Student Life Centre

Drugs policy

Even minimal recreational drug use can have serious consequences and the University is keen to ensure students are aware of the risks associated with drug use.  The risks concern personal safety and well being as well as illegality (see below).

Sources of help and confidential advice

If you think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, there are professional sources of support available. The University Psychological and Counselling service have a trained specialist drugs counsellor and there are other helpful agencies and independent health and community services in the region.  The University strongly encourages you to access this help.  For more information go to Think Drugs.

You can also visit the Student Life Centre for informal support, guidance and more information.

Illegal drugs

The University has a legal duty to provide a safe environment for all our students and staff. We take this responsibility very seriously, and we set out this guidance with your welfare in mind.

The University does not tolerate the use, possession or selling of illegal drugs on the campus, or in off-campus University-managed accommodation. All such incidents coming to our attention will be referred immediately to the police as a criminal matter, as is our legal duty. The University will also always consider whether to take its own further disciplinary action once any legal process has run its course. Likewise, the presence of controlled drugs in University-managed accommodation is in breach of our tenancy rules, and may lead to eviction. For clarity, it is an offence to:

  • Possess a controlled substance illegally;
  • Possess a controlled substance with intent to supply;
  • Supply or offer to supply a controlled drug (even if it is given free );
  • Allow a home, flat or office to be used by people taking drugs.

'Legal highs' and alcohol

At any given time a substance can be legal and yet still very dangerous. There have been a number of tragic and avoidable student deaths in the UK in recent years involving the use of so-called 'legal high' drugs (especially in combination with other intoxicants). The legality of substances is also something that can change suddenly: the government is moving to radically speed up the process of substances being deemed illegal. The fact that a substance may have become illegal since you acquired it will not be accepted as an excuse by the law or the University. The only safe line in this area is 'steer clear'.

Alcohol is of course legal, but its use within the teaching, social and residential spaces of our campus community must be appropriately limited, mature and considerate of others. Any incidence of behaviour contrary to the University's general expectation that students 'shall maintain a good standard of conduct' will be subject to firm disciplinary action, and the influence of alcohol will normally be viewed as no excuse (in fact, quite the opposite)

Reporting of suspected drug dealing on campus

Drug-dealing endangers the safety of our community. If you have concerns and/or information relating to drug-dealing on campus and would wish to report something, you can do so anonymously by a call to staff in our Security Office (01273 678234; or just extension 8234 from a campus phone).