Dignity and respect

What can you expect from your D&R champion?

What can I expect from my D&R Champion? 

Your D&R Champion is a member of Sussex staff who understands the Sussex context, has been trained to support you and understands our policies on dignity and respect and diversity. They will: 

  • Arrange to talk with you at a mutually convenient time 
  • Welcome you and help you feel that you can talk openly about your experience, whatever it may be 
  • Listen to you with respect and without making assumptions or judgements or taking sides 
  • Keep anything you say confidential (the only exception to this will be if they believe you are at risk of harm, in which case they have a duty of care to refer this to HR) 
  • Make sure you know where to find the University’s Dignity and Respect policy and other relevant information 
  • Help you understand your options 
  • Help you think through any conversations you feel you want or need to have with others 
  • Signpost you to relevant support (e.g. counselling or advice through the University’s employee assistance programme) 
  • Check in with you on the usefulness of the meeting you have had together 
  • Let HR know that the meeting has happened so that we can monitor workload for our champions 
  • Where needed, arrange to have a second conversation with you.

We have agreed these boundaries to the role of Dignity and Respect champion so that we set out clear expectations for you and for them. Champions are not in a position to: 

  • Represent you in any formal or informal discussion.
  • Offer you advice on what to do next; our aim is to give you the opportunity to work out what you want to do.

If I meet a Dignity and Respect champion, what can I expect? 

  • Most meetings will be about an hour long. 
  • Everything you say in the meeting will be completely confidential.
  • Please do some preparation for your meeting so that you know what you want to share and have any relevant information to hand. 
  • If you have something to discuss that is painful or difficult in other ways, think about how you want to share that information so that you do so in a way that works for you. 
  • Try not to worry about your meeting. Your champion will help you find a way to share what you want to say. 
  • Use the expertise of your champion to help you think through your next step. Your champion won’t be able to act on your behalf: they will be able to help you consider your options. 
  • Please meet your champion at the agreed time – if you can’t make the meeting, please let your champion know and rearrange. 
  • The Champions’ Network has been designed to help enquirers over one or two meetings. If you feel you need more than two meetings, your champion will refer you to a member of the HR team, if you wish, for additional guidance. 
  • We will ask you for your feedback on the network after you have met with your champion for the last time, so that we can develop the support we offer.