Photo of Claire LanghamerClaire Langhamer


I was awarded the University of Sussex Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2003 and again in 2012 after being nominated by a group of students.

I currently teach undergraduate courses in modern British history. These include a special subject entitled Domesticity and its Discontents - Women in Postwar Britain and the time and place course 1937: Mass Observation. I have also taught courses such as Britain in the Twentieth Century; Feminism; The Social History of Women 1870-1920; Imagining the North; Introduction to Contemporary History; Women in Society.

At postgraduate level I have taught courses on Critical Approaches to Mass Observation; Historical Skills and Methods - doing a research project; The History of Feminism, Women's Lives, Life Histories and Social Change; Making a Contemporary History Video Documentary.

I currently supervise or co-supervise eight doctoral students.

Doctoral completions at Sussex:

Jen Purcell, 'Beyond Home: Housewives and the Nation. Private and Public Identities, 1939-1949.' (2008)

Christine Jesman, 'Conservative Women, The Primrose League and Public Activity in Surrey & Sussex c.1880-1902' (2008)

Benjamin Jones, 'Neighbourhood, family and home: the working class experience in mid-twentieth century Britain' (2009)

Lorraine Sitzia, 'Telling People's Histories: An Exploration of Community History-Making from 1970-2000.' (2010)

Samantha Carroll, 'Fill the jails': identity, structure and method in the Committee of 100, 1960-1968.' (2011)

Michele Harrison,  ‘At Home in Prague: Representations of Home in the Czechoslovakian Interwar’ (2013)

Shivaun Woolfson, ‘ Everything Speaks: the Jewish Lithuanian experience through people, places and objects’. Co-supervised, self-funded. (2013).

Sian Edwards, ‘Youth movements, citizenship and the English countryside 1930-1960’. (2013).

Jenna Bailey, ‘‘Lady Be Good’: An Exploration of Women Making Music in the Ivy Benson Band, 1940-c.1985.’ (2014)

Jill Kirby, ‘Nerves to stress: responding to the troubles of life in 20th Century Britain’ (2014)

Angela Ferreira Campos, ‘Silence and shame ? An oral history of ex-combatants of the Portuguese colonial war (1961-1974) (2014)

David Geiringer, ‘The Pope and the Pill; Exploring the Sexual Experiences of Catholic Women in 1960s Britain.’ (2016)

Alexa Neale, 'Capital Domicide: Home and Murder in the Mid-century Metropolis.’ (2016)

Stephen Ridgwell, 'On a Shiny Night: The Representation of the English Poacher c.1831-1920' (2017)

Zoe Strimpel, 'The matchmaking industry and singles culture in Britain, 1970-2000' (2017)

Fiona Courage, ‘The value of higher education: a temporal analysis from Mass Observation’ (2018)

James Jones, “Enter the dream-house”: Evaluating the role of English cinemas in public emotion, spatial appropriation, and notions of modernity, c.1930-1960 (2018)