Anna-Maria Sichani wins Software Sustainability Fellowship

Anna-Maria Sichani has been awarded a Software Sustainability Fellowship for 2020. The Software Sustainability Institute is facilitating the advancement of software in research by cultivating a more sustainable, research software to enable world-class research (“Better software, better research”).

SSI draws on a team of experts and a cross-disciplinary network of Fellows with a breadth of experience in software development, project management, research facilitation and community engagement. Anna-Maria’s SSI fellowship follows her long-lasting interest in research software, infrastructure and sustainability in Digital Humanities environments and projects.

Anna-Maria’s research and work practice actively develops and promotes a comprehensive approach towards research software in Humanities (from developing, reusing and evaluating to integrating and teaching software) and she seeks to communicate her approach through various initiatives, workshops, and communication channels. Over the last few years, Anna-Maria has collaborated with a number of teams and projects to produce and provide access to research software as well as open source digital tools and methodologies for Humanities scholars.

Anna-Maria says: “I am excited to join SSI, a supportive and active community of researchers who care about good research software practice, advocate for recognition of software development in research assessment, and are committed to open source values.”

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By: Kate Malone
Last updated: Thursday, 30 January 2020