Global Education Policy and the Politics of Governance

This Global Education Policy and the Politics of Governance theme critically engages with the global education policy agendas, including, but not limited to, questions of power asymmetries in governance, planning, finance and accountability of education systems.

This theme engages with the tensions, disjuncture, and resistance to the imperatives of global education policy discourses both historically and in relation to globalisation, knowledge transfer, post-pandemic crises and contemporary precarities. This engagement carries implications for policy and practice in Global North and South contexts, relates to the recognition of historically marginalised groups, and offers links with the call to decolonise international education and development.
Research in this theme is animated by questions such as:

  • How should education systems be financed?
  • Are public private partnerships as efficient and equitable as they claim to be?
  • What role should donors play in education governance?
  • What does the ‘experimental turn’ mean for education policymaking?
  • What role should research play relative to democratic participation in education policy?

The research theme is co-led by Dr Gunjan Wadhwa, Dr Nimi Hoffmann and Dr Marcos Delprato, with engagement from other members of CIE.