Sharing our expertise

Make the most of our School's cutting-edge expertise and support to achieve your organisation's goals.


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Working with academic staff

The School of Psychology offer their academic expertise to organisations and companies external to the University of Sussex in the form of collaborative work, services, partnership projects.

Specifically, our experts can provide:

  • Consultancy services
  • Off-the shelf and bespoke training
  • Research tailored to your organisation’s requirements
  • Collaborative innovation projects
  • Software development tools and applications for psychology research.

These services are supported by a range of teams (Contracts team, Intellectual Property team, Finance team etc.) to allow all projects to run smoothly and meet organisational timelines.

If you represent an organisation and wish to discuss any ideas for collaborative projects benefitting from our academic staff's in-depth knowledge or require their services please contact:


Elisa Fortunato

Knowledge Exchange Manager

School of Psychology


Working with students 

If your organisation is interested in working with students in our School, please read the information available on our Recruit our graduates and students page. Opportunities include internships, student consultancies, bespoke students research projects and placements, as well as participating to one of our popular Careers fairs.

For more information on these options please contact:


Vicky Raynard

Careers Consultant 

Careers and Entrepreneurship team


Collaborating with Sussex

For more information on how Sussex works with organisations in all sectors and supports partnerships with them, visit our Collaborate pages.