Student Life Centre

Exceptional circumstances claims

The University acknowledges that as you go through the process of examination and assessment, there may be circumstances which affect your performance. Sussex has a procedure for managing how the impact of sudden and unforeseen circumstances can be taken into consideration by the Progress and Award boards.

This Exceptional Circumstances Claim procedure is not managed or determined by the SLC but we are able to provide information on how to complete the claim form, and Student Life Advisor appointments provide space to discuss your circumstances and identify any additional support needs you may have relating to your situation.

All EC claims are completed online via Sussex Direct, under the ‘Study’ tab. Medical or other evidence to support your claim must be uploaded electronically.

Full information is provided on the Academic Development and Quality Enhancement website.


Student Life Advisors can provide information about published University policies and procedures. However, because the examination and assessment regulations are complex and the options available (to exam boards etc.) are often numerous, we cannot predict what 'will' happen in particular circumstances. Similarly while Student Life Advisors may be supportive and sympathetic it is not their role to suggest what 'should' happen in particular cases. If you have concerns about your academic progress you should contact you Academic Advisor or a member of faculty via your School Office.