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Session Two 

19 July – 13 August 2021

  • Mathematics of Data Science

    Module code: IS404

    This module is for you if you are currently enrolled on a Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or Chemistry degree or interested in Mathematics and the Foundations of Data Science. You will need some background of calculus and analysis, and preferably some computing and programming experience. This module introduces you to data science in any global industry using large and small data sets.

    During this module you will be introduced to probability theory and will have the opportunity to apply this in laboratory sessions.

    You will gain experience in Monte Carlo Simulations applied to Data Science problems, as well as experience of using R for statistical and data science applications. You will examine data sets within a range of industries; apply goodness of fit methods and gain a basic understanding of statistics in data science and how analysis of problems leads to success.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Explain the role of probability theory in statistics and data science
    • Employ goodness of fit methods to simulated and real data
    • Apply Bayesian inference for the estimate of parameters of a distribution
    • Use R for statistics and data science applications.

    Teaching method: Lectures and workshops
    Assessment: 90% software exercise, 10% observation
    Contact hours: 40 hours 
    Credits: 15 Sussex Credits

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  • Buildskills in areas including critical and analytical thinking

  • 3rdin the UK for graduate prospects in Mathematics*

  • Expertteaching from academics who whose research is making a world-changing impact

  • 1stcity in England for student happiness**

Which school will I study in?

You'll study in the Department of Mathematics which is part of the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

You’ll learn from experts whose research is making a world-changing impact in areas ranging from smart materials and predicting floods to the behaviour of queues, social networks and infectious disease control.

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Our mathematics research

Staff at Sussex are working in areas such as using mathematical modelling to try and control the spread of meningococcal meningitis in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our research influences the way we teach, and you learn from academics at the forefront of their fields.

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 *The Complete University Guide  **(Our campus is nine minutes by train from Brighton & Hove) survey by accommodation providers Student Living by Sodexo. Rankings based on full undergraduate degree at Sussex.

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