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What is the "Beaches At Risk" project?

Beaches At Risk (BAR) is an Anglo-French project that brings together coastal researchers and coastal managers from both sides of the channel. By sharing expertise and knowledge and with data from new research, BAR is providing information that will improve the management of beaches for coastal defence,  tourism and wildlife conservation. This is especially important in light of predicted sea level rises, increased storminess and growing urban development.
The project started in 2003 and finished in 2008. All project outputs can be accessed under the following headings on the left: Leaflets, Education Packs and Data.

Image of Stormy Sea Image of Sea Kale
Rising sea levels – how will beaches be affected? Sea-kale – typical plant of vegetated shingle. Will it survive?

So far, BAR:
  • has identified the beaches suffering the greatest erosion on both the Channel coasts.
  • is assessing how they will be affected by predicted sea level rise and increased storminess.
  • is identifying nature conservation sites that would be lost or damaged as a result (including vegetated shingle and dunes),
  • is identifying the risks for coastal management.
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