Archival Activism: Community - Centred Approaches to Archives

The event was organised by the National Archives of Ireland and DRI Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI).  

The title of the session; ‘Archival Activism: Community -Centred Approaches to Archives’, contributes to a growing body of literature, of research and action that looks at community responses, often from communities traditionally marginalised or oppressed in society, which ensure the historical record is inclusive of those voices traditionally ‘silenced’ or absent from history. Although, in many respects, the analogy of voices being silent or absent diminishes or glosses over the often violent, oppressive acts associated with marginalisation from historical records and from society foremost. The event’s theme and our speakers’ address to this, prompted so much conversation and dialogue among the panellists and the large number of participants attending on Zoom, demonstrating both the need for this conversation and the appetite for it. People zoomed in from across the globe to hear our speakers, demonstrating how this theme is of paramount importance to society, to democracy, to social justice but also to the future of our collective histories – an importance and interest that transcends the geopolitical borders in which we might find ourselves. Read more ...


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By: Kate Malone
Last updated: Tuesday, 3 November 2020

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