Dignity and respect

D&R champion FAQ's

Can I meet my D&R Champion remotely?

Yes you can. We have set the scheme up so that it can operate remotely. We will adapt the scheme when we return to working on campus. You will be able to agree the channel you want to use (phone, Teams, Zoom, Skype) with your Champion.

How do I ask to talk with a D&R Champion?

Please use our online request form. The form takes a few minutes to complete and once you submit your request (click on submit at the end of the screen) your request will be received by the HR Team who are operating the process. The HR Team will contact our Champions to see who has first availability to meet you.

Can I choose the D&R Champion I want to talk to?

We ask you to let us match you with a Champion. All our Champions are volunteers and some will have earlier availability than others when you make your request. That doesn’t mean that you can’t ask to be matched to a specific Champion, just that we may be able to match you with someone else sooner so you can have your meeting.

What if we meet and my D&R Champion isn’t able to help me?

We have worked with our Champions so that they can help you think through your options in a range of situations. It may be that they can’t offer you the support you were hoping for or that the situation is one that needs another kind of help or guidance. If your Champion can’t help you, they will point you to another source of support.

How quickly will you be able to match me with a D&R Champion?

We aim to match you with a Champion within 3 working days of your request. Occasionally, because of availability, it may be a little longer. If your enquiry is urgent, please let us know when you make your request and we will do our best to help.

What if I don’t want to meet a D&R Champion? What other sources of help are available to me?

We hope that you will feel confident in using the scheme. We recognise that this doesn’t work for everyone. Here are some other options.

Will my conversation with a D&R Champion be confidential?

Yes it will. What you say in your meeting with your Champion will remain confidential between you unless you both agree that it can be shared outside of the meeting. The only exception to this will be if your Champion is concerned that you may be at risk to yourself or others. In that case, they will tell you that they will share their concerns with HR.

We will hold your contact details until you have finished your conversation(s) with your Champion. After that point, the only data we will hold will be the date of your enquiry, the theme of your request and your home School/Division. We will use this data so that we can observe patterns or trends and refer to HR for appropriate action.