Organisational Development

Tips for Online Learning

Online learning can be challenging. Here are a few tips to help prevent procrastination and to keep your e-learning efficient.

Alarm clock

1. Book the time

Put aside a set time for your online course in your work diary and commit to it. Keep to your start time, and stop when your time runs out. All our online courses save your progress if you have to stop before the end. Just remember to click the x in the top corner to exit.

2. Set a specific goal

Decide which course(s) you're going to do before you start work. Write it down so you can focus on what you want to complete.

3. Buy a new notebooklaptop and notepad

Have a dedicated pad or notebook solely for your online learning. If you prefer paperless, set up a new document ready for your online learning.

A very cluttered work space

4. Avoid distractions

Keep an uncluttered work area where possible (I'm still working on this!); keep off unrelated websites and turn off your phone if you can. There are apps available to help block sites during your commited online learning time, such as Freedom or SelfControl.

woman biting pencil while looking at laptop5. Don't stress

Don't worry about your workload while you're working through a course. You've allocated time for your online learning so try not to think about other work during this time. Online courses are usually time-efficient and to the point, and you can achieve a lot in a short space of time.Once a course is completed, you can tick it off your to-do-list - a sure stress reliever!