Photography briefing form

Make sure you fill in all fields on the form and give as much detail as you can.

Purpose of photo shoot
Tell us where the pictures will be published, for example, on web banners, A4-format covers, large banner stands, or A3-format posters.
What you need
Explain when you need the pictures by, and any other deadlines around this.
Supporting the photographer before and during a shoot will help you get the best results. Tell us how you can help make the shoot happen. For example, can you book rooms, find people to be in the photos and be there on the day to help run things?
Style of pictures
Supply links to examples of images and explain why you've included them.
Tell us who you are, what department or school you're in and anyone else responsible for the results (such as your line manager).
Your work email address.
Your work phone number.
Confirm you have permission and budgetary clearance to commission this work.