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Press release

  • 17 March 2006

Biosciences and chemistry provision at Sussex: update

The University of Sussex Senate today (Friday March 17) proposed to undertake an urgent review of plans for developing excellence in the School of Life Sciences, including plans in relation to the Department of Chemistry.

Senate had a good and informed discussion about the proposals, which had been presented to members for the future academic development of the University. There was a clear and full understanding of the issues facing Sussex, and the opportunities for investing in excellence in teaching and research.

The Senate endorsed proposals for the strategic direction of investing in excellence and the plans to strengthen the University's teaching and research. The proposals going to Council include plans to press ahead with significant immediate investment in posts across the arts and sciences.

The Senate proposed to Council that Sussex should hold off making decisions on plans in relation to the School of Life Sciences - including the planned additional investment in Biochemistry, Biology and Environmental Science, Psychology, Genome, and refocusing the Department of Chemistry.

The Dean of Life Sciences will now be working with his academic colleagues, in consultation with staff and students, and with external advice, to look urgently at and review all the options for the way forward across the Life Sciences, which will be presented to future meetings of Senate and Council.

The aim is to have this review completed in the next 6-7 weeks, and to call a special meeting of Senate near the start of the new academic term.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alasdair Smith, said: "I am pleased that Senate has supported the direction of these plans overall, and the proposals for investing in excellence. The position in relation to chemistry is an important and serious one. I have been impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment from staff and students to seeking a viable future for the subject at Sussex.

"I very much welcome the fact that the University now has a further period to consider the options for chemistry."

Notes for editors

For details of the original proposals in relation to the School of Life Sciences, please see the original press statement, issued 12 March 2006, at:

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