Photo of Paul GoughPaul Gough
Professor Emeritus (Engineering and Design)

Selected publications


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Book Section

Gough, M. P., Buckley, A. M., Bezerra, E. A., Popoola, B. and Seferiadis, G. (2003) Intelligent instruments for the space plasma environment. In: Zhou, G., Baysal, O., Kafatos, M. and Yang, R. (eds.) Real-time Information Technology for Future Intelligent Earth Observing Satellites. Hierophates, Pennsylvania, USA, pp. 123-130. ISBN 097279400X

Conference or Workshop Item

Yearby, K H, Alleyne, H St C, Walker, S N, Bates, I, Gough, M P, Buckley, A and Carozzi, T D (2006) Digital Wave Processor Data in the Cluster Active Archive. In: Cluster and Double Star Symposium - 5th Anniversary of Cluster in Space, ESTEC, The Netherlands.