Return to campus: what you must do

1) Watch this video following the login details below. Only current, contracted staff can login to LearnUpon. If you are a temporary worker, casual staff, or external staff, you won’t currently have access to LearnUpon.  Please don’t worry, you can watch this video and let your line manager know you have watched it. 

2) Support our Community Pledge

3) Read the HR guidance 

4) Review our Health and Safety advice

5) Find out how you report symptoms

6) Download and use the NHS Covid-19 contact-tracing app. Some users of the app have reported receiving a message notification titled ‘Covid-19 exposure logging’.This FAQ from the NHS explains why, and what this means.   

How to watch the video in LearnUpon:

To view the video, log into LearnUpon in a Chrome browser where possible by clicking the green button on this page

Login details:

·         Username: your ITS (e.g. )

·         Password: your University of Sussex ITS password

In your Enrolled Courses, click on the course entitled “Covid-19: Safe Return to Campus for Staff”.

You will need to watch to the end so that completion is recorded.