Holocaust and genocide research group

Researchers from various disciplines work on Holocaust and genocide.

As one of the first UK university to host commemorations for Holocaust Memory Day, the University of Sussex has a long-standing reputation for genocide memorialisation.  There are several scholars working on research related to Holocaust and genocide histories, memory and visual cultures across Sussex arts and humanities, and global studies. With the inauguration of the Sussex Weidenfeld Institute of JEwish Studies, and its dedication to interdisciplinary work, it seems particularly timely to establish a group committed to this field. The remit of this research group will be:

To bring together researchers working across disciplines on work related to the Holocaust and other genocides to explore methodologies and their applications and limitations across different contexts, develop collaborative funding bids, and cultivate a research culture dedicated to this field. 


  • To establish a research network with events that promote internal and external speakers working on Holocaust and genocide research
  • To collaboratively explore methodologies and case studies, and to test the limitations of comparative approaches
  • To develop an MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies that is interdisciplinary, bringing together history, memory studies, literature, anthropology, heritage studies, and media studies in a format that enables a new generation of scholars to inform historical and memory work for the future
  • To develop collaborative and interdisciplinary funding bids