Mr Russell Glasson

Post:Senior Technician (Online Publishing) (Media, Arts and Humanities (Professional Services), Media and Film)
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Russell Glasson (was Pearce) studied Information Systems at Birkbeck College, University of London (1998 - 2003), and worked in the video games industry (1996 - 2009).

In 2010, Russell used a variety of ethnographic and discursive methods to investigate the implications of digital distribution has for the professional standing of people who work in the Video games industries. 

For his doctoral thesis, Russell researched experiences of people who adopted electronic digital reading material to replace traditional material sources. Adopting a variety of ethnographic and discursive methods, this research project to explored how digital materiality has altered the experience of reading for pleasure.

He is a founding editor of Reframe, a publishing project for the University of Sussex, and is also an editor for Sequence_Serial.


I am an Associate Research and Independent Lecturer in the field of Digital Media and Cultural Studies. While working at  Sussex, I have contributed to the following modules?

  • Digital Environments (P3062),
  • Digital Cultures (P3067)
  • Questioning the Media (P4006),
  • Debates in Media Studies (P4061).
  • Class and Popular Culture (P4109)
  • Advertising (P3083)
  • Advertising for Social Change (P3080)




MA Digital Media, University of Sussex

PhD Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex


Member of Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies and Centre for Material Digital Culture/Digital Humanities, both based at the University of Sussex.
I have been involved in the staging of a number of conferences symposiums and workshops, including: 

  • Staging Illusion
  • Trash
  • The Tablet Symposium
  • Workshop "Expertise?"
  • Input/Output
  • Photomemory (September 4 & 5, 2018 at ACCA)
  • '1948 - Seventy Years On' (November 9 at ACCA)

I am Technical Editor for Reframe, a publishing project for the school of Media, Film, and Music, working on and a number of titles, including SEQUENCE_Serial and on publications for Reframe Books.