Gesta Pontificum Autissiodorensium

Name of text: Gesta Pontificum Autissiodorensium
Author of text:
Date of text:
Date of person in text:
Name of structure in text: S. Stephen's Cathedral
Type of structure in text: church
Date of structure in text Desiderius was bishop of Auxerre 603-21/3
Century of structure 1: 6 AD
Century of structure 2: 7 AD
Country in text: France
Region in text: Burgundy
City in text: Auxerre
Specific place of mosaic in text: East vault
Description of mosaic in text:

He [Desiderius] very splendidly decorated and enlarged the basilica of St. Stephen, his cathedral church.  He added a large vault to the eastern half, marvellously decorated with gold and mosaic, similar to that which Syagrius, bishop of Autun, is known to have built. 

Mosaic date in text: 7 AD
Tesserae silver mentioned in text? No
Tesserae gold mentioned in text? Yes
Colour descriptions in text:

Gesta Pontificum Autissiodorensium, ed. L. M. Duru in Bibliothèque historique de l’Yonne, I (Paris-Auxerre: 1850), p. 334, quoted in Caecilia Davis-Weyer, Early Medieval Art: 300-1150 (Canada: University of Toronto Press, 1986), p. 67.


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