Dignity and respect

D&R champions and confidentiality


In line with data protection guidelines we will: 

  1. Keep all personal information on enquirers (name, email address, department) confidential to the members of the network. 
  2. We will keep all information that is shared during a meeting with an enquirer confidential between the Champion and the enquirer.  
  3. Ensure that the only exceptions made to principles 1 and 2 will be when the Champion believes that an individual is at risk of harm to self or others. In this situation, the enquirer will be advised that the Champion intends to talk to HR for guidance  
  4. Ask D&R Champions to ensure that personal data is not included in any emails sent to HR or to other colleagues in the network in keeping  
  5. Ensure that HR colleagues will share information in accordance with current HR guidelines  
  6. Delete personal data (name, email address, department) within a month of the end of an enquiry.  
  7. Delete all data on the enquiry after two years.  
  8. Only share anonymised data in D&R Champions’ meetings and with appropriate and agreed University Committees.