Read about the journeys of two of our former Masters students.


Masters in Corruption and Governance

“Sussex was almost the only University in the world with such a complete and comprehensive Masters course. I read some of Liz David-Barrett and Dan Hough's articles and publications from the Centre for the Study of Corruption and I was very excited to see the work they have done.”

“What I valued most about my experience at Sussex is that my professors challenged me constantly to develop my critical analysis skills to a higher level.”

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Masters in Corruption and Governance

“One of the reasons I applied to the University of Sussex was because it has a vibrant political scene with many political societies trying to make sense of the political environment we are living in and taking action when necessary.”

“Through the incredible journey on the MA in Governance and Corruption, the University of Sussex has given me the knowledge, the skills and the network needed to fulfil my goals.”

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