.11.-31.12.1935. 20/3

Last illness of R.K. 1936. 5 telegrams 13.-17.1.1936. 20/4

Death of R.K. 1936
Telegrams received. 12 telegrams 18.-20.1.1936. 20/5
Letters from schools, societies and other public bodies. 25 letters, etc. 20.1.-12.6.1936. File includes: Extracts from the minutes...of the Imperial War Graves Commission 12.02.1936. Ts. ff.8. 20/6
Personal letters. 33 letters 18.1.-21.5.1936. 20/7
Letters of condolence from: Sir H. Baker, J. M. Barrie, Lord Beaverbrook, P. Bigelow, Arthur Duke of Connaught, D. Cooper, A. Noyes, W. Rothenstein, and others.
List of guests invited to funeral service in Westminster Abbey. Ms. ff.6. 20/8
iii. Topical: Public
Honours - Decorations
Offer of Companion of Honour. 5 letters, etc. 1917. From Sir F.M. Ponsonby and Bonar Law. With 2 draft replies by R.K. 20/9
Offer of K.C.M.G. 2 letters, etc. 1903. From A. J. Balfour. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 20/10
Offer of Order of Merit. 11 letters, etc. 1921-45. From S. Baldwin, Lord Stamfordham, etc. With 2 draft replies by R.K. 20/11
Honours - Degrees
McGill University. 1 letter 1899. 20/12
University of Durham. 1 letter 1907. 20/13
University of Oxford. 1 letter 1907. 20/14
University of Cambridge. 1 letter 1908. 20/15
Université de Paris. 6 letters, etc. 1921. Includes 2 letters from A. Chevrillon. 20/16
Université de Strasbourg. 4 letters 1921. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 20/17
National University of Greece. 1 letter 1924. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 20/18
Honours - Fellowships, Freedoms, Memberships, etc.
American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 3 letters, etc. 1899-1929. One announces election, 1899; two offer membership, 1929. 20/19
Stationers' Company. 4 letters 1925. Enclosure: certificate of freedom of the City of London. 20/20
Magdalene College, Cambridge. 5 letters 1932. Concern honorary fellowship. 20/21
Institut de France. 2 letters 1933. Concern membership. 20/22
Honours - Lectureships. 20/23
University of Leeds and Leeds Philosophical & Literary Society. 1 letter 1922
University of Edinburgh. 1 letter 1927. Concerns Gifford Lectures. Enclosure: note on lectures.
University College, London. 1 letter 1928. Concerns Lord Northcliffe Lectureship in English. With 1 draft reply by R.K.
British Broadcasting Corporation. 2 letters 1928. From J. C. W. Reith about broadcast national lecture scheme.
University of Oxford. 1 letter 1929. Concerns Romanes Lecture.
Magdalene College, Cambridge. 1 letter 1930. Concerns Leslie Stephen Lecture. With 1 draft reply by R.K.
Honours - Prizes
Nobel Prize. 2 letters 1907. 20/24
Gold Medal of Alexander the Great. 3 letters 1918 - 19. Prize presented by the government of Greece. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 20/25
Société Nationale d'Acclimatation Medal. 3 letters 1922. 20/26
Royal Society of Literature Gold Medal. 3 letters 1925. Two letters are from Edmund Gosse. 20/27
International Mark Twain Society Silver Medal. 1 letter 1930. 20/28
Alleged Interview with Mrs. Clare Sheridan. 26 letters, etc. 1922. Principally from newspaper correspondents. Concern interview published in the New York World 11.9.1922. File includes press-cuttings of interview and subsequent exchanges. ff. 17. With 9 draft replies by R.K. 20/29
Membership of Parliament. 5 letters 1904 - 15. Contain offers of parliamentary candidature for South Edinburgh, Bordesley and Wimbledon. With 2 draft replies by R.K. 21/1
Rectorship of the University of St. Andrews. 22 letters, etc. 1916 - 23. Concern unsuccessful candidature in 1916 and election in 1922. Principally letters of congratulation. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 21/2
Membership of the Imperial War Graves Commission. 11 letters 1917 - 26.File includes official letters from Sir Fabian Ware, Charter and royal warrant. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 21/3
Rectorship of the University of Edinburgh. 2 letters 1935. Suggest nomination. 21/4
Public Speeches
Speech at Tunbridge Wells 16.5.1914. 44 letters, etc. 1914. Enclosure: Home Rule by Sir G. Molesworth. Letters of support and criticism. The speech attacked the British government's policy in Ireland. With 2 draft replies by R.K. 21/5
Broadcast Speech on the Jubilee of George V 1935. 9 letters, etc. 1935. Letters of appreciation. 21/6
The Royal Family
King George V
The King's Christmas Broadcast 1932. 6 letters 1932. From Sir C. Wigram. File includes draft and text of speech. 21/7
The King's Speech at the Opening of South Africa House 1933. 6 letters 1933. From Sir C. Wigram. File includes text of speech from the Times 23.6.1933. 21/8
The King's Christmas Broadcast 1933. 6 letters 1933. From Sir C. Wigram. 21/9
King George V Jubilee Souvenir 1935. 6 letters 1934. From Sir C. Wigram, etc. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 21/10
On Miscellaneous Subjects. 13 letters 1917 - 31. Principally from Lord Hardinge, Lord Stamfordham and Sir C. Wigram. Concern the wording of royal communications, the appointment of O.M.s, social engagements, loans of books, etc. Enclosure: 3 photographs. 21/11
Queen Mary
Queen Mary's Needlework Guild. 1 letter 1919. A request for verses. 21/12
The Queen's Dolls House. 3 letters 1922-24. From Queen Mary and Princess Marie Louise. 21/13
The Queen's Message in The Times War Graves Supplement. 4 letters 1928. 21/14
Other. 1 letter 1926. Acknowledges gift of R.K.'s latest book. 21/15
Edward, Prince of Wales
The Prince's Speech at the Dinner to Victoria Cross Holders 1929. 3 letters 1929. 21/16
The Prince's Speech to the National Council of Social Service 1932. 2 letters 1932. Enclosure: A New Song, by R.K. 21/17
Prince George
The Prince's Speech at the Navy League Dinner, 1930. 3 letters 1930. File includes a copy of Prince George's naval record. Ts. ff.2. 21/18
Louise Margaret, Duchess of Connaught. 6 letters etc. 1910-11. 21/19
Contain requests for information about the people of Canada, South Africa, etc.
Societies, etc.
Association France-Grande Bretagne. 10 letters 1922-31. From Lord Derby and others. With 2 draft replies by R.K. 21/20
Athenaeum. 3 letters 1929. File includes notice of election 1897. 21/21
Authors' Club. 1 letter 1928. Proposes R.K. as President. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 21/22
Boy Scouts Association. 4 letters 1922. Three letters are from Sir R. Baden-Powell. 21/23
Freemasons (Various Lodges). 7 letters 1889-1936. File includes: The Ritual Calling of an Engineer, by R.K. Ts. ff. 10; membership documents from Lodges at Lahore, Allahabad and Edinburgh. ff. 5; etc. With 1 reply by Mrs. R.K. Typed copy. 21/24
Grillion's Club. 1 letter 1928 21/25
Imperial Service College Rudyard Kipling Memorial Fund. 3 letters, etc. 1937. With 2 replies by Mrs. R.K. Typed copies. 21/26
Kipling Society. 7 letters 1925-36. With 1 reply by Mrs. R.K. Typed copy. 21/27
National Portrait Gallery. 1 letter 1928. S. Baldwin offers R.K. a trusteeship. 21/28
Rhodes Trust. 24 letters, etc. 1901-38. Four letters are from Cecil Rhodes. File includes: Will and Codicils of Cecil John Rhodes 1.7.1899. Printed. pp. 26; Appointment of Lord Lovat and Rudyard Kipling as trustees 21.11.1917. Ts. pp. 5; and Conveyance of residuary estate of the late C.J. Rhodes 21.11.1917. Ts. pp. 4. With 2 draft replies by R.K. 21/29
Royal Literary Fund. 1 letter 1904. 21/30
Royal Society of Literature. 3 letters 1910. Two letters are from Edmund Gosse. Enclosure: List of nominations for the Academic Committee. 21/31
Società dei Reduci dalle Patrie Battaglie. 1 letter 1907. In Italian, with translation. 21/32
Society of Authors. 2 letters 1917. 21/33
The Times. 2 letters 1914. Concern the Times free list. File includes note of verses contributed to the Times by R.K. 1897-1905. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 21/34
b. On Literary Matters
i. Literary Subjects: General
Files contain letters of general appreciation from readers, letters from other writers on their own and R.K.'s work, etc.
1893-1919. 49 letters, etc. File includes letters from: G.E. Buckle 1902, Sir E. Carson 1917, W.S. Churchill 1918, Lord Curzon 1914, D. Davies 2 letters 1917 with 1 draft reply by R.K., J. C. Harris 1895?, S.O. Jewett 2 letters 1895, Sir R.M. Jones 3 letters 1918, Lord Kitchener 1908, Lord Milner 1917, Lord Roberts 2 letters 1897, E.K. Robinson 2 letters 1899, Sir H. Beerbohm Tree 2 letters 1894, and E.OE. Somerville 1918. 22/1
1920-38 and Undated Letters. 47 letters, etc. File includes letters from: R. Bridges 4 letters 1925-27, J.D.H. Calder 1931 with 1 draft reply by R.K., A. Chevrillon 3 letters 1921-33, D. Cooper 1932, A. Johnsen 1921 with 1 draft reply by R.K., C. Mallet 2 letters 1934 with 1 draft reply by R.K., E.W. Martindell 2 letters 1920-23 with 1 ms. note by R.K., W.S. Maugham 1938, A.A. Milne 1925, R.L. Stevenson, V.K. Waite 1925 with 1 draft reply by R.K., E. Wallace 1930, and H.G. Wells with 1 draft reply by R.K. 22/2
ii. Specified Works of R.K. and Related Subjects
Special Editions of the Works of R.K.
Cheap Editions. 1 letter 1928. File includes Entrust Your Work to the People! by A. Corbett-Smith and press-cutting. 22/3
Edition de Luxe. 12 letters 1928-30. Typed copies. From Macmillan & Co. and A.P. Watt concerning proposed collected edition. 22/4
Editions for Blind Readers. 2 letters 1932. From The National Institute for the Blind. Concern Braille versions and gramophone records of Limits and Renewals and the Second Jungle Book. File includes lists of books in Braille 1931, 1937. Ts. ff. 4. With 2 draft replies by R.K. 22/5
Fiction: Individual Works. 50 letters 1891-1938:
Actions and Reactions. 2 letters 1919?-29. Anecdotes. 22/6
The Brushwood Boy. 4 letters 1895-1917. Anecdotes and appreciations. 22/7
Captains Courageous. 1 letter 1928. Anecdote. File includes press-cutting and note. 22/8
Debits and Credits. 3 letters 1926-27.Appreciations. From E.A. Ballard, A. Chevrillon, etc. 22/9
The Drums of the Fore and Aft. 1 letter 1891. Appreciation. 22/10
The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book
Appreciation and criticism. 6 letters 1893-1919. From: J. W. Riley with ms. note by J.L.K., S. Weyman, etc. 22/11
Locations. 4 letters 1933-34. File includes: 3 maps, 3 photographs, and notes on the topography of the Mowgli stories by G.M. Willford. Ts. ff. 16. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 22/12
Translation into French by L. Fabulet. 1 letter 1933. File includes copy of agreement to publish by R.K. 17.8.1898 andpress-cutting. 22/13
Wolf-Boys and Wolf-Girls. 1 letter 1901. From: W.L. Cooper. File includes: W. Moore to ? W.L. Cooper 2 letters 1901; J.T. Robertson to ? W.L. Cooper 1 letter 1901; The Wolf-Boy of Secundra, by C.S. Valentine. Printed. pp. 17; note, Re wolf-girls. Ts. ff. 12; photograph. 22/14
Just So Stories. 1 letter [n.d.]. Appreciation. 22/15
Just So Stories. The Crab that Played with the Sea. 2 letters 1934-35. From W. W. Skeat. File includes 1 photograph. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 22/16
Anecdote. 7 letters 1918-38. From M. A. Hamonneau to R.K. 6 letters. From C. McCann to Mrs. R. K. 1 letter. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 22/17
Appreciation. 3 letters 1925-33. 22/18
The Light that Failed. 2 letters 1895-1933. Appreciation. 22/19
The Maltese Cat. 1 letter 1922. On a possible plagiarism. 22/20
The Man who Would be King. 1 letter 1928. Appreciation and anecdote. In Italian, with translation. 22/21
The Mother Hive. 1 letter 1919. 22/22
Puck of Pook's Hill . File contains 4 photographs of the memorial stone of the 7th cohort XXX legion and a press-cutting from the Newcastle Journal 15.7.1930. 22/23
Rewards and Fairies. 6 letters 1910-31. File includes: W. Trautwine to F.L. Waldo 1 letter 1918, fragment; note on Old Elfreth's Alley. Ts. ff. 2; leaflet, Elfreth's Alley; 4 photographs; 4 press-cuttings; note on 'Rewards'. With 3 draft replies by R.K. 22/24
Songs. 1 letter 1924. From A. P. Watt to Mrs. R.K. Contains list of verses by R.K. which had been set to music. 22/25
Verse: General. 21 letters etc. 1888-1934. File includes letters of appreciation from readers, offers of musical settings from composers, etc. From Sir R. Baden-Powell 1909, J. Chamberlain 1903, S. Colefax, A. Dobson 1925 with 1 draft reply by R.K., Sir J. Forbes Robertson 1925, Lord Kitchener 1898, R. Quilter 1934 and Sir A. Sullivan 1900. With 2 replies by R.K. 22/26
Verse: Individual Works. 76 letters 1894-1933:
The Absent-minded Beggar. 2 letters, etc. 1900-14. 22/27
Barrack Room Ballads. l letter [n.d.]. Appreciation. 22/28
Counting-out Song. 1 letter 1923. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 22/29
Echoes. 1 letter [n.d.]. Anecdote. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 22/30
L'Envoi. 1 letter 1894. Appreciation. 22/31
The Files. 1 letter 1933. 22/32
For All We Have and Are. 1 letter 1918. 22/33
The Fox Meditates. 1 letter 1933. 22/34
The Gardener. 1 letter [n.d.]. Appreciation. 22/35
Gehazi. 1 letter 1919. 22/36
The Glory of the Garden. 1 letter 1922. From Sir R. Baden-Powell. 22/37
Greatheart. 1 letter 1919. From Senator H.C. Lodge. 22/38
The Holy War. 2 letters 1917-18. From A.V. Dicey. 22/39
If 10 letters 1914-[34?]. Appreciation and anecdote. Include letters from W.S. Maugham and, M. Stopes. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 22/40
The Jacket. 1 letter 1931. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 22/41
Jane's Marriage. 1 letter 1931. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 22/42
The Juggler's Song. 1 letter 1934. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 22/43
Justice. 1 letter 1918. 22/44
McAndrew's Hymn. 3 letters 1894. Appreciation. From the Engineer-in-Chief, U.S. Navy, etc. 22/45
Mandalay. 1 letter 1933. 22/46
Mesopotamia. 3 letters 1917. 22/47
Ode: Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance. 9 letters 1934-35. Appreciation, reception, etc. From the Agent-General for Victoria 7 letters and Sir S. Argyle 2 letters. File includes text of Ode and 2 press-cuttings. 22/48
Recessional. 27 letters 1897-1938. Appreciation, etc. From A. Baldwin 1897, W. Besant 1897, Lady G. Burne-Jones 1897, the Governor of Fiji 1928, H. Rider Haggard 1897, John Hay 1897, S. McClure 1897, F. Macdonald 1897, J.W. Mackail 1897, Edith Wharton 1918, and others. 22/49
[The Rhyme]. 2 letters. 1922. 22/50
Rolling down to Rio. 1 letter 1921. From The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. 22/51
The Rowers. 1 letter 1902. From G.E. Buckle. 22/52
The Scholars. 1 letter 1919. 22/53
The Song of the Banjo. 1 letter 1895. From I. Zangwill. 22/54
Verse: Translations
Q. Horatii Flacci Carminum Librum Quintum. 3 letters 1920, etc. 22/55
Other Writings: History, Journalism, etc.
France at War. 11 letters 1915. Appreciation. 23/1
[If Germany Wins]. 1 letter 1930. Enquiry about history. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 23/2
The Irish Guards in the Great War. 26 letters 1917-23. Request to write history, appreciations from readers, etc. From Col D. Proby, Sir John Hall, and others. File includes: copy of speech by Lord Roberts to the Irish Guards 12.8.1914. Ms.; and note on the Kipling Fund. 23/3
Kipling's Message. 1 letter 1918. Letter of objection. 23/4
Sea Warfare. 2 letters 1918. On distribution of copies to the U.S. Navy. 23/5
The Fringes of the Fleet. 5 letters 1915. On composition. From Sir D. Brownrigg and Admiral E.B. Slade. 23/6
Tales of the Trade. 13 letters 1916. On composition and reception. From A.J. Balfour 1 letter, Sir D. Brownrigg 11 letters,- etc. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 23/7
Souvenirs of France. 1 letter 1933. Anecdote. 23/8
An Undefended Island. 1 letter 1935. 23/9
The War in the Mountains. 19 letters 1916-17. Proposal by Sir R. Rodd and arrangements for visit by R.K. to the Italian front. With 5 draft replies by R.K. 23/10
Verses, etc. of which R.K. Disclaimed Authorship
Verses for Painted Plates. 1 letter 1919. Verses attributed to R.K. by Caroline Taylor and Mrs. S.A. Hill 1889. File includes verses. Ts. ff. 2. 23/11
'Job's Wife'. 3 letters 1901. From G.M. Williamson. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 23/12
'The Years Wear by at Last'. 1 letter 1903. Request to R.K. to initial verses. File includes verses. Ts. 23/13
'His Excellency'. 4 letters 1920-21. Enclosure: manuscript facsimile of story. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 23/14
'O Radiant Bay of Naples'. 6 letters. 1928-29. From A.D. Wilson. File includes A.D. Wilson to E.W. Martindell 4 letters 1928. 23/15
'My Christmas at the Ajaibgaun Exhibition'. 'Widow Malone'. 1 letter [n.d.]. From A.J.A. Symons to A.S. Watt. 23/16
'The Old Volunteer'. 9 letters, etc. 1918. From the Times, H. Smale, solicitor,Basil Thomson, and I. Zangwill. File includes: text of poem. Ms.; 2 press-cuttings. 23/17
3 letters 1937. From I.D. Colvin to Mrs. R.K. Concern publication of 'The Old Volunteer' in the Times 1918 and authorship of verse. File includes: "Some fragments of Keats": footnote to Kipling, by I.D. Colvin. Printed. pp. 7; and "Some fragments of Keats ": a correction. Ms. ff. 3. 23/18
Letters to Sylvestre Dorian.
3 letters 1937-38. From F.V. Livingston to Mrs. R.K. 1 letter 1937. From Taylor & Humbert to Mrs. R.K. 2 letters 1937-38. File includes: from Hollander & Bernheimer to Taylor & Humbert 1 letter 1938. Typed copy; from C.G. West to B. Hollander 1 letter 1937. Typed copy; from Hollander & Bernheimer to H. Eric 1 letter 1937. Typed copy; 6 letters alleged to have been written by R.K. to S. Dorian 1925-32. Typed copies; Notes on six letters ... Taylor & Humbert 1937. Ts. ff. 8; Mrs. Kipling' notes re Dorian letters. Ts. ff. 3; Miss Nicholson's notes re Dorian letters. Ts. ff. 2; and description of letters from sale catalogue. Ts. 23/19
Gifts of Manuscripts to Institutions
List of Manuscript Books given away. Ts. ff. 1, 2. 23/20
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. 3 letters 1936. On manuscript of France at War. 23/21
Bodleian Library, Oxford. 3 letters 1926. On manuscript of Puck of Pook's Hill. 23/22
British Museum. 7 letters, etc. 1925-31. On manuscripts of Kim and The Years Between. 23/23
Cambridge University Library. 2 letters 1926. On manuscript of Rewards and Fairies. 23/24
Commonwealth National Library, Canberra. 3 letters 1938-39. On manuscript of Five Nations. Enclosure: inscription. Ms. copy. 23/25
Durham University Library. 5 letters 1937. On manuscripts of stories from Debits and Credits, Land and Sea Tales, Limits and Renewals, Second Jungle Book, and the manuscripts of The Benefactors, Club, The Pleasure Cruise, Railway Reform in Great Britain, Teem, A Tour of Inspection, and War in the Mountains. 23/26
Edinburgh University Library. 2 letters 1936. On manuscripts of A Diversity of Creatures and The Eyes of Asia. 23/27
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. 2 letters 1933. On manuscript draft of preface to Life's Handicap. 23/28
Imperial War Museum, London. 1 letter 1922. On autographed copy of The King's Pilgrimage. 23/29
McGill University. 3 letters 1926-27. On manuscript of Traffics and Discoveries. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 23/30 Magdalene College, Cambridge. 4 letters 1936. On manuscript of a volume of verse. 23/31
Gifts of Various Kinds after the Death of R.K.
To Institutions
British Museum. 1 letter 1941. On gift of books. 23/32
British Red Cross Society and Order of St. John Hospital Library. 2 letters 1938. On gift of books. 23-33
H.M.S. Kipling. 1 letter 1939. On presentation of edition of the works of R.K. 23/34
Irish Guards. 1 letter 1937. 23/35
King's College Hospital Medical School. 1 letter 1937. On gift of microscope. 23/36
London Library. 2 letters 1936. On presentation of photograph of R.K. 23/37
McGill University Library. 2 letters 1937. On engravings of Canadian scenes. 23/38
Magdalene College, Cambridge. 1 letter 1937. On Fellowship in memory of R.K. 23/39
Middlesex Hospital Board. 1 letter 1936. On gift of flagon for Hospital chapel. 23/40
National Library of Scotland. 2 letters 1937. On gift of holograph letter of Sir Walter Scott. 23/41
National Maritime Museum. 6 letters 1937-38. On gift of books of various authors. File includes lists of books. Ts. ff.6. With 1 reply by Mrs. R.K. Typed copy. 23/42
Rhodes Trust. 1 letter 1936. On gift of a model ship to Groote Schuur collection. 23/43
Robert Louis Stevenson Club. 3 letters, etc. 1939. On gift of a pap-boat believed to have belonged to R.L.S. With 1 reply by Mrs. R.K. 23/44
Royal Australian College of Surgeons. 1 letter 1937. On gift of books of various authors. File includes list of books. Ts. ff.2. 23/45
Royal United Services Institution. 2 letters 1936. On gift of photograph of The Friend, Bloemfontein. 23/46
Scottish National Portrait Gallery. 1 letter 1936. On gift of photograph of R.K. 23/47
To Persons
Bambridge, George 1 letter 1936. On gift of Horace's works. 23/48
Bates, Sir Percy 2 letters 1936. 23/49
Books and Manuscripts by R.K.: Collections, Exhibitions, Sales
General Correspondence relating to Private Collections. 14 letters 1925-37, with enclosures. From W.M. Carpenter, C.J. Sawyer, C.P. Johnson, S. Low with 1 draft reply by R.K., M.C. Plowden with 1 draft reply by R.K., L.H. Chandler, and J. Lippman. 23/50
Ballard Collection. 12 letters 1924-35. From E.A. Ballard. With 1 draft reply by R.K. 23/51
Grolier Club, New York. 3 letters 1929. On Kipling Exhibition. Enclosure: W.B. Osgood Field to L.H. Chandler 1 letter 1929. Typed copy. 23/52
Widener Memorial Library, Harvard University. 12 letters 1921-38. From F.V. Livingston 10 letters 1921-38; from F.N. Doubleday 1 letter 1922; from E. Kilham 1 letter 1932. On the Kipling Archive at Harvard and on bibliographical questions about works of R.K. File includes: Queries by Mrs. Livingston for her bibliography 1923. Ts. ff. 2; Translations. Ts. ff. 7; The Week's News 1888-1890. Ts. ff. 5. With 1 reply by Mrs. R.K. Typed copy. 23/53

Letters from Children. 14 letters 1893-95, etc. Appreciations of the Jungle Book, Stalky & Co., Wee Willie Winkie,etc. 23/54

iii. Specified Works by Other Writers

Bruce, J.F. Kipling's India. 5 letters 1937. Request permission to quote from the works of R.K. 23/55

Colvin, I.D. Life of Jameson. 16 letters 1918-22. Concern composition, negotiations with Rhodes Trust, etc. With 2 draft replies by R.K. 23/56

Green, Arthur The Story of a Prisoner of War. 6 letters 1916. From Chatto & Windus. Concern terms of publication. 23/57

3. Letters between Other Correspondents

Emir of Kano to the Emir of Sokoto. 1 letter [n.d.]. In Arabic, with translation. 23/58


1. Works of Kipling

a. Verses
i. Notebooks

Poems [1881-82]. Notebook. 5 x 3 in. Ms. pp. 75. Contains 52 verses by R.K. in his own hand. The title-page is illustrated with a grotesque 'Portrait of the author'. 24/1

[Poems 1881-82]. Notebook. 8 x 6½in. Ms. pp. [1-59]. 24/2

Contains 28 verses by R.K. in the hand of J.L. Kipling or Mrs. Kipling. Twenty-one? of these verses appear in Poems [1881-82] above.

[Poems 1882-84]. Notebook. 9 x 7 in. Ms. pp. 51-161. Contains 58 verses by R.K. in his own hand. Twenty-five? of these appear in Poems [1881-82] above. 24/3

[Poems 1882-84]. Notebook. 9 x 7 in. Ms. pp. 51-161. Photographic copy. 24/4

ii. Loose Leaves
Identified Verses
Ad Amicum. Ms. f. 1. Translation into Latin by M.B.F.K.? of ode in the style of Horace by R.K.? 24/5
The Architect's Alphabet. Ms. f.1 Draft; Ts. f.1. Fair copy 2 copies. 24/6
The Ballad of the King's Jest. Ms. f.1. Draft. 24/7
The Ballad of the King's Mercy. Ms. ff. 9. Drafts. 24/8
Buddah at Kamakura. Ms. ff. 2. Draft. 24/9
[The Burden]. The Load. Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/10
'The Buttercup - the Berberous' Ms. In Les noms des fleurs, by G. Bonnier. 24/11
The Carolina. Ms. f.1. Transcript by C.E. Mathews 21.2.1899. 24/12
Cells. Ms. f. 1. Fair copy. 24/13
[The Changelings] See The Glories.
Chartres Windows. Ms. f. 1. Draft and fair copy. 24/14
The Children's Song. Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/15
[The Clerks and the Bells]. Oxford Bells - The Clerks and the Bells. Ms. ff. 3. Drafts. 24/16
A Counting-out Song. Ms. ff. 2. Fair copy?. 24/17
The Dedication. Ms. f. 1. Fair copy. In wallet. 24/18
Epitaphs of the War. Ms. ff.5. Drafts, etc. 24/19
Ford o' Kabul River. Ms. f. 1. Fair copy. 24/20
[The Gardener] 'One grave to me was given.....' Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/21
Gentlemen-Rankers. Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/22
The Gift of the Sea. Ms. ff. 7. Draft. Illustrated. 24/23
Gipsy Vans. Ms. f. 1. Draft. 24/24
The Glories. Ms. f. 1. Draft. Includes 'Late came the God....' and [The Changelings]. 24/25
Gow's Watch. Act IV scene 4. Ms. f.1. Draft. 24/26
Greatheart. Ms. ff. 4. Drafts. Illustrated. 24/27
'He's the man that wrote the Jungle Books...' Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/28
The Hour of the Angel. Ms. f.3. Drafts. 24/29
How it Seemed to Us. Ts. f.1. Fair copy. 24/30
Ichabod. Ts. ff. 2. 24/31
From The Civil and Military Gazette 11.11.1886.
Jane's Marriage. Ms. f. 1. Fair copy. 24/32
The Junk and the Dhow. Ms. ff. 7. Drafts. 24/33
The King's Pilgrimage. Ms. ff. 4. Drafts. 24/34
The Lament of the Border Cattle Thief Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/35
The Last Ode See Untimely
'Late came the God.....' See The Glories
The Legends of Evil II. Ms. f. 1. Draft. 24/36
London Store. Ms. ff. 5. Drafts. 24/37
The Long Trail. Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/38
Mandalay. Ms. ff. 2. Drafts. 24/39
The Master-Cook. Ms. ff. 2. Drafts. 24/40
'The Moon she shined on Telscombe Tye......'. Ms. f.1. Draft. 24/41
['My girl, she give me the go onest....'] Ms. ff. 2. Draft. 24/42
The Nurses. Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/43
A Preface to Land and Sea Tales. Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/44
The Press. 1899. 'Why don't you write a play.....' Ts. f. 1. 24/45
The Pro-Consuls. Verses 1 and 9. Ms. f.1. Decorated. 24/46
Recessional. Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/47
St. Andrews, Oct. 11 1923. Ms. ff. 2. Drafts. 24/48
The Scholars. Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/49
Shillin' a Day. Ms. ff. 2. Drafts. 24/50
Sons of the Suburbs. Ms. ff. 2. Ts. ff. 2. Fair copies. 24/51
Stolen Waters? Ms. f.1. Draft. 24/52
'Such as in ships...' Ms. f.1. Draft. 24/53
The Supports. Ms. ff. 3. Drafts. 24/54
The Survival. Ms. f.1. Ts. f.1. Fair copies. 24/55
'This is the prayer the cave man prayed ...' Ts. ff. 2. Fair copy. 24/56
The Thousandth Man. Ms. f. 1. Fair copy. 24/57
To the Companions. Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/58
To the Duke of Connaught. 'From the corn & wine of the Lowlands ...'. Ms. copy. pp. 3. 24/59
To the Reader. 'In prince or king there is no power...'. See The Widow's Party
Troopin'. Ms. f.1. Fair copy. 24/60
Untimely. Ms. ff. 2. Drafts. Includes The Last Ode. 24/61
The Widow's Party. Ms. f. 1. Fair copy. Includes To the Reader. 24/62
Unidentified Verses. Ms. ff. 6. Drafts. 24/63
iii. Limericks. Ms. ff. 2. 24/64

One is illustrated.

iv. Transcriptions
Poems [1881-82]
37 verses. Ts. ff. 31. Transcriptions of verses on the right-hand pages of the first notebook in i. above. 24/65
15 verses. Ts. ff.13 . Transcriptions of verses on the left- hand pages of the first notebook in i. above. 24/66
Other Transcriptions
7 verses. Ts. ff.11. Versions of: A Legend of Devonshire, Overheard, Missed, Chivalry, The Reading of the Will, 'A cry in the silent night....' and At the End of the Year. Copied from letters of R.K. to Edith Macdonald? 24/67
v. List

Songs for Youth. Ms. f.1. List of Songs for Youth from Collected Verse. 24/68

b. Other Pieces
i. Published

The War in the Mountains I-V. Ts. ff.11, ff. 9, ff. 10, ff. 9, ff. 9. File includes: H. Montgomery to A. Watt 1 letter 1917. Typed copy. 24/69

ii. Unpublished

Copy of notes for The Years Between as sent to Doubleday. [n.d.] Ts. ff. 9. 25/1

Notes on Dr. Bielby's nursing lectures, Lahore January 1886. Ms. f.1. 25/2

Notes on works sent to M. Chevrillon. [n.d.]. Ts. ff. 5. With manuscript corrections by R.K. 25/3

[Proverbs] . Ts. ff. 2. 32 brief proverbs transcribed by R.K.? 25/4

R.K.'s delirium in first pneumonia illness in N.Y. Dictated by him after recovery. [n.d.]. Ts. ff. 7. 25/5

R.K.'s delirium: 1st attack pneumonia in N. York, dictated by himself. [n.d.]. Ts. ff. 7. 25/6

R.K.'s Motor Tours, March 1911 - August 1926. Ts. ff. 96. With manuscript corrections by C. Nicholson. Concerns tours in England, Scotland and especially France. 25/7

[R.K.'s Motor Tours, March 1911 - August 1926]. Ts. ff. 96. Heavily corrected in manuscript. 25/8

The Ten Cent Sample Series. Ms. f. 1. List by R.K. of stories selected for a proposed edition in 8 volumes. 25/9

2. Adaptations of Works by Kipling

The Gate of the Hundred Sorrows. Photo-dramatization... [n.d.]. Ts. ff.68.Director's ? script (without dialogue). 25/10

[The Jungle Book]. The Jungle Play. [n. d.] . Ts. ff. 95. Prologue and four acts. With manuscript corrections by R.K.?. 25/11

[The Jungle Book]. Mowgli. Dramatization from The Jungle Books... 1939. Ts. ff. 82. 25/12

Soldiers Three. Film script [n.d.]. Ts. ff. 144. With corrections by R.K. 25/13

3. Works by Other Hands

a. Concerning the Career of R.K.

Clinical History, 1915-36. Ts. ff. 27. 25/14

[Clinical History, 1915-36]. Ts. ff. 27. Another version. 25/15

Note on Private & Official by N. Waterhouse. [n.d.]. Ts. On R.K. in South Africa. 25/16

[Notes on Career and Publications, 1865-1936]. Ts. ff. 23.With manuscript additions by Cecily Nicholson. 25/17

Notes on Career and Publications. Notes on Material Available, 1865-1936. Ts. ff. 23. With manuscript additions by Cecily Nicholson. 25/18

Notes regarding United Service College Magazine 1881-89. Ts. List contributions by R.K. 25/19

b. Verses Dedicated to R.K.

A., J. S. To R.K. [n.d.]. Printed. pp. 6. 25/20

B., M.F.M. Rudyard Kipling. [1936]. Ts. With manuscript note. 25/20

Beaudéant, Jean 25/20

Ode à l'Angleterre. 1918. Ms. With card 9.10.18. 25/20

Dew, George The Christian's burden. 1899. Ms. ff. 4. 25/20

Dunsany, Edward baron.To Rudyard Kipling. [1936]. Ms. 25/20

Fletcher, C.R.L. The Historian of England to the Author of Puck. Ms. In History of England by C.R.L.F. 25/20

Gorell, Ronald baron. Rudyard Kipling. 1936. Ts. 25/20

Grech, Fernand. Réponse A Rudyard Kipling. 1913. Ms. ff. 6 25/20

H, W. F. 'Dear singer...' 1899. Ms. 25/20

K12. From KI2 to Rudyard Kipling. [n.d.]. Ms. 25/20

Lamprey, L. To Rudyard Kipling. 1925. Ms. 25/20

Lose, H.J. R.K. [n.d.]. Ts. 25/20

Love, M.E.C. The King and the Poet. 1936. Ts. ff. 2. 25/20

Marechal, Constantin. To Sir Rudyard Kipling. Hymne de Haine ! [n.d.]. Ms. pp. 3. 25/20

Townsend, Ernest. The Squire of Burwash. [1936]. Ts. 25/20

Wallace, Jefferson.To Kipling. 1925. Ms. 25/20

Yates, R.C. "Ere certain fate had touched a heart" [1922?]. Ms. ff. 2. In Latin. To Mr. Rudyard Kipling. 1922. Ms. ff. 3. 25/20

Yeates, John. Rudyard Kipling. [1936] Ts. 25/20

Anonymous Verses. To Kipling. [n.d.] Ts. To Rudyard Kipling. [n.d.]. Ts. ff. 3. 'Take up the sick man's burden ...' [n.d.]. Ms. 25/20


Bateman's. Visitors Book. 1 vol. 9 x 10½in. Ms. 26/1

The Charter of the River. 1906. Ms. f.1. R.K. grants to Elsie and John Kipling rights in the River Dudwell at Bateman's. 26/2


1. By Kipling

a. Bound Volume

1 vol. 15 x 11 in. Contains sketches in pen and ink and pencil on miscellaneous subjects: 46 are by R.K., and 3 by other hands. Volume includes sketch of memorials to Rev. John Kipling d. 1794 and Mrs. Sarah Kipling d. 1795, and one music manuscript. 26/3

b. Loose Fragments

Decorations of Horace. 50 small fragments cut from margins and blank leaves of one of R.K.'s copies of Horace. In colour. 26/4. See also Papers of J.L. Kipling. Drawings, Sketches, etc. 2. Loose Leaves.

2. By Other Hands

Arrangement of 4 h.p. "Vortex" turbine. Scale drawing 3.7.1903. Gilbert Gilkes & Co., Kendal. 21½ x 30 in. 26/5


1. Kipling's Records

Books belonging to "The File" not found at Bateman's [n.d.]. Ts. ff. 3. 27/1

Catalogue of books belonging to "The File" found at "Bateman's" [n.d.]. Ts. with manuscript additions. ff. 34. 27/2

Early editions, English... [n.d.]. Ts. with manuscript additions. ff. 20. 27/3

Miscellaneous editions, authorised and unauthorised, American. [n.d.]. Ts. with manuscript additions. ff. 18. 27/4

Translations. [n.d.]. Ts. with manuscript additions. ff. 16. 27/5

2. Other Records

CARPENTER, William M. The Kipling collection of William M. Carpenter. [n.d.]. Ts. ff. 49. File includes lists of special items and a note on the Hill collection. 27/6


Addenda and corrections to A Summary of the Works of Rudyard Kipling... 5.3.1932. Ts. ff. 4. 27/7

Addenda and corrections...1.6.1932. Ts. ff. 11. 27/8

Additions and corrections...20.1.1934. Ts. ff. 44. 27/9

Additions and corrections...31.12.1934. Ts. ff. 37, 15, 1. 27/10

The Works of Rudyard Kipling... The "Kipling Summary". 1929. Ts. ff. 5. File includes: note, Uncollected prose; and L.H.C. to F.N. Doubleday 1 letter 1926. 27/11

MARTINDELL, E.W. Kipling catalogue. [n.d.]. Ts. ff. 23, 3. File includes note of sale prices, 1922. 27/12


COURTAULD, S.A. Kipling's literary allusions. [n.d.]. Ts. ff. 18. Address to the Kipling Society 1933. 27/13

DUNSANY, Edward baron. [Memoir of R.K.] [n.d.]. Ms. ff. 1-14. Incomplete. 27/14

FISHER, Beatrice. Draft of proposed booklet on R.K. 1923. Ts. ff. 67. 27/15

MOUROT, E. Rudyard Kipling et La Fontaine: Les Fables et le Livre de la Jungle. 1919. Ts. ff. 47. 27/16

PAYNE, C.J. Rudyard Kipling: an appreciation by a humble disciple. [n.d.]. Ts. ff. 13. 27/17

PHELPS, Edith Catlin. The C.R.K.s: personal recollections of Mr. and Mrs. Rudyard Kipling. 1937? A folder of 18 photographic prints. File includes: E.C.P. to Mrs. R.K. 3 letters 1937; E.C.P. to F.N. Doubleday & Co. ? 1 letter [1937?]. 27/18

TOMPKINS, J.M.S. Kipling's later Tales: the Theme of Healing. Printed. From Modern Language Review XLV, 1, Jan. 1950. 27/19

[YOUNG, G.M.]. [Rudyard Kipling]. Notes and draft of article for D.N.B. [n.d.]. Ms. ff. 14. 27/20


Baptisms solemnized at St. Thomas's Cathedral, Bombay 1866. Ms. Copy of entry recording baptism of R.K. 22.1.1866. 27/21

Certified copy of an entry of marriage given at the General Register Office, Somerset House, London, 29.10.1936. Ts. Records marriage of R.K. 18.1.1892. 27/22

Passport 9.8.1915. Entries concern visits to France in 1915 and Italy in 1917. 27/23


1. Press-Cuttings

a. Bound Volumes
Articles and Verses 1884-1886. 28/1
1 vol. 19½ x 12½in. pp. 1-70, etc.
Contains: contributions to the Civil and Military Gazette, drafts of verses in manuscript, 6 reviews of published verses by R.K. (Echoes 2, Quartette 4), etc. Has index of titled pieces. Includes: An Armoured Train, Army Head Quarters, The City of Evil Countenances, Dis Aliter Visum, Exchange, The History of a Crime, The History of an Evening Party, In the Spring Time, Lord Ripon's Reverie, A Lost Leader, The Moon of Other Days, Music for the Middle-Aged, My Christmas Caller, A New Departure, On a Recent Memorial, Out of Society, Over the Khud, The Rawal Pindi Camp, Rawal Pindi Durbar, Rupaiyat of Omar Kal'vin, Some Unpublished Maxims of Hafiz, The Story of Tommy, Study of an Elevation in Indian Ink, To Meet the Ameer, Twenty Years After, Typhoid at Home, The Viceroy in Lahore, A Week in Lahore, and some untitled pieces.

Articles and Poems by R.K. Published in The Pioneer, 1885. 28/2
1 vol. 10½x 8½in. pp. 48.
Has index of titled pieces. Includes: After the Fever, The Ballad of the Break Up, The Compliments of the Season, The Colonial Exhibition, The Divided Destinies, An Indignant Protest, The Legend of the Lilly, L-d D-ff-r-n's C1ôture, A Lost Leader, The Moon of Other Days, 'One final - oh my muse mendacity!...' Opening of the Mayo College, Over the Khud, Possibilities, The Quid pro Quo, Simla Natural History Society, The Tale of Two Suits, A Tale of Yesterday's Ten Thousand Years, To the Unknown Goddess, Trial by Judge, The Viceroy at Aimir, and some untitled pieces.

[Articles and Poems] 1886-1887. 28/3
1 vol. 17½ x 11½ in. pp. 151.
Contains contributions to the Civil and Military Gazette. Has index of titled pieces. Includes: Alnaschar, Alonzo the Brave, Anglo-Indian Society, Another Catechism, The Arrest of Lieutenant Golightly, As the Bell Clinks, At the Bar, Au Revoir,. A Bank Fraud, Beer in India, The Bisara of Pooree, Bitters Neat, Bokhariot Envoys at St. Petersburg, A Break on the Line, The Broken-link Handicap, A Budget Estimate, By Honours, By Word of Mouth; Carpets in the Punjab, The Case of Adamah, Central Asian Railway, Chak-Nizam Bildge, The City of Two Creeds, The Club Fancy Ball, A Code of Morals, A Collection of Photographs, Concerning a Jawab, Concerning one Gymkhana, Confession of an Impostor, The Conversion of Aurelian McGoggin, The D.C.s Story, The Daughter of the Regiment, Distress in the Himalayas, A District at Play, The Dreitarbund; The Epics of India; Fair Play, The Faithful Soul, Five Days After Date, For the Women, French Explorers in Central Asia, A Friend's Friend, From Olympus to Hades, From the Dusk to the Dawn, Further Developments; A Germ Destroyer, The Gibbons Case; Haunted Subalterns, The Hill of Illusion, His Chance in Life, His Wedded Wife, Hot Weather Maxims, The House of Shadows, How Liberty Came to the Bolan; Imperial Institute, An Important Discovery, In September, In the Clouds, In the Matter of a Prologue, In the Pride of his Youth, In the Year '57, Indian Criminals, Installation at Jummu; Jews in Shushan, Jubilee in Lahore, A Jubilee Ode; Kidnapped; The Last Department, A Legend of the F.O., Leveety in the Plains, A Logical Extension, The Longest Way Round, Love among the Ruins, Love in Old Cloathes, The Love that Died; The Man Who Could Write, Les Misérables, A Missing Word, Miss Youghal's Sais, Misunderstood, Le Monde ou l'on s'amuse, The Mystification of Santa Claus; Natural Phenomena, New Year Resolutions, A Nightmare of Names, A Nightmare of Rule, A Non-official Protest; Of Criticism, An Official Secret, On a Recent Appointment, Our Change, Our Critics, Our Lady of Rest; Parturiunt Montes, The Persian Frontier, Personal Responsibilities, Pig, Pink Dominoes, The Plaint of the Junior Civilian, The Plea of the Simla Dancers, The Post that Fitted, Private Services Commission, A Prologue, Public Waste, Punjab Horticulture; Quantities of 'Em, The Queen's Highway; A Rather More Fishy Case, Reviews, Rhymes and Renderings, The Road of Suffering, Le Roi en Exil, The Russian Fleet in the Black Sea, Russian Papers, Russians in Central Asia; A Scrap of Paper, The Serai Cabal, The Song of the Dancer, Stationary, The Story of Uriah, Sutlej Bridge; Taking a Hint, The Taking of Lungtungpen, A Tale of '98, Theatricals at Mian Mir, The Three Musketeers, Tod's Amendment, Travels in Mongolia; Under Sentence; Volunteer Prize-Giving; Watches of the Night, What Came of It, Why We Should Jubilate, The Wisdom of Technical Education, Wressley of the Foreign Office; and sorne untitled pieces.

Stories, Poems, Articles 1887-1891. 28/4
1 vol. 17½ x 11½in. pp. 194.
Contains contributions to the Civil and Military Gazette, The Pioneer, Week's News, Saturday Review, etc. Has index of titled pieces. Includes: The Amballa Conference in Retrospect, Among the Railway Folk, The Amritsar Fair, Anglo-Indian Society, At Twenty-two; The Ballad of Boh Da Thone, Ballad of Cecil Raikes, A Ballad of East and West, A Ballad of the Break Up, The Ballad of the King's Jest, The Ballad of the King's Mercy, The Ballad of the Last Suttee, The Ballad of the Red Earl, A Ballade of Dak Bungalows; Barrack-Room Ballads - Gunga Din, Mandalay, Screw Guns, The Sons of the Widow, Tommy, Troopin'; A Bazar Dhulip, The Biggest Liar in Asia, Bombaystes Furioso, The Bride's Progress, Bubbling Well Road, The Burden of Nineveh, By Honours; A Campaigning Phrase Book, The Case of Adamah, A Case of Police, The City of Dreadful Night, The City of Two Creeds, The Coming K, Concerning Lucia, Confidential Reports - Royal Engineers, The Conundrum of the Workshops, The Council of the Gods, The Cow-House Jirga; A Day Off, A Death in the Camp, Deputating a Viceroy, The Dignity of It, Dray Wara Yow Dee; The English Flag, The English Version of It, Exercises in Administration, The Explanation, The Explanation of Mir Baksh; For European Consumption, For the Women, The Fountain of Honour, A Free Hand, From Sea to Sea; Gallihauk's Pup, Georgie Porgie, The God from the Machine, The Great Strike, The Hands of Justice, Hans Breitman as an Administrator, Health of the N.W.P., A Hill Homily, The Hill of Illusion, Himalayan Councils, A Horrible Scandal, Hot Weather Counsels, The House of Shadows; An Imperial Rescript, In Forma Pauperis; In Gilded Halls, In Memoriam, In the Year '57, In the Year '92, In Wonderland, Intercepted Correspondence - The Writing Of Yakub Khan, An Intercepted Letter, An Interesting Condition, Investiture at Oodeypore, Itu and His God; A Job Lot, The Joker; The Killing of Hatim Tai, The "Kingdom " of Bombay, A King's Ashes; Landmarks in the Wilderness, The Lang Men o' Larut, The Last of the Light Brigade, The Last of the Stories, Laudatores Actoris Empti, The Law of Libel, Letter from Golam Singh, Letters of Marque, Liberavi Animam Meam, Lieutenant Governor at Patiala, The Likes o' Us, A Little Civilisation, The Little House at Arrah, Little Tobrah, The Luck of Roaring Camp; The Man and the Shadow, The Masque of Plenty, A Merry Christmas, Mister Antony Dawking, A Mofussil Exhibition, Le Monde où l'on s'amuse; My Great and Only, My New Purchase, My Own True Ghost Story; New Brooms, New Lamps for Old, New Songs and Old, New Year's Gifts; O Baal, Hear Us, Occasional Notes, Of Those Called, An Old Complaint, The Old Station, On Signatures, On the Banks of the Hughli, On the Giridih Coal Fields, On the Politeness of Thompson, One Lady at Large, Out of Society; The Pit They Digged, Poor Dear Mamma, The Private Services Commission; The Question of Givens, A Question of Jurisdiction; A Real Live City, The Recurring Smash, The Red Lamp, The Reflections of a Savage, The Reform Club, Reingelder and the German Flag, Le Roi en Exil, The Sacrifice of Er-Heb, A Second-rate Woman, A Self-made Man, Selling "The Cross", The Sending of Dana Da, The Serai Cabal, Simla, Sixpence Framed Complete, The Solid Muldoon, A Song of Addresses, The Song of the Women, Struck Ile, A Study of the Congress, The Supplication of Kerr Cross, Missionary, Susannah and the Elder; The Tents of Kedar, That District Log-Book, Through the Fire, Tiglath Pileser, Till the Day Break, To Kabul and Back, To Save Trouble, To the Address of W.W.H., The Track of a Lie, The Tracking of Chuckerbutti, Treatment of Prisoners,. An Unequal Match, The Unpunishable Cherub; The Vanishing Figure, The Vengeance of Lal Beg, Virginibus Puerisque, The Vision of Hamid Ali; The Wandering Jew, The Way av Ut, A Wayside Comedy, The Wedding Guest, Wee Willie Winkie, What Happened, What It Came To, What It Comes To, What the World Said, The Widower, The Wreck of the Visigoth; and some untitled pieces.

Stories, Poems, etc. 1892-1910. 28/5

1 vol. 17 x 13 in. pp. 119.
Contains contributions mainly to English periodicals and newspapers, and versions of some pieces in typescript. Has index of titled pieces. Includes: The Adventures of Melissa, An American, The Army of a Dream, Attind Ye Lasses av Swate Parnasses, Auld Lang Syne; The Ballad of the 'Clampherdown', The Ballad of the Red Earl, The Battle of Rupert Square, The Bell Buoy, Below the Mill Dam, Bobs, The Bold Prentice, The Bonds of Discipline, The Bridge-guard in the Karoo, A Burgher of the Free State, The Burning of the Sarah Sands; Captains Courageous, The Captive, The City of Brass, Cleared, Cold Iron Collar-wallah and the Poison Stick, The Comprehension of Private Copper, The Conversion of St. Wilfrid, The Crab that Made the Tides, Cruisers, Cuckoo Song; A Deal in Cotton, A Dedication, The Destroyers, A Doctor of Medicine, The Dove of Dacca, Dymchurch Flit; The Edge of the East, The. Elephant's Child, An English School, Et Dona Ferentes, The Exiles Line; The Feet of the Young Men, A Fleet in Being, Folly Bridge, The Foreloper, From a Winter Notebook, From Tideway to Tideway; Garm - A Hostage, General Joubert, George W. Stevens, The Gipsy Trail, Gloriana; An Habitation Enforced, Half a Dozen Pictures, Hal o' the Draft, The Heritage, The House Surgeon, The Houses, How Shakespeare Came to Write The Tempest; 'In every land are cheer and mirth...', In Sight of Monadnock, In the Matter of One Compass, The Islanders; The Just-so Stories; Kimberley, Kitchener's School; Landscape and Literature, The Last of the Light Brigade, The Legs of Sister Ursula,The Lesson, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, Letters to the Family, Little Foxes, A Little Sermon; M.L, The Marred Drives of Windsor, The Merchantmen, Mr. Kipling on the Appointments to the First and Second Army Corps, Mr. Kipling on the Manufacture of Indian Anarchists, Mrs. Bathurst, The Muse among the Motors, My First Book, My Personal Experience with a Lion; Navy and Army of the Future; O Terence Dear, The Old Issue, On Dry Cow Fishing as a Fine Art, On One Side Only, On the Great Wall, Our Lady of the Snows, Our Overseas Men, Our Lord that did the Ox Command, The Outsider; Pan in Vermont, A Patrol Song, Pharaoh and the Sergeant, The Potted Princess, The Pro-consuls, Put forth to Watch, Unschooled, Alone, The Puzzler; Quo Fata Vocant; Railway Reform in Great Britain, Recessional, The Reformers, C.J. Rhodes, Robin Goodfellow - His Friends, The Rowers, Rudyard and Kipling, Rudyard's Regrets; A Sahib's War, The Science of Rebellion, The Settler, The Sin of Witchcraft, The Sing-song of Old Man Kangaroo, Some Earthquakes, Some Notes on a Bill, The Son of His Father, A Song of the White Men, The Sons of Martha, South Africa, Steam Tactics, Stories of the War, Surgical and Medical; The Tabu Tale, Their Lawful Occasions, There is Pleasure in the Wet, Wet Clay, There Was once a Small Boy in Quebec, There Was once a Writer who Wrote, They, Things and the Man, Through War and Pestilence, Today across our Fathers' Graves, To "Fighting Bob" To James Whitcomb Riley, To the Dancers, A Tour of Inspection, The Treasure and the Law; An Unqualified Pilot; The Vampire, A Village Rifle Club; The Way that He Took, We Welcome to our Hearts Tonight, The Wearing of the Green, White Horses, The White Man's Burden, The Winged Hats, Winning the Victoria Cross, Wireless, With Number Three, With the Night Mail, The Wrong Thing; The Young Queen; Zogbaum Draws with a Pencil; and some untitled pieces.

Miscellaneous South African War 1899-1902. 28/6
1 vol. 12 x 10 in. pp. 40.
Contains reports of news, correspondence published in South African and English newspapers about The Absent-minded Beggar and The Islanders, etc. Includes: Bishop of Natal to R.K. 1 letter 1899; and The Absent-minded Beggar, Afrique du Sud, Alleged Rebels; Baptists and the War, Bewaarplaatsen; Church and the War, Churches and Annexation, The Compound System, The Cosmopolitan Financier is Capable of Cutting South Africa adrift from the Empire; Diary of the War, The Drift at Modder River, The Duke of Norfolk; The Error of the Great Financier and Others; Fatalistic Pessimism from Kimberley; In the Hinterland, The Islanders; A Memorable March, Mr. Morley in the Montrose Burghs; Never again, The New Philanthropy; The Old Order Changeth, Our Greeting; Plucky Son of "Plucky Little Natal", Prospects of the Success of the Movement; To Namaqualand; War Correspondent's Letters, When the Sleeper Awakes, The Working of the Bond, etc.

Stories, Poems and Articles 1910-1930 [and 1892]. 28/7
1 vol. 16½ x 12½in. pp. 259.
Contains contributions principally to English and American periodicals and some pieces in typescript. Has index of titled pieces. Includes: As Easy as ABC, Aspects of France; The Benefactors, Brazilian Sketches, Brother Squaretoes, The Bull that Thought; Captains Courageous, The Choice, The Church that was at Antioch, The Clerks and the Bells, The Covenant; Dayspring Mishandled, The Dead King, The Debt, Declaration of London, Destroyers at Jutland, A Displaie of New Heraldrie, A Doctor of Medicine, The Dog Harvey, Don't Stop; The Edge of the East, The Edge of the Evening, Egypt of the Magicians, Empire Day message 1916, Enemies to Each Other, The Eyes of Asia; Fairy Kist, The Female of the Species, Flight of Fact, For All We Have and Are, France, France at War, A Friend of the Family, Friendly Brook, Fringes of the Fleet, From Tideway to Tideway, The Furore Teutonicus; Garm (in Italian), The Gods of the Copy-Book Headings, Great-Heart, The Greek National Anthem; The Haldane in Germany, Half-a-Dozen Pictures, The Holy War, Honours of War, The Horse Marines, How Shakespeare Came to Write 'The Tempest', Hymn of the Triumphant Airman; If, In the Interest of the Brethren, In Sight of Monadnock, In the Presence, In the Same Boat, The Irish Guards; The Janeites, Justice; The King's Pilgrimage; The Land that Lives the War, London Stone, Lord Roberts; A Madonna of the Trenches, Mary Postgate, Mesopotamia; A Nativity, The New Army, On One Side Only, Our Overseas Men, The Outlaws; La Paix qu'il Nous Faut, The Parable of Boy Jones, A Pilgrim's Way, Le Premier Assaut contre La Sorbonne, The Priest in Spite of Himself, The Propagation of Knowledge, The Prophet & the Country, Protection Suits for Airmen; The Quest; A Reinforcement; The Satisfaction of a Gentleman, The Scholars, Sea-Constables, Second Sailing of the "Mayflower", The Silent World, Simple Simon, Some Aspects of Travel, Some Earthquakes, The Song of the Lathes, The Spies March, Supplication of the Black Aberdeen, The Supports, Swept and Garnished; Tales of the Trade, The Tender Achilles, Thy Servant a Dog, 'To all our own people now on land...', To J.W.R., Trading with Germany, The Tree of Justice, Trois Lettres; Ulster, The United Idolators, An Unrecorded Trial; The Vortex; War in the Mountains, Why Snow Falls at Vernet, The Wish House, The Woman in his Life, The Wrong Thing.

Stories and Poems 1930-1937. Miscellaneous Cuttings 1891-1945. 28/9
1 vol. 16½ x 12½in. pp. 125.
Contains contributions mainly to English and American periodicals and newspapers, and reviews and appreciations of R.K. Has selective index of titled pieces. Includes: Beauty Spots, Bonfires on the Ice, The Case of Davy's Sow, Epitaph Written for Cenotaph at Sudbury Ontario, The Fox Meditates, The Great Playhunt, Ham and the Porcupine, His Apologies, Hymn of Breaking Strain; The manner of Men, Mary Kingsley, Memories, Le Miracle de St.-Juvans, The Miracle of Saint Jubanus, A Naval Mutiny; Ode: Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance, Our Lady of the Sackcloth, Pageant of Parliament, The Pleasure Cruise, Proofs of Holy Writ ; Something of Myself, Souvenirs de France, Souvenirs of France, The Storm Cone; Teem, To the King and the Sea, Unprofessional, etc.

Speeches 1907-1935. 28/9
1 vol. 15 x 11 in. pp. 79.
Contains mainly press reports from English and French newspapers of addresses by R.K., but includes some unpublished pieces in manuscript or typescript versions. Has index of titled pieces.

Various Book Reviews and Articles about R.K. 1888-1891. 28/10
1 vol. 12 x 9½in. pp. 100.
Contains pieces from British national and provincial, American and Commonwealth newspapers and journals. Has index of newspapers and titles.

Various Book Reviews and Articles, etc. about R.K. 1891-1895. 28/11
1 vol. 11 x 9½in. pp. 74.
Principally from British national and provincial newspapers. Has index of newspapers and titles.

Reviews of The Light that Failed 1891. 28/12
1 vol. 11 x 9½in. pp. 62.
From British national and provincial and American press. Has index of newspapers.

Reviews of The Naulahka, Various Stories 1890-1891, etc. 28/13
1 vol. 15 x 10 in. pp. 83.
Contains cuttings frown the British national and provincial press. Includes article on freemasonry, playbill, etc. Has index of journals, etc.

Miscellaneous Cuttings about R.K. and his Works 1894-1946. Cartoons, etc. 28/14
1 vol. 15 x 9½in. pp. 145.
From English-language and foreign papers. Has index of titles etc.

Obituary Notices I January 1936. 28/15
1 vol. 16½x 12½in. pp. 98.
From British national and provincial press. Includes miscellaneous published illustrations and cartoons. Has index of newspapers.

Obituary Notices II 1936. 28/16
1 vol. 16½x 12½in. pp. 99.
Contains notices of R.K.'s funeral in British newspapers and announcements of his death and obituary notices in the Commonwealth and foreign press. Has index of newspapers and journals.

Reviews Of Autobiography of R.K. Something of Myself 1937. 28/17
1 vol. 15 x 9½ in. pp. 100.
From the British national and Provincial, Commonwealth, American and European Press. Has indexes of newspapers and writers.

Reminiscences of R.K. by some Relatives and Friends. 28/18
1 vol 11 x 9 in. pp. 85.
Contains Printed and typescript pieces by M.R. Cabot, C. Clemens, Mrs. J.M. Fleming, Mrs. S. A. Hill, Mrs. Macdonald, P.G. Maude- Roxby, E. Plowden, D. Ponton, H.C. Rice, J.E. Scott, C.R. Wylie, etc.

b. Loose Cuttings
i. Stories by R.K.

At the Pit's Mouth. Partial facsimile of manuscript with part of article by A. Chapman. From N. Y. Herald Tribune 23.3.1924. 29/1

In the Rukh. From McClure's Magazine vol. 7 1896 pp. 27-39. 29/2

Mowgli Leaves the Jungle Forever. From The Cosmopolitan October 1895 pp. 670-84. 29/3

The Light that Failed. Illustrated description of a production at the New Theatre in 1903 of an adaptation by G. Fleming. From The Play-Pictorial no. 9 [1902] pp. 327-51. 29/4

Will Briart's Ghost. Facsimile of the manuscript of a story from R.K.'s childhood. Accompanies appreciation by Sir H.E. Poynter. From The Sydney Morning Herald 25.1.1936. 29/5

ii. Letters from R.K.
Facsimiles etc. of 4 letters 1914-32. 29/6
To R.D. Blumenfeld 4.8.1914; to ? Bulletin des Ecrivains [?].6.1915;
to G.A. Kingston 17.10.1932; and to G.H. Locke 5.9.1931.

iii. Pieces by Other Writers

Bernard Shaw on Wells and Kipling. Ts. ff. 2. Press Association London News Agency report 13.10.1936. 29/7

A Close-Up of Kipling; being the intimate reminiscences of John R. Bliss. ff. 3. Photocopy. From the Sunday Telegram, Worcester, Mass. 25.2.1936. 29/8

H.M.S. Kipling. 1942. ff. 9. File contains cuttings from the local press on replacement of the lost destroyer H.M.S. Kipling. 29/9

Rikki-Tikki. Cartoon. From Punch 9.4.1941. 29/10

2. Books

a. By Kipling

The Absent-minded Beggar. London: Daily Mail Publishing Co., 1899. f. 1. Illus. Souvenir facsimile, printed on silk. 30/1

An Almanac of Twelve Sports, by William Nicholson. Words by Rudyard Kipling. London: Heinemann, 1898. Proofs. ff. 12. Contains 11 verses by R.K.: Coursing, Racing, Boating, Fishing, Cricket, Archery, Coaching, Shooting, Golf, Boxing and Skating. 30/2

The City of Dreadful Night and Other Places. London: Sampson Low, [1891?]. The Indian Railway Library No. XIV. 30/3

The Courting of Dinah Shadd and Other Stories. New York: Harper, 1890. Harper's Franklin Square Library No. 680. 30/4

Departmental Ditties and Other Verses. London: Newnes, 1900. The Sixpenny Series of Copyright Books. 30/5

In Black and White. Allahabad: A.H. Wheeler, [1888]. Indian Railway Library No. 3. In brown cloth slip-case. 30/6

In Black and White. London: Sampson Low, [1891?]. 5th ed. Indian Railway Library No. 3. 30/7

The Irish Guards. [No publisher], 1918. Pp. 4. No. 83 of a limited edition of 100 copies. Signed. 30/8

Just So Stories. London: Macmillan, 1902. R.K's presentation copy to his children, inscribed. 30/9

Kipling on the Japanese: an unpublished letter written at the time of the Russo-Japanese War to William Joshua Harding R.N., 2 Sept. 1903. Houghton Library Brochure No. 3. No. 10 of a limited edition of 75 copies. 30/10

A Letter from Rudyard Kipling on the possible source of The Tempest, with an Epistle to the Reader by Edwin Colleens Frost. Providence: Privately printed, 1906. Limited edition of 52 copies. 30/11

Letters from Rudyard Kipling to Guy Paget 1919-1936. Privately printed, 1936. Contains 35 letters. No. 10 of an edition of 12 copies. 30/12

Letters of Marque. Vol. 1. London: Sampson Low, 1891. Indian Railway Library. 30/13

The Light that Failed. London: Lippincott, 1890. Lacks front cover. 30/14

The Phantom 'Rickshaw and Other Tales. Allahabad: A.H. Wheeler,[1888]. Indian Railway Library No. 5. In brown cloth slip-case. 30/15

The Phantom 'Rickshaw and Other Tales. London: Sampson Low, [1890]. Indian Railway Library No. 5. 30/16

Quartette: the Christmas Annual of the Civil & Military Gazette by Four Anglo-Indian Writers. Lahore: Civil and Military Gazette Press, 1885. Inscribed 'Rudyard Kipling'. 30/17

Quartette: the Christmas Annual of the Civil & Military Gazette by Four Anglo-Indian Writers. Lahore: Civil and Military Gazette Press, 1885. Inscribed 'Trix Kipling'. 30/18

Soldiers Three: a Collection of Stories... Allahabad: Printed at the Pioneer Press, 1888. A.H. Wheeler & Co.'s Indian Railway Library No. 1. 30/19

Soldiers Three: a Collection of Stories ... Allahabad: A.H. Wheeler, 1890. 3rd ed. Indian Railway Library No. 1. English issue by Sampson Low. 30/20

The Story of the Gadsbys: a Tale without a Plot. Allahabad: A.H. Wheeler [1888]. Indian Railway Library No. 2. 30/21

The Story of the Gadsbys: a Tale without a Plot. London: Sampson Low [1890]. Indian Railway Library No. 2. 30/22

Under the Deodars. Allahabad: A.H. Wheeler, [1888]. Indian Railway Library No. 4. In brown cloth. slip-case. 30/23

Under the Deodars. London: Sampson Low, [1890]. Indian Railway Library No.4. 30/24

Wee Willie Winkie and Other Child Stories. Allahabad: A.H. Wheeler [1888]. Indian Railway Library No. 6. Inscribed on front cover 'Trix Fleming'. 30/25

Wee Willie Winkie and Other Stories London: Sampson Low [1890]. Indian Railway Library No. 6. 30/26

b. By Other Writers

HORATIUS FLACCUS, Quintus. Opera Omnia; cura E.C. Wickham. London: The Medici Society, 1910. No. 297 of an edition of 1016, bound in papyrus. Includes additions by R.K.:2 sketches in oil; 4 drawings; and versions in verse of fragments from 56 of the Carmina. 31/1

LEAR, Edward. The Book of Nonsense. London: Warne, 1896. 31st ed. Contains 17 additional limericks and drawings by R.K. 31/2

LEAR, Edward. A Book of Nonsense. Lacks title-page. Contains 8 additional drawings and limericks by J.L. Kipling. 31/3

3. Musical Settings

The Absent-Minded Beggar. Special edition, being a facsimile reproduction of Sir Arthur Sullivan's original manuscript. [London]: Pegram & Co. Tea Merchants [1900?]. Vocal score with piano accompaniment. 31/4

Four Songs from "The Fringes of the Fleet". The poems by Rudyard Kipling, the music by Edward Elgar. London: Enoch, 1917. Vocal score with piano accompaniment. 31/5




Letters from Josephine Kipling [i.e. from R.K.]. 32/1
To BALDWIN, Lucy 1 letter 1895. Typed copy.
DE FOREST, Julia 1 letter 1894. Typed copy.


1. Correspondence

Letters from John Kipling. To KIPLING, Rudyard and Mrs. Kipling 26 letters, etc. 1915. 32/2

2. Personalia

Miscellaneous Pieces. File contains: Certificate of Commissioning in the Irish Guards 12.9.1914; portrait in water colour 1915; Royal Certificate of Commemoration; photograph of commemorative tablet; etc. 32/3


1. Correspondence. Letters on Various Subjects

American Collections of Kipling Books and Manuscripts. 12 letters 1941-49. From F.V. Livingston: to E.B. 6 letters 1941-49; to A.S. Watt 2 letters 1941-43. Typed copies. From A.S. Watt to E.B. 4 letters 1943. Concern the Ballard Collection, the Carpenter Collection, etc. 32/4

The Balestier Family. 1 letter, etc. 1945. From T. Dunham to E.B. 1 letter. File includes: notes on the Balestier family. Ts. ff. 2; copy of death certificate of H.W. Balestier 1870. 32/5

Lecture by Oliver Baldwin, Rudyard Kipling the Man. 4 letters, etc. 1936. From The Morning Post to D. Ponton 1 letter. From E.B.: to The Daily Telegraph 1 letter; to The Sphere 1 letter. From The Sphere to E.B. 1 letter. File includes: Kipling did not change, by D. Ponton. Ts. ff. 3; 11 press-cuttings ff. 4. 32/6

Letters and Manuscripts of R.K. 24 letters, etc. 1924-67
To E.B. from:
BAKER, Sir H. 1 letter 1943. Concerns letters of R.K. 32/7
BODLEIAN Library. 1 letter 1944. Concerns Puck of Pook's Hill. 32/8
BRIDGES, Edward. 2 letters, etc. 1956. Concern letters of R.K. and R. Bridges. 32/9
BRITISH Museum. 2 letters 1941-44. Concern manuscripts of R.K. in the British Museum. 32/10
DUNSTERVILLE, L.C. 8 letters 1940-43. Concern letters of R.K. to L.C.D. File includes 3 draft replies of E.B. 32/11
GUEDALLA, Philip to Lady S. Hall. 1 letter 1936. Concerns letters of R.K. to Mark Twain. 32/12
HAULTAIN, H.E.T. 2 letters 1960. Concern letters of R.K. to H.E.T.H. 32/13
JARVIS, C.S. 1 letter 1943. Concerns letters of R.K. to C.S.J. 32/14
JONES, Dorothy 1 letter 1963. Concerns letters of R.K. to G. Saintsbury. File includes Elsie Kipling to G. Saintsbury 1 letter 1924. 32/15
MACMILLAN, Harold 2 letters 1964. Concern letters and corrected proofs of R.K. in possession of Macmillan & Co. File includes 1 draft reply of E.B. 32/16
RAMSAY, Lady P. 1 letter 1967. Concerns To the Duke of Connaught, verse by R.K. 32/17
UNIVERSITY of Durham. 1 letter 1944. File includes list of manuscripts of R.K. in U. of D. Library. 32/18
UNIVERSITY of St. Andrews. 1 letter 1945. Concerns manuscript of Actions and Reactions. 32/19

Published Works of R.K. 2 letters, etc. 1940-44. From A.S. Watt to E.B. Concern Patriotic Envelopes carrying verses of R.K., and the text of The King's Ankus. 32/20

Poet Laureateship 1892. 5 letters, etc. 1943 32/21
From S. Baldwin to E.B. 2 letters. From E.B. to S. Baldwin 1 letter.
From V. Bonham-Carter to S.B. 1 letter. From Iain Malcolm to S.B. 1 letter. With note by E.B.
Recollections of R.K. 11 letters, etc. 1937-52
To E.B. from
CLEMENS, Cyril 1 letter 1947 32/22
DORLING, Taprell 1 letter 1951. Encloses Honourable Company of Master Mariners to T.D. 1 letter 1951. 32/23
FLEMING, Mrs. J.M. 5 letters 1937-42. With extracts from 2 letters 1941-42. 32/24
PAYNE, C.J. 4 letters 1950-52. With E.R. to C.J.P. 1 letter 1951. 32/25

2. Miscellaneous Papers

Lists and Notes by E.B. Concern life and works of R.K. ff. 13. 32/26

Papers Concerning Purchase of Manuscript of Recessional 1943. File contains: pages from Sotheby catalogue; list of subscribers; press-cuttings, etc. ff. 7. 32/27

Life of R.K. by Lord Birkenhead
Loan of Books and Papers to Lord Birkenhead. File contains: 4 letters; notebook; lists, etc. Notebook includes list of documents lent to Lord Birkenhead, T. Dorling and C. Carrington. 32/28
Letters and Notes of Appraisal. 5 letters, etc. 1948-49. From D. Macmillan to W.P. Watt 1 letter 1948. Typed copy; encloses report by J.C. Squire. From W.P. Watt to E.B. 1 letter 1948; encloses T.S. Eliot to W.P.W. 1 letter 1948. Typed copy. From [ ] to E.B. 1 letter 1948. From W.P. Watt to E.B. 1 letter 1949; encloses report by M. Sadleir. 32/29
Miscellaneous Notes by E.B. Ts. ff. 5. 32/30
Life of R.K. by Charles Carrington
Correspondence 5 letters 1952-53. 32/31
From C. Carrington to Cecily Nicholson 4 letters 1952-53.
From C.N. to C.C. 1 letter 1953. Typed copy.
Notes. File contains: Notes by Mrs. Fleming on Flo Garrard. Ts. ff. 5; Mrs. Fleming on "Schoolboy Lyrics" ... Ts. ff. 2; and 2 notes on dates. 32/32
Review. Text of talk by Richard Usborne broadcast on BBC London Calling Europe 30.11.1955. Ts. ff. 18. 32/33


Miscellaneous Prints of the Kipling Family:
Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Kipling 2 prints [n.d.]. 32/34
Mr. and Mrs. John Lockwood Kipling 3 prints [n.d.]. 32/35
Rudyard Kipling 27 prints 1866-1935. 32/36
Mrs. Rudyard Kipling 2 prints 1892, etc. 32/37
Elsie, John and Josephine Kipling 1 print 1898. 32/38
John Kipling 1 print 1915. 32/39

Kipling Papers. Additions

Ad. 1 Kipling, R

The absent-minded beggar. c.1900. Printed facsimile. Gift of Miss B. Porter, 6.10.1977.

Ad. 2 Kipling, R

R.K. to James Watson Barry 33 tls 20.5.1932-30.12.1935. Photocopies of transcripts from originals in Toronto Metropolitan Library. Gift of Dr. Paul Beam, 14.3.78.

Ad. 3 Kipling, R

Letters to various correspondents.
RK to C.J. Rhodes 2 letters 1901
RK to G. Tylden 1 letter 1908
RK to M. Hooper 1 letter (n.d.)
RK to A. and E. Knight 1 letter (n.d.)
RK to Certain Odd Volumes 1 letter (c.1890)

All photocopies

Gift of Dr. Paul Beam, 17.7.1978.

Ad. 4 Kipling, R

R.K. to [ ] Snow 1 acs 22.4.1910. Purchased at Sothebys, ?.7.78. Xeroxed.

Ad. 5 Kipling, R

R.K. to F. Parker 1 als 4.6.1901, 1 acs 27.6.1901. Purchased from Mrs. E.M. Hobbs, 15.9.1978. Xeroxed. With photocopies of related press-cuttings. ff. 5. Property of Mrs. Hobbs via her sister who was Mr. Parker's niece. [National Trust Papers from Scotney Castle formerly at Batemans. Deposit by Mr. W. Kingston, 18.9.1978. Incorporated in SxMs 38. For list see Correspondence. N.T. Kingston]

Ad. 6 Kipling, R

R.K. to Sir L. Michell 8 letters 1904?-1925?. Photocopies of typed transcripts. Gift of Dr. Paul Beam, 17.10.1978.

Ad. 7 Kipling, R

R.K. to Thelma Cazalet 1 letter 5.8.1932. Photocopy. Gift of Mrs. T. Cazalet-Keir, 18.10.1978. See Librarian's correspondence. [National Trust Deposit of material from Wimpole Hall, 25.10.1978. For list see Correspondence. N.T. Wimpole]

Ad. 8 Nicholson, Cecily

'Some recollections of "Bateman's", 1978. Ts. ff. 4. Transcript of part of a talk to guides at Bateman's. Gift of Miss Nicholson 24.1.1979. For recording of full text see Ad.11.

Ad. 9 Macmillan & Co.

Six miscellaneous printed pieces. Rudyard Kipling's Indictment of the Government: the famous speech at Tunbridge Wells on May 16th, 1914; The City of Brass, Morning Post, 11.6.1931; 2 advertisements, etc. Presented by Miss Caroline Hobhouse, 9.2.1979.

Ad.10 Ross, Angus

'Rudyard Kipling'. Broadcast on Radio Brighton, 23.9.1977. Tape cassette. Gift of Dr. Ross, 15.3.1979. Stored in A/V.

Ad.11 Nicholson, Cecily

'Some recollections of Bateman's', 1978. Tape cassette. Talk to N.T. guides. Recorded from original at Bateman's. In part text of Ad. 8 above.

Ad.12 Kipling, R

Speech to the Canadian Authors' Society, 12.7.1933. Tape cassette. Recorded from BBC disc at Wimpole Hall, 16.5.1979.

Ad.13 Kipling, R

R.K. to [R.H.?] Spink 12 letters, etc., 1928-1934.

R.H.S. to R.K. 1 letter 1928.

Deposit on loan from Mrs. H. Fallon, 17.5.1979. Xeroxed.

Ad.14 Nicholson, Cecily

'Talk on Rudyard Kipling', 11.9.1979. Ts. ff. 12. Gift of Miss Nicholson, 10.10.1979. For recording see Ad. 20

Ad.15 Kipling, R

Press-cuttings of miscellaneous writings, etc. 1898-1933.

Press-cuttings, etc. of pieces by Kipling and other writers

1. By Kipling

The Army of a Dream. [The Morning Post], 1904. ff.4

A Fleet in Being. The Morning Post, 1898. ff.6. Souvenirs of France. The Daily Telegraph, 1933. ff.8. Stories of the War, 1-4. The Daily Express, 1900. ff.15. Surgical and Medical. The Daily Mail, 1900. ff.2. With Number Three. [The Daily Mail, 1900?]. ff.4.

Absent-minded Beggar. London: The Daily Mail, 1899.

2. By Other Writers

The Bookman, Jan. 1903. Rudyard Kipling number.

Literature, 29 April 1899 pp.445-46. Kipling and the other two, by E. Kay Robinson.

Gift of Mrs. J. Follett, 3.1.1980.

Ad.16 Kipling, R

Press-cuttings of writings in prose and verse, etc. Purchase at Sothebys, 10.1.1980.

1. By Kipling


The Burning of the Sarah Sands. In The Youth's Companion 10.11.1898 (pp. 560-61)

"Kipling describes a floating city of twelve thousand souls". In The Sunday Magazine, New York, 13.11.1898

Letters to the Family, 1-5, 7-8. From The Morning Post, 1908. ff. 7.

The Tomb of his Ancestors. From Pearson's Magazine [1897]. pp.605-27.


Bridge-guard in the Karroo, The Burial, The Dead King, The Declaration of London, 1897 (i.e. Recessional), For All We Have and Are, Gipsy Trail (2 versions), If (2 versions), The Islanders, Kitchener's School, The Legend of Evil, The Lesson, The Mother Lodge, The Old Issue, On the Road to Mandalay, The Prayer of the English in India, Recessional, The Reformers, La Reyne est Morte, The Rowers, The Scout's Patrol Song, The Settler, Things and the Man, The Vampire, The White Man's Burden (2 versions), The Young Queen; and three untitled verses: 'And God poured him an exquisite wine', 'I've slipped my cable', and 'Zogbaum draws with a pencil'.

Typed copies


The Fires; 1857-1907.

2. By Other Writers


Death of Mr. Kipling. From The Times 18.1.36 Review of Lord Birkenhead's 'Rudyard Kipling'. From T.L.S. 6.10.78.


D. Rees to C.D. Mucklow 1 t.1.s. 25.3.49. Concerns collection listed above.

Ad.17 Kipling, R

R.K. to [ ] Warburton 1 letter 2.1.1934. Typed transcript. Gift of Mrs. L. Lewis.

Ad.18 Kipling, R

R.K. to C.R.L. Fletcher 2 letters 10.5.1911. Typed transcripts. Draft of "The supports". Typed transcript. Gift of Mrs L. Lewis, 6.5.1980.

Ad.19 Kipling, R

R.K. to H.C. Bywater 1 letter 12.6.1933. Photocopy. Gift of Mr. W. Honan, 27.6.1980.

Ad.20 Nicholson, Cecily

Talk on Rudyard Kipling. Given in St. Nicholas parish church, Newbury, 11?.9.1979. Tape cassette. Gift of Miss Nicholson. For text see Ad.14.

Ad.21 Kipling, R

R.K. to S.L. Clemens 2 letters 1890-1907. 1 ts copy, 1 photocopy. Gift of Mark Twain Papers, Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 13.10.1980.

Ad.22 University of Sussex Library

'Kipling in Sussex': an exhibition..., 09-28.2.1979. 36 sepia prints 6" x 6" mounted on 18 leaves. In envelope stored with Additions. boxes.

Ad.23 Kipling, R

R.K. to two unidentified addressees 2 letters 1930-1934. Photocopies. Gift of Mrs L. Lewis, 26.9.1980.

Ad. 24 Kipling, R

32 press-cuttings, etc. re R.K., 1928-1947. Gift of Mrs. Kathleen Grimshaw, 21.2.1985. Leaflets etc. added to ephemera box.

Ad.25 Kipling, J.L.

J.L.K. to F.H. Hinton 1 letter c.1900?. Gift of the Hon. Mrs. A.C. Mole, 13.3.1985. Xeroxed. F.H.H. was headmaster of Tisbury School.

Ad.26 National Trust

Items transferred from Wimpole Hall 13.6.1985

1. Printed books, etc.

a. Of John Lockwood Kipling 1/1

[Douglas, J.] One hundred Bombay notes for general circulation. Edinburgh: printed by Constable, [c.1890?]. JLK's copy. With illustrations by him on 58 pages and some notes.

b. Of Rudyard Kipling

Chandler, L.H. A summary of the work of Rudyard Kipling, including items ascribed to him. New York: Grolier Club, 1930. pp.xxvii, 465. RK's copy with some autograph notes. With dedication by the author and a letter of explanation, 22.9.1930. 1/2

Index of first lines of verse ... [1931]. Typescript, in binder. pp. [vii], 117. With some notes in hand of RK. 1/3

[Harboard, R.E.]. Additions and corrections to Admiral Lloyd H. Chandler's A summary...[193-?]. Ms. ff.[iii, 95, 23]. Contains notes to pp. 3-466 of the Summary. In the hand of R.E. Harboard. 1/4

Livingston, F.V. Supplement to the bibliography of the works of Rudyard Kipling (1927). Cambridge: Harvard U.P., 1938. pp. xv, 353. Mrs RK's copy with some autograph notes. With 1 postcard. 1/5

Index to the bibliography (1927) and the Supplement. ff.[i], 265-337. Offprint. With some autograph notes 1/6

2. Photographs

a. Bound volumes

1 vol. 6 x 7 in. 25 leaves, some blank. Contains 167 prints, 1¼ x 1¾ in., etc., mounted. The Kipling family, especially Josephine, Elsie and John: Naulakha (Brattleboro), North End House and The Elms (Rottingdean), Rock House (Torquay), The Woolsack (Groote Schuur), 1895-97. With commentary in RK's hand. 2/1

1 vol. 9½ x 7 in. 24 leaves, some blank, 2 halved. Contains 80 prints, various sizes, mounted. The Kipling family, especially the children and RK: Lahore, etc., 1887-1902? With some autograph notes. 2/2

1 vol. 12 x 15½ in. 26 leaves, 1 halved. Contains 90 prints, various sizes, mounted, and 3 prints loose. With 2 sketches and 1 reproduction. RK in France with Percival Langdon, 1915. 2/3

1 binder. 9½ x 12 in. 7 leaves. Contains 37 prints, 2 x 4½ in., etc., mounted, and 4 prints and 1 postcard loose. The Bambridges, RK and Mrs RK, etc. at Wimpole Hall, c.1933?. 2/4

b. Loose prints
i. RK

India. 4 prints. 5½ x 4 in., etc. 2/5

1900?-11. 4 prints, 3½ x 2½ in., etc. With reproductions of 2 portraits, by M. Menpes and W. Strang. 2/6

World War 1, etc. 7 prints, 4 x 5 in., etc. 2/7

Bust by Pegram. 9 prints, 5 x 4 in., etc. 2/8

Rectorship of St. Andrews University, 1922. 6 prints, 8 x 10 in. 2/9

Reception at the Brazilian Academy, Rio de Janeiro, 1927. 1 print, 6 x 9 in. 2/10

1930s. At Bateman's. 6 prints, 2½ x 4¼ in. 2/11

1934?. Portraits taken in Paris. 5 prints, 9 x 7 in., etc. 2/12

ii. Other Kiplings

Dr Kipling, 1748-1825. 1 print, 7 x 3½ in. 2/13

John Lockwood Kipling. 1 print, 5½ x 4 in. 2/14

Mrs RK. 2 prints, 4¾ x 7 in. 2/15

Josephine and Elsie Kipling. 1 print, 4¼ in. (diameter) 2/16

Elsie and John Kipling. 1 print, 4¼ in. (diameter) 2/17

John Kipling. 15 prints, 4 x 3 in., etc. 2/18

iii. Places

Gun, Lahore. 2 prints, 3¼ x 4½ in., etc. 2/19

Kipling, Canada. 3 postcards. 2/20

The Woolsack, Groote Schuur, Cape Town. 4 prints, 3½ x 4 in. 2/21

Rudyard, Staffs. 1 postcard. 2/20

Bateman's, c.1965? 1 print, 9½ x 11½ in. 2/22

iv. Works

Kim. Proofs of illustrations by JLK. 9 prints, 6 x 4 in. 2/23

Verses by RK. 2 prints, 6 x 4 in., etc. 2/24

Ad.27 The Woolsack, Groote Schur, Capetown, summer 1985.

6 coloured photographic prints. Gift of Professor and Mrs. T. Pinney, 19.7.1985.

Ad.28 University of Sussex Bookshop

'Kipling in print': an exhibition, May 1986. 6 black and white photographic prints. Gift of Mr. R. Marshall 23.1.1987.

AD.29 Kipling, R

Various works spoken or sung.
7 tape cassettes.
The Jungle Book. Read by Windsor Davies. 2 cassettes.
The Jungle Book. Narrated by Frank Jones. 2 cassettes.
The Just So Stories. Storyteller David Davis. 1 cassette.
More Just So Stories. Storyteller David Davis. 1 cassette.
The Golden Age of Operetta. Includes "The road to Mandalay". 1 cassette.

Deposited by the National Trust, 15.1.85. To be copied before use? See JMCRKP 15.1.85 2(c).

Ad.30 Fleming, Mrs. J.M.

J.M.F. to J.H.C. Brooking 5 letters 1940-41. One letter lacks first page.

Kipling, Mrs. C. C.K. to Mrs. Thornburgh (Nurse Mander) 6 letters 1938-39.

Gift of Curator of Bateman's 26.7.89

Ad. 31 Kipling, R

R.K. to The Matron, Connought Hospital, Aldershot 1 als 25.10.1915. Gift of Professor E.P. Hennock 19.12.90

Ad.32 German, Edward

The Just So song book. Score. London: Macmillan, 1924. Purchased 1.4.92.

Ad. 33 Kipling, R

R.K. to Fred Walker 1 als with envelope, 6.12.1910. Also 8 letters 1964 and 1992 relating to Fred Walker. Deposited by David Fox, Administrator, Batemans 17.6.92.

Ad.34 Register: Rudyard Kipling Papers. 1888-1892.

Rice Library, Marlboro College, Marlboro, Vermont. Gift of the Librarian, 5.3.93.

Ad.35 Rice, Howard C.

Rudyard Kipling in New England. Rev. ed. The Book Cellar, Battleboro, 1951. 48pp. Illus.

Rudyard Kipling's house in Vermont. Reprinted from Vermont Life. 8pp. Illus.

Gift of Landmark Trust, 18.2.93.

Ad.36 Batemans, Burwash.

Photograph of R.K.'s car with chauffeur outside Batemans. Gift of Christopher Ravilious, 30.9.93.

Ad.37 A Kipling Note Book. First edition. 12 issues.

New York, M.F. Mansfield & A. Wessels. February, 1899 - January, 1900. Purchased October 1994 from Maggs Bros Ltd, London

Ad. 38 Kipling, R

Kipling to Robert Baden-Powell 1 als 02.11.1909. Deposited by National Trust officer Dottie Owens 29.01.96

Ad. 39 Kipling, R

RK to Sir Alexander Gibb. 1 als 21.12.35. Photocopy

Hymn of Breaking Strain. Reprinted from Supplement to The Engineer, March 15, 1935. Photocopy (said to be the first appearance of the verse)

Kipling the engineer's poet. Reprinted from The Engineer, Jan. 24, 1936, p.104. Photocopy

Gift of Neal FitzSimons 07.06.99

Ad. 40 Kipling, Mrs R. (Carrie)

Extracts from the private diaries of Mrs Rudyard Kipling (Carrie) copied from the originals at Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire, 1946-1948 by Douglas Rees for Lord Birkenhead. Contained within a blue cloth bound volume entitled Rudyard Kipling. The volume also contains "Summaries of letters from or about Kipling"; "Chronological Index (references are to Lord Birkenhead's notebooks)"; "Miscellaneous Kipling references"; and, laid in loose, "Examples of inaccurate representation". Ts. carbon copy 207pp.

The extracts differ from those made by Charles Carrington. (See Carrington Papers SxMs41 1/8 - 1/14).

Birkenhead. Rudyard Kipling.
First (or early) draft with amendments, etc. c.1948. Ts. carbon copy 672pp. Bound in blue cloth.

Correspondence relating to the above
9 als, tls 25.5.66 - 16.9.92 between Mrs Frances Rees (widow of Douglas Rees) and Lady Birkenhead, Anthony Kenny, National Trust, Thomas Pinney.

Gift of the late Mrs Frances Rees through her son Dr Robin Rees. 1.11.99



Kipling. 2 envelopes

Others. 1 envelope


Kipling & G. Bambridge. 1 envelope

Letter card

A brief conspectus of world slang. Diagram by R.K. Ms.


R.K.'s silver penholder with note by C.K. 1 envelope

Printed verses

R.K., Absent-minded beggar. Words & music. Printed on cotton.

W. Henley, Hawthorn and Lavender. London: Heinemann, 1901. 2 versions

T.M. Reg. dil. Victoriae. 1901

Tickets, etc.

Coronation of King George V.

Funeral of R.K.

Rother Fishery.



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