PhD Studentship on Higgs and Top Quark Properties – ATLAS Experiment (2023)

PhD Studentship in the EPP Group.

What you get

  • Fully-paid tuition fees for three and a half years at the home fee status.
  • A tax-free bursary for living costs for three and a half years (£17,668 per annum in 2022/23).
  • Additional financial support is provided to cover short-term and long-term travel.
  • If you are not a UK national, nor an EU national with UK settled/pre-settled status, you will need to apply for a student study visa before admission.

Type of award

Postgraduate Research

PhD project

Probing the Higgs boson is a critical priority in the search for new physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). To this end, collisions containing a Higgs and a top-quark pair (ttH) are especially well motivated. The candidate will play a leading role in new differential measurements of ttH. This will provide fresh sensitivity to the strength of the top-Higgs interaction and the Higgs self-interaction which are directly related to the stability of the Universe at a quantum level. Furthermore, the exact nature of the top-Higgs interaction could hold the answer to why we exist at all - why the Universe is matter-dominated.

Top quarks produced with lepton pairs (ttll) are a key background to ttH, but are also vital to probe one of the strongest hints of new physics to from the LHC – the flavour anomalies. The candidate will also measure ttll (where l=e,mu,tau) to test the universality of lepton couplings in the top sector. This will add vital additional information to understand the flavour anomalies seen in the B-sector.

The ATLAS-Sussex group has made significant contributions measurements of ttH, ttW and ttZ so far in ATLAS: profiting from this experience in the group, the candidate will be ideally positioned to make large impact in this area, supported by contact with CERN-based experts. 

Funding is available for a September 2023 start which includes a tax-free bursary (£17,668 per annum in 2022/23) and fully paid (at the Home student level) tuition fees for 3.5 years. Additional financial support is provided to cover short-term and long-term travel. Interviews of shortlisted candidates will be held in February and March initially and will continue until positions are filled. Applications from self-funded students interested in available projects are also welcome at any time of the year.


Applicants must hold, or expect to hold, at least a UK upper second class degree (or non-UK equivalent qualification) in Physics, or a closely-related area, or else a lower second class degree followed by a relevant Master's degree.

This award is open to UK and International students.


28 February 2023 16:00

How to apply

Apply through the University of Sussex on-line system.

Select the PhD in Physics, with an entry date of September 2023.

In the Finance & Fees section, state that you wish to be considered for studentship no EPP/2023/04

We advise early application as the position will be filled as soon as a suitable applicant can be found.

Due to the high volume of applications received, you may only hear from us if your application is successful.

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For more details about the project, please contact Dr Josh McFayden:

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At level(s):
PG (research)

Application deadline:
28 February 2023 16:00 (GMT)


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