Dignity and respect

About the dignity and respect champions network

What is the Dignity and Respect Champions’ Network? 

At Sussex, we have appointed a pool of staff who have been trained to meet with any member of staff who wants to talk about being the receiver of or a bystander to disrespectful behaviour. We have done this because we recognise that staff may want to talk about their experience with someone else who is ready to listen and provide information. These conversations aim to support our staff in understanding their options and thinking through their next step. 

Find out more about what we mean by the term disrespectful behaviour here. 

How does the scheme work? 

Any member of staff who would like to talk to a D&R Champion is asked to complete a short online form which is sent to an HR inbox. HR manage, in confidence, the information you provide. We ask you for your contact details so that we can reply to you, some information on what you want to discuss and anything else that you want to tell us. You may, for example, ask to be matched to a Champion who works in another department to yours. 

HR will then email the Champions’ network (excluding anyone who works in your department if you have told us that you don’t want us to match you with someone who works there) and find a Champion who is available to talk to you. HR will connect the enquirer with the Champion by email and ask you to arrange a time to talk.