Critical Reflection: Professional and Context-bound Learning (143X3)

15 credits, Level 7 (Masters)

Autumn teaching

You'll begin the process of critical reflection that underpins your Masters in Education.

You select an area either from your recent professional learning, if you have prior experience as a professional, or from your entire educational experience if you're a recent graduate. You critically reflect on this area, analysing and evaluating its significance to your learning, in terms of wider conceptual frameworks.

You also identify areas for deepening your understanding on this area through scholarship and empirical inquiry.

The first two modules of your course, including this module, are taught in a block of unified teaching. The learning outcomes for both modules are combined as befits the nature of these linked modules, both on aspects of critical reflection – gaining an increasing depth of knowledge and understanding through reading research literature on the substantive area of education – and on the process of critical reflection itself.

Teaching and assessment

We’re currently reviewing teaching and assessment of our modules in light of the COVID-19 situation. We’ll publish the latest information as soon as possible.

Contact hours and workload

This module is approximately 300 hours of work. This breaks down into about 33 hours of contact time and about 267 hours of independent study. The University may make minor variations to the contact hours for operational reasons, including timetabling requirements.

We’re planning to run this module in the academic year 2021/22. However, there may be changes to this module in response to COVID-19, or due to staff availability, student demand or updates to our curriculum. It may not be possible to take some module combinations due to timetabling constraints. We’ll make sure to let our applicants know of material changes to modules at the earliest opportunity.