NEWSLETTER No. 49. Autumn 2019

Edited by Adrian Peasgood



In this issue:


Forthcoming events

Recent programme







Wednesday 18 December

Christmas party


A date for your diary – this year the joint USPAS / Suss_Ex party will be on Wednesday 18 December.  I am expecting that arrangements will be similar to last year but I will write again with full details and a booking form once we have everything confirmed.

Steve Pavey











The University Bulletin publishes obituaries.  The following have appeared since the last issue of the Suss-Ex Newsletter:


Peter Adamczyk (Bulletin, 3 May)

Jim Guild (Bulletin, 28 June)








The Suss-Ex website

More information about Suss-Ex is available on its webpage at  ‘Suss-Ex Club’ in Google will get you there, as will, or you can find us in the   A–Z on the University’s homepage.  The website has copies of past Newsletters.



The steering committee

Suss-Ex activities are organised by a steering committee, which currently comprises:

Sir Gordon Conway, Chair

Colin Finn

Jackie Fuller

Charles Goldie

Arnold Goldman

Steve Pavey

Adrian Peasgood

David Smith

Paul Tofts

Helen Walker



Ideas for the future

We are always seeking ideas for social occasions when we can meet former colleagues.  Please let us have your suggestions, or volunteer to join the committee.  We meet once a term, when practicable immediately before a Suss-Ex event.