Psychology Professional Placement Scheme

Recruiting a psychology placement student is a great way to access new skills and to identify and review potential future employees.

Student shaking hands at a placement interview

Benefits of employing a psychology placement student

Your organisation will gain an enthusiastic member for your team, with up-to-date skills and knowledge developed during their first two years of undergraduate study. Our students are equipped with a range of skills for critical analysis, experimentation, data analysis, and communication, as well as having specialist knowledge of human behaviour in a range of contexts (e.g. health and clinical psychology, organisational and social psychology).

You'll be supported by the University of Sussex throughout. Your placement student provides a direct link to the collective knowledge of a university that is ranked within the top 20 in the UK.


How it works

Your placement student could be with your organisation for up to a year, between their second and third year of study.

Our psychology undergraduates undertake either paid or unpaid placements depending on the sector they will work in. Unpaid placements take part in the NHS, mental health practices, schools, charities, research centres, public sector and government offices. Paid placements take place in industry and are paid at the National Living Wage or higher. 

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