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Find out about the mediation available if you're having an issue with housemates in private sector housing.

How mediation can help

If there is a problem between the people you live with, the Student Life Centre can help you resolve difficulties through a process called mediation.

Mediation is non-judgemental and non-directive. It is not about who’s right and who’s wrong. It allows both parties the opportunity to explain how a situation is affecting them.

The aim is for both parties to decide together how best to resolve the situation and make it tolerable for everyone. The mediator’s role is to facilitate a conversation in a safe and supportive environment.

How to arrange mediation

Email for more information. Write ‘Mediation’ in the subject line.

A Student Life Advisor will get in touch with you and arrange an initial appointment to talk through the situation.

As part of that initial meeting the advisor will assess if mediation is an appropriate route, explain what happens in mediation and identify other support services that may be helpful.

If mediation can go ahead then the advisor would contact the other party and explain the mediation process and offer them an initial appointment.

If both parties are happy to proceed, a joint mediation meeting would be organised to take place in the Student Life Centre.

Mediation in University-managed accommodation

If you’re living in accommodation managed by the University – on campus or elsewhere – you should speak to your Residential Life Connectors.

Read our advice about how to resolve issues with flatmates.

If you need more help, contact Residential Life.