Visa refusals

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Your UCAS Personal ID number is the ten digit number you get when you register to apply.
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Your visa refusal

If you think your visa was refused incorrectly, you can ask for an administrative review. We can tell you if this is an option after you submit this form.

Maximum of 5MB per file
Your financial evidence for your new application
Include how you calculated this amount.
Check which documents you can use in the 'proof of funds' and 'acceptable proof of funds' sections on our Tier 4 visa webpages (

Maximum of 5MB per file

We can only issue you a new CAS if your new financial statement (documents) contains all the following information:
• the new bank statement is in your own, or your parent’s name
• the new statement contains the name and logo of the bank
• the new statement includes an account number
• the new statement includes the date that the statement was printed
• the date of the new bank statement is less than 31 days old
• the new statement shows the balance in the account as remained about your required amount for a 28-day period
• the bank you’re using is not on the list of prohibited banks in appendix P of the immigration rules.