Living costs

The following is a breakdown of what you might spend each week, but it’s for guidance only. You may find that – depending on your lifestyle – you need more or less.

Living costs per week
Rent on campus* £65.50 (shared) – £150.01
Mobile phone £6 – £10
Food and household goods £35 – £40
Laundry £5
Local travel (based on annual and seven-day local bus saver tickets) £8.85 – £12.50
Insurance (personal) £1.10 – £3.64
Books and equipment £7 – £12
Total £128.45 – £233.15

*This is the range of rents for the academic year 2016/17 and may increase in future academic years. This table includes the cost of a shared room but excludes studios and family flats. Off-campus rental costs may vary. For further information visit Accommodation.

Additional living costs per week
Socialising/entertainment £15 – £40
Clothing £6 – £10

You should ensure that you have adequate finance to cover your period of study. We estimate that to cover the cost of standard accommodation and other living expenses, a single self-supporting student (with no children) should budget for between at least £128.45 and £233.15 each week for the full academic year in addition to tuition fees.

Costs will be significantly higher if you have dependants accompanying you to the UK.

If you require a visa to study in the UK, you will need to show you have enough money to meet the maintenance requirements set by the UK Border Agency. Note that actual living costs are likely to be higher than this amount.

Note that international students may incur higher insurance, travel and telephone costs. To help you plan and manage your studies in the UK, visit:

For a Sussex-specific budgeting tool to help you plan your finances and manage your money, visit

Student discounts

Price reductions are available to students at many shops, cinemas, museums and galleries, and on national and local bus and train travel. Many of the discounts are negotiated by the National Union of Students (NUS), which represents the interests of all students in the UK.