Chancellor's International Scholarship 2020

25 Chancellor's International Scholarships are available. Scholarships are offered for one academic year and are awarded on the basis of academic performance and potential.

Only eligible applications will be considered, do not apply until you have received an offer of a place on an eligible Masters course. Non-eligible applications will not be considered and will be withdrawn.

Please note that competition for the scholarships is extremely high.

Personal Details
Appears on your Masters offer letter/PG Apply. We cannot consider a scholarship application unless you have received and accepted an offer of a place.
Maximum of 9 characters.
Education and Experience
i.e. Bachelors degree
i.e. History
When did/do you finish studying or when was the qualification awarded to you?
Describe any paid or voluntary work experience that is relevant to your proposed course of study
Maximum of 500 words.
Academic Interests
In which University of Sussex School is your chosen Masters?
You must have received and accepted an offer of a place on an eligible Masters course.
The University of Sussex Chancellor's International Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of previous academic performance and future potential, not financial need. The selectors will pay special attention to the information you provide below.

You need to state why you should be considered for a Chancellor's International Scholarship. You should write about:
- your drive and ambitions
- any potential for positive impact when you return to your home country
- any relevant work experience, skills or extra-curricular activity.
Maximum of 500 words.
Submit your application
The information provided here will be used to evaluate your eligibility for the scholarship, we may also use the information provided with your Masters application as part of this assessment.

The Scholarships Office will contact you when a decision has been made on your scholarship application; this will be after the deadline to apply has passed. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for the scholarship, your application will not be considered and will be withdrawn.

If your application is shortlisted for the scholarship, an anonymised version will be shared with the relevant scholarship selection panel for the final selection process. No identifying characteristics will be shared; however, your statement of academic interests will be shared in full.