Community feedback form

Use our form to report a problem or share your feedback.

After you submit your form, a member of our team will contact you within 48 working hours with a response.

Write a brief description of the complaint. To help us deal with your complaint, please include the following information:

  • what has happened
  • address or area you want to talk to us about
  • when the problem occurred
  • if you have spoken to the students (tenants), the person managing the property or the council about this problem

What happens next

We resolve most complaints after they are reported by contacting the students. However there are a small number that we may need to investigate further. In these cases, we support you throughout the process and help you gain a resolution as quickly as possible.


Your personal information will be kept confidential unless we have your written permission to share this with the University of Brighton Accommodation Office or relevant parties such as letting agents, landlords concerned or local council departments.

The tenants will only be advised that there has been a complaint and the nature of it and not who made it.

Please note that whilst the University will take every step possible to resolve any issues, it does not have any statutory power to enforce action outside of University regulations and we may advise you to report issues to local environmental health or police services for additional support.