My research interests focus primarily on modern and contemporary American poetry. I have written extensively on poets affiliated with the New York Schools (including Frank O'Hara, John Ashbery, Ted Berrigan, and Bernadette Mayer).

I am particularly interested in work that connects poetry with other genres - film, theater, music, and visual art especially. I welcome research proposals from prospective PhD and MPhil students working in any of the following areas:

  • the New American Poetry
  • the New American Cinema
  • the New York School (poetry, cinema, painting, dance)
  • contemporary poetry of England and North America
  • the Beat Generation (poetry, the novel, cinema, music)
  • Downtown culture of New York City (e.g., CBGB, La Mama, the Loft, the Poetry Project, Max's Kansas City)
  • 20th and 21st-century North American and European avant-garde culture
  • North American punk rock (music and literature)

Doctoral and MPhil projects I have supervised include:

  • Shaikhah Alyalak, "Environmental Otherness in Modern Poetry: Wallace Stevens and Robert Frost" (current)
  • Diarmuid Hester, “Passionate Creation, Passionate Destruction: Art and Anarchy in the Work of Dennis Cooper”
  • Luke Walker, “William Blake in the 1960s: Counterculture and Radical Reception
  • Freyja Madsen, "Never Stationary: Examining the Influence of Creative Destruction in the work of Jack Kerouac and Gary Snyder"
  • Alex Howard, “The life and times of Charles Henri Ford, Blues, and the belated renovation of modernism"
  • David Hull, "Modernism and state power in the pre-war poetry and prose of Ezra Pound, 1911–1914"
  • Jian Farmouhand, "Charles Bukowski and Cinematic Influences"

Publications - Books

Do You Have a Band?: Poetry and Punk Rock in New York City. New York: Columbia University Press (2017).

   Interviews and reviews for Do You Have a Band? include

“We Saw the Light”: Conversations Between The New American Cinema and Poetry. Iowa City, IA: The University of Iowa Press (2009)

Ostentation of Peacocks. Norwich, UK: Egg Box Press. (2008)

Don’t Ever Get Famous: Essays on New York Writing after the “New York School. Edited by Daniel Kane. Chicago, IL: Dalkey Archives Scholarly Series. (2007)

“All Poets Welcome”: The Lower East Side Poetry Scene In the 1960’s. Berkeley: The University of California Press (2003)

What is Poetry: Conversations with the American Avant-Garde. New York: Teachers & Writers (2003)

Publications - Essays and Articles

'All kinds of glorious hijinks': A Tribute to John GiornoApollo: The International Arts Magazine (October 2019). 

"Reading Sophie Robinson Through Frank O’Hara’s 'Ploop!'." Textual Practice (June 2019). 

An Interview with Thurston Moore Postmodern Culture 25.1 (2014): n. pag. Project MUSE. Web. 18 Dec. 2015.

“'Why is it so boring?': John Giorno, 'Pornographic Poem,' and The New York School of Poetry Garbage." Magazine Palais: Le magazine du Palais de Tokyo 22 (2015).

Whimsy, the Avant-Garde and Rudy Burckhardt’s and Kenneth Koch’s The Apple World Picture 9 (Summer 2014).

“‘I Just Got Different Theories’: Patti Smith and The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church.” Among Friends: Engendering the Social Site of Poetry. Eds. Anne Dewey and Libbie Rifkin.  Iowa City: Iowa University Press (2013): 43-64.

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Editorial & Review Work:

Member of the Editorial Board, The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics, and Culture. (Routledge).

Member of the Editorial Board, The New AmericanistA Journal of the American Studies Center, University of Warsaw

Member of the Editorial Board, Bloomsbury Studies in Critical Poetics.

Member of the Editorial Board, American Studies: Eurasian Perspectives. (The Institute of Language and Communication Studies; Macro World Publishing).

Member of the Editorial Board, Transatlantica. (French Association of American Studies)

Book Reviews: Various published or forthcoming in The Review of English Studies, Midwest Modern Language Association, Symbiosis: A Journal of Anglo-American Literary Relations, The Chicago Review, PN Review, Jacket, The New York Post, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Textual Practice, Pequod.

Conference Papers, Talks, and Panel Presentations

"A Town Like New Orleans? Punk in the Second Cities." Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present 10th Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, 17th to 20th October 2018.

"‘Let’s Go Down Where the Love Is’: Arthur Russell, Allen Ginsberg and the Making of Hippie Disco." DISCO! An Interdisciplinary Conference. Attenborough Centre for the Arts, University of Sussex, 21-23 June 2018. 

Daniel Kane – Live! From City Lights. Daniel Kane discusses his new book “Do You Have a Band?”: Poetry and Punk Rock in New York City from Columbia University Press. City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, September 13, 2017.

Book Launch and Roundtable for Do You Have a Band, featuring Daniel Kane, Gillian McCain (author of Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk), and Marvin Taylor, Director, Fales Library and Special Collections. New York University, September 7, 2017.

"Kill Those Bastards the New York School." The University of Warwick, Warwick Seminars in American Studies, March 2, 2017.

"Paul Blackburn's Wollensack." Recording in Progress: Producing, Preserving and Using Recorded Poetry. International conference organized by Paris-Diderot and Paris-Sorbonne universities, November 24 - 25, 2016. Maison de la Recherche de Paris-Sorbonne.

Keynote: Frank O'Hara in England. Frank O'Hara and Friends Symposium, Institute for Contemporary Arts (ICA), London. July 24, 2016.

Frank O'Hara's Question. Ledbury Poetry Festival, July 2, 2016. 

'"Yippee!" Laughter and Melancholy in the Poetry of Frank O'Hara.' Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Bath. November 25, 2015. 

Keynote: "'I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation Rock': Punks, Beats, and the New York School of Poetry." European Beat Studies Network 4th Annual Conference, Brussels. October 28-31, 2015.

"East Village Poetry Walk" (a literary tour of New York's East Village). City of Print: New York and the Periodical Press. National Endowment for the Humanities, New York City. June 25, 2015.

Poetry and Punk Rock in New York City. Poetics, History, Theory @ University of California, Irvine. April 10, 2015.

Print Screen: Writing and the Image. The Photographers' Gallery, 16 - 18 Ramillies St, London. December 16, 2014.

Keynote: "Lou Reed's Page, Lou Reed's Stage." Alternative Spaces: A Postgraduate Inter-disciplinary Conference. University of Kent, Reid Hall, Paris. June 12, 2014.

Respondent: Charles Altieri's 'Toward a Phenomenology of Imagination: The Case of John Ashbery's "The Instruction Manual"'. University of East Anglia Literature, Drama, and Creative Writing Research Seminar with Professor Charles Altieri (UC Berkeley), May 23, 2014.

"Translating New York School Poetry into Punk." Moving Back and Forth between Poetry and / as Translation. Universite Libre de Bruxelles, November 7th and 8th, 2013.

"The Status of the Art Object in the New York School." Modernist Studies Association Conference, University of Sussex, August 2013.

Crossings: Larry Rivers and His Milieu. Larry Rivers Foundation, New York University. March 29, 2013.

"What Did Poetry Learn From Punk? What Did Punk Learn From Poetry?" Guest Lecture, Department of American and Canadian Studies, University of Nottingham. March 6, 2013. 

"Allen Ginsberg Across Media: Photography, Tape Recording, and Film." Fales Library, New York University, January 31, 2013.

Contributor, Jonas Mekas Study Day, BFI Southbank, London, January 12, 2013.

“Poetry As Muse: Poetic Influence on the Other Arts.” Seminar Leader, with Stephen Fredman. Modernism & Spectacle, 14th Modernist Studies Association Conference, Las Vegas, October 18-21, 2012.

Whimsy, the Avant-Garde, and The Apple.” Third Biannual Conference of the European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies (EAM), University of Kent, 7-9 September 2012.

"Getting up to speed with Rae Armantrout's Up to Speed." A paper and panel conversation on the work of Rae Armantrout preceding Rae Armantrout's Judith E. Wilson Lecture, University of Cambridge, (20th October 2011).

"The English Intelligencer and The New American Poetry." The English Intelligencer: a Symposium.  School of Pythagoras, St John’s College, University of Cambridge  (20 August 2011).

"Rudy Burckhardt's and Kenneth Koch's 'The Apple'."  Poetry and Cinema: A Three Day Festival & Conference, held on the campuses of The University of Colorado at Boulder and Naropa University (June 24-26, 2011).

Poets & Critics @ Paris Est - David Antin. Université Paris Est Marne-la-Vallée. (June 15, 2011).

"Introducing Pull My Daisy and The Flower Thief." Beat Cinema: The British Film Institute's Essential Experiments, BFI, London (May 12, 2011).  

"Patti Smith vs. The New York School." Post45@Rock Hall: The Conference, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum, Cleveland, OH (April 29-30, 2011)

“Poetry…and Punk?” American Studies Research Seminar, University of East Anglia (March 28, 2011).

“Ephemerality, the Canon, and The New American Poetry.” The New American Poetry: 50th Anniversary Conference, University of Warwick (October 23, 2010).

“‘I Just Got Different Theories’: Patti Smith, Poetry, and the Problems of Friendship.” Women’s Innovative Poetry & Cross-Genre Work Conference, University of Greenwich, London (July 14-16, 2010).

We Saw the Light: Conversations between the New American Cinema and Poetry.” Book party,

Panel Talk, & Screening. Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church (April 10, 2010).

“‘The New Realism: How John Ashbery Sees Surrealist and New American Cinema.” John Ashbery In Paris - International Conference. Institut d’Etudes Anglophones, Université Paris. (March 11-13, 2010).

“Richard Hell, Genesis : Grasp, and the move from Poetry to Punk.” Cambridge University, American Literature Research Seminar. (February 25th, 2010).

“From Blake to the Beats to the ‘Blank Generation’.” Oxford University, American Literature Colloquium, Rothermere American Institute. (February 4, 2010).

Cool Men in a Golden Age: Alfred Leslie and Frank O’Hara.” Museum of Modern Art, New York City. (December 4, 2009).

Cool Men in a Golden Age: Alfred Leslie and Frank O’Hara.” Tate Modern. (June 24, 2009).

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“Frank O’Hara in the New American Cinema.” 20th Annual Conference of the American Literature Association, Boston. (May 21, 2009).

“They Saw the Light: The New American Cinema and Poetry.” University College (London) Film Studies Research Seminar Series. (December 1, 2008).

“New American Film and Poetry in Conversation”. Research Seminar, School of English: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. (October 22, 2008).

“Lower East Side Poetics: A Panel Conversation with Daniel Kane, John Giorno, Hettie Jones, Miguel Algarin, and Steve Cannon.” The Howl Festival, September 10, 2008. The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, New York City.

“Elective Affinities” (a weeklong seminar-series on Avant-Garde Film and Poetry). Guest Faculty Member, Summer Writing Program, Naropa University, Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, Boulder, Colorado (June 22-June 29, 2008).

“Robert Creeley and Stan Brakhage in Pieces.” Centre for Modernist Studies, University of Sussex. ‘Long Poems:::Major Forms’ Conference (16-17 May 2008).

“Frank O’Hara, Alfred Leslie, and The Last Clean Shirt.” “How am I to become a legend, my dear?”: Reading Frank O’Hara. Symposium, University of Sussex (April 11, 2008).

The Tibetan Book of the Dead in the New American Poetry.” Receiving the Dead: The Tibetan Book of the Dead in English Literature of the Twentieth Century. A panel sponsored by the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation. Yale University, New Haven (November 29 2007).

“‘...but the traffic / was acting exactly like the sky’ - The Presence of Surrealist and ‘New American’ Film in Frank O’Hara’s Poetry.” Modern Language Association, Philadelphia (December 2006).

“On John Ashbery’s ‘A White Paper’.” John Ashbery Festival at the New School. New School University, New York, 7 April 2006.

“Recovering Magic in the work of Robert Duncan and Kenneth Anger.” The Tenth International Conference on English and American Studies, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, 20 April 2005.

“Frank O’Hara - Poet of the People?” English and American Studies Research Seminar, University of East Anglia, 1 October 2003.

“Orality, Community And The Privileged Speaking Subject In The Lower East Side Poetry Scene Of The 1960s,” Modern Language Association, New York, December 2002

“What Price St. Mark’s Poetry Project?” National Poetry Foundation Conference on North American Poetry in the 1960s, Orono, ME (June / July 2000).

“Ted Berrigan, ‘C’ Magazine, and the Making of the Second Generation New York School.” North East Modern Language Association, Buffalo, NY (April 2000).

“The Elegiac Interior Landscape of James Schuyler.” North East Modern Language Association, Pittsburgh, PA (April 1999).

“‘This is My Scenario, Not Some Prick’s’: The Theater of Lesbian Sado-Masochism.” N.Y.U. Third Annual Conference on Sexuality and Gender, New York, NY (1994).

Grants & Awards

Santander Mobility Grant, July 2013.

Eccles Centre Visiting Fellowship in North American Studies Award at the British Library, 2012.

Arts and Humanities Research Council Research Leave Scheme, 2006.

British Academy Research Grant, 2004-5.

City University of New York / PSC-CUNY Research Award, 2002.

City University of New York / PSC-CUNY Research Award, 2001.

Friends of Mandeville Special Collections Archive for New American Poetry: Award for Work

in Contemporary American Poetry, 2001.

City University of New York / PSC-CUNY Research Award, 2000.

N.Y.U English Department Nominee, Ph.D. Class Representative, 2000.

First Annual ML Rosenthal Dissertation Fellowship in Modern Poetry, 1999.

N.Y.U Dean’s Travel Grant Award, Spring 1999.

Friends of Mandeville Special Collections Archive for New American Poetry: Award for Work

in Contemporary American Poetry, 1998.

N.Y.U Dean’s Travel Grant Award, Fall 1998.

Administrative Experience

Director, Center for American Studies; Course Convenor; Research Director; Admissions Tutor; Seminar Series Organizer