Islamic Architecture: Form, Function and Meaning

Name of text: Islamic Architecture: Form, Function and Meaning
Author of text: Robert Hillebrand
Date of text: 1994
Date of person in text:
Name of structure in text: Umayyad Mosque/Great Mosque of Damascus minaret
Type of structure in text: Minaret
Date of structure in text Eighth century
Century of structure 1: 8 AD
Century of structure 2: 8 AD
Country in text: Syria
Region in text:
City in text: Damascus
Specific place of mosaic in text: Exterior of minaret
Description of mosaic in text: According to Hillenbrand, it is reasonable to assume that 'the minaret covered with external glass mosaic at the north entrance of the Damascus mosque was erected by al-Walid I. This tower was unfortunately destroyed in 570/1174, and replaced soon thereafter by the present minaret on that site'.
Mosaic date in text: 8 AD
Tesserae silver mentioned in text? No
Tesserae gold mentioned in text? No
Colour descriptions in text:

Hillenbrand, Robert, Islamic Architecture: Form, function and meaning (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1994), p. 137


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