Student Support Unit

Before you come

The University of Sussex encourages you to tell us about your disability so that we can support you. Please be aware that disclosing a disability, learning difficulty, on-going physical or mental health condition will not disadvantage you in the admissions process.

If you need emergency support

If you have a condition (e.g. epilepsy, diabetes, heart condition, panic condition) which means that you are at risk of experiencing a medical emergency while on campus, you may wish to form a link with the University Emergency Response Team (ERT).

The ERT is available in case anyone becomes unwell on Campus and can be contacted during office hours on extension 3333.

Outside office hours, i.e. during evenings, overnight and at weekends, if someone becomes unwell on Campus, or you are with someone who is unwell, you can use the same extension (3333) and either Campus welfare or the 24 hour Security Provision will respond.

Please contact the Student Support Unit at should you wish to discuss the ERT.

Find out what adapted accommodation is available

If you have specific access requirements for your Campus accommodation please let the University know as soon as possible so that we can arrange this for you.  You can find detailed information about various residences at Campus Housing Services.

Meeting with a Disability Advisor

Following your application we may have written to you, asking if you would like to talk to us in more detail about the support you feel you will need on starting at university. Currently, we are offering these meetings via Zoom..

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

You may need funding for specialist study support. Find out how to apply for Disabled Students' Allowances.

Transfer your health or personal care support

If you have help with everyday living, or use NHS or other health or mental health services, you may need to transfer this support to Brighton

Campus NHS Health Centre

Please register with the Health Centre on campus as soon as you can and before you need treatment. This will help them to help you quickly, should you need it later on. Register online now.

Campus pharmacy

There is a pharmacy on campus located beside the Health Centre. You may wish to use this if you have repeat prescriptions. Visit the Pharmacy website for details.

If you have not disclosed that you have a disability, learning difficulty, on-going physical or mental health condition on your UCAS or University application form, you are welcome to contact the Student Support Unit at