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Additional support with your studies

The Student Support Unit can offer advice on additional support you may be entitled to if you have a disability. In addition to reasonable adjustments, if you are a disabled student, you may be able to get funded specialist support to help you better manage your difficulties and minimise the impact your condition may have on your studies.

UK home students

If you have a disability and are a UK home student, you may be entitled to Disabled Students Allowance. This is not a loan and does not affect your finances or benefits.

EU/international students

If you have a disability and are an EU / International student, you may be able to receive University funding for study support.

Funding for everyday living, personal and medical care

Neither DSA, nor the University can cover the cost of everyday living, personal, social or medical care, but there is a range of options and services. If you are struggling with money and cannot afford your tuition fees, rent and other essentials, help is available. Please contact the Student Funding Team

Funding/ Additional support with your studies/ UK home students

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) can cover some of the extra costs you may have because of a disability. 

  • DSA is not a loan- you will never have to pay back any money or return any equipment you receive through DSA.
  • DSA will not affect your finances or welfare benefits.
  • You only have to provide medical evidence of a disability and fill an application form with your details to find out if you are entitled. There is no medical assessment or test.
  • The University Student Support Unit can help you with the process.

We would strongly encourage you to apply if you are a UK home student.

If you are an EU student, you will only be eligible for DSA if you have had a UK home address for the past 5 years or more.

International students with either settled status or indefinite leave to remain in the UK may also be eligible.

For EU and International students not eligible for DSA, funding is also available to you.

If you are a postgraduate student funded by a UK Research Council, you are eligible for DSAs.

Funding/Additional support with your studies/EU/International students

EU/International students: funding for study support

You may be able to apply for DSA if you are:

  • an EU student who has lived in the UK for more than five years immediately prior to starting the course;
  • an international student with either settled status or indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

International student with either settled status or indefinite leave to remain in the UK may also be eligible.

We may be able to request funding from the university to cover the cost of some additional your study support. The amount and type of support will depend on your individual circumstances and on what we consider reasonable for us to fund. 

Examples of study support, we may consider funding include:

  • some 1:1 mentoring sessions for students with autism, mental health difficulties or AD(H)D;
  • some 1:1 study skill sessions for students with Specific Learning Differences, Autism, AD(H) or mental health difficulties.

We cannot pay for living, personal care, or medical costs.

Funding for everyday living, personal and medical care

Social and medical care

Whilst the University will make reasonable adjustments to study-related activities, we are unable to provide funding or support for personal and social care.

Personal and social care support refers to any practical help or assistance you require for daily life, regardless of student status- in other words, non-study related activities such as:

  • getting up or going to bed
  • personal care (e.g. washing/ bathing, getting dressed/ undressed, using the toilet, etc)
  • help with cooking, shopping, eating, taking medication, getting around town and using transport, cleaning and other daily domestic activities

If you are unable to live independently without help with daily living tasks or personal care, you will need to arrange support through your home Social Services department. International students should make sure they have funding in place for social and personal care prior to starting university.

When considering whether you may need a care package and you should contact Social Services to discuss this, please consider the help - no matter how small – you currently receive from family and friends. Social Services will need to know about this when assessing the type of support that you may need whilst at University, away from friends and family. Social Services will carry out an assessment based on your care needs when living independently and based on the information they have on your living conditions whilst at University.

We therefore strongly advise prospective students to visit the University ahead of applying, so you can better prepare for or review your Social Care Assessment. We would also encourage you to contact Social Services well in advance of coming to university (as soon as you apply).

For people living in Brighton and Hove, visit the council website for more information about local Social Services and care assessments.

You must also let us know as soon as possible if your home social services have agreed funding for additional accommodation for a live-in carer and you therefore need an additional room in Halls of Residence.

Some welfare benefits may also cover additional costs that may arise from your disability, but are not study-related. Find out more about information about welfare benefits.

Financial hardship and money advice

The Disability Team can offer support and advice on DSA and disability-related study support. We cannot offer advice or information on any other financial matters.

If you have questions about your tuition fees, student loan, or are struggling financially, we would strongly encourage you to contact the Student Life Centre.

Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry form to the Student Funding Team.