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Research on Language and Linguistics (ROLLS)

Wednesdays at 1 pm


Week 4 - Wednesday 21 October 

LeAnn Brown (Sorbonne-Nouvelle) 

Effects of gender non-conforming populations on the (socio)linguistic enterprise 

Co-hosted with Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence 


Week 5 - Wednesday 28 October 

Rhys Sandow (Sussex) 

Language as currency:  The value of words on the linguistic marketplace in Cornwall 


Week 6- Wednesday 4 November 

Adam Schembri (Birmingham) 

British Sign Language Corpus project: What we have learnt thus far? 

Co-hosted with Sussex Centre for Language Studies 


Week 8 - Wednesday 20 November  

Event on behalf of The Philological Society 

Approaches to lexical variation 

Presentations by postgraduate researchers Rhys Sandow (Sussex), Sandra Young (Brighton), Mary Edward (Brighton) followed by a round table discussion chaired by Justyna Robinson (Sussex)