History of Damascus

Name of text: History of Damascus
Author of text: Ibn-Asakir
Date of text: 12th century
Date of person in text: 1105-1175
Name of structure in text: Umayyad Mosque/Great Mosque of Damascus
Type of structure in text: mosque
Date of structure in text Eighth century
Century of structure 1: 8 AD
Century of structure 2: 8 AD
Country in text: Syria
Region in text:
City in text: Damascus
Specific place of mosaic in text: Four narrow bands along the interior of the south wall, probably below the level of the engaged pilasters in the upper zone of marble panelling.
Description of mosaic in text: Quranic verses.  Glass mosaic in golden script on blue background.
Mosaic date in text: 8 AD
Tesserae silver mentioned in text?
Tesserae gold mentioned in text?
Colour descriptions in text: blue
Bibliography: Ibn-Asakir, History of Damascus, ed, and trans. by Finbarr Barry Flood, The Great Mosque of Damascus: Studies on the Makings of an Umayyad Visual Culture (Leiden: Brill, 2001), pp. 247-254

Information attributed to Abu Yusuf Yaqub, b. Sufyan al-Hafiz (d. 890-91).

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