Laudatio Marciani

Name of text: Laudatio Marciani
Author of text: Chorikios
Date of text: 6th Century
Date of person in text:
Name of structure in text: S. Stephen at Gaza
Type of structure in text: church
Date of structure in text
Century of structure 1:
Century of structure 2:
Country in text: Egypt
Region in text:
City in text: Gaza
Specific place of mosaic in text: apse, roof
Description of mosaic in text: Figural. Mosaics with gold background which decorated the churches of Gaza, the poetic graces of the vines, orchards and birds which were depicted there, also of the scrolls alternating with acanthus and combined with architectural compositions.
Mosaic date in text: 6 AD
Tesserae silver mentioned in text?
Tesserae gold mentioned in text? Yes
Colour descriptions in text: blue
Bibliography: Odyss. VII, 115

Choricius, Laudatio Marciani, 2.33, trans. by Cyril Mango in The Art of the Byzantine Empire 312-1453 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1986), pp. 68-72


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