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Documentation required in support of a Hardship Application

Please note that your application not be considered until you answer all the appropriate sections and attach copies of all relevant documents. If you are having trouble completing the form or are unable to provide the supporting documents required, get in contact with the Student Funding Team.

We are unable to accept bank information provided by screenshots. For all other evidence, photographs may be used but the writing must be legible. 

 Income and Expenditure

Students are asked to provide bank statements covering the three most recent consecutive months, including savings accounts

  • Annotations should be provided in these statements, highlighting your essential expenditure (e.g. rent, groceries, travel to and from university etc.)
  • Annotations should be provided in these statements, highlighting your regular income sources (e.g. wages, family contributions etc.)
  • Evidence of rent/mortgage payment should be annotated on these bank statements. If this is not shown, we will assume that you don't pay your rent yourself
  • Any expenditure exceeding £100 should be explained within your annotations

Funding Sources

All students are expected to demonstrate their main sources of income in their application. If necessary, an explanation of funding disruption should be provided in your supporting statement.

  • For Home Students, Student Financial Award Notification / Social Work Bursary Funding Letter
  • For EU and Overseas Students either a sponsorship letter or an explanation of funding
  • If you receive benefits from the DWP, HMRC or local council you will need to include your entitlement letter or annotate the payments on your bank statements

Child Dependants 

Students who have stated that they are single parents  will be asked to supply further information:

  • Evidence of Childcare costs if it is not already visible on your bank statements (e.g. invoices)
  • Child Benefit – this could be indicated on your bank statements

Living with Partner

Students who live with their partner should provide:

  • 3 months consecutive bank statements explaining all partner’s income (wage slips, DWP letter etc.)

Personal Circumstance

The University recognise that financial hardship can be as the result of additional medical costs or being unable to work alongside their studies due to a physical or mental disability or a long term injury/illness. If you are not registered with the Student Support Unit, but have mentioned that your health precludes you from working, you will be asked to provide the below:

  • A scan of a medical ceritifcate or a doctor's letter of confirmation

 Following submission of your application, you will receive an email of confirmation that your application has been received.

This will also remind you of necessary supporting documentation needed to complete your application. You will find instructions on how to submit these documents securely using Egress Switch, our secure email encryption service.

Documents will need to be sent to via this secure email service and you will need to set up a Switch ID in order to submit this.

Please be aware that, depending on your security settings, this email may be sent to your junk or deletion folder rather than your email inbox, so please also check these inboxes.

You will need to provide this information within 30 days of submitting your online form. Any forms without the necessary documents will be automatically rejected after this time.

Once we have received your application and all the supporting documentation, we can take up to 20 days to process your application.