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. Why emotional intelligence is the key to success

17 March 2000
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A high IQ may secure you a place at college or university, but it is not a predictor of how well you will perform academically or professionally. Research now suggests that it's your emotional intelligence, or EQ, which determines your level of success in life.

On March 31 the University of Sussex will host the first of a series of special conferences to help 60 teachers from schools in the Kent and Somerset Education Action Zone develop the emotional awareness of their pupils.

Organised by Dr Nicola Yuill, a senior lecturer in psychology and head of the Social Cognitive development research group in the School of Computing and Cognitive Sciences, and Dr Chris Gerry, Education Action Zone co-ordinator and head teacher of Hugh Christie City Technology College in Kent, the event involves a talk by Dr Yuill on research methods and a presentation by one of the UKÕs experts in EQ, Dr David Warden of the University of Strathclyde.

Sussex University graduate researcher Clara Strauss will also be talking about "What is Emotional Intelligence?" She said: "IQ measures spatial and verbal skills, but it doesn't take into account factors such as motivation and optimism. It's these variants that can make a difference to academic or career success. "

"EQ is about how to recognise your own emotions, how to control them and how to recognise how other people are feeling. It's also about being able to react appropriately to the way other people are feeling." She said that role playing sessions to examine issues such as bullying was one of the ways teachers could develop their pupils' EQ skills.

Dr Gerry, a former University of Sussex student, said: "This is something I've read into and would like the possibility of making it work in schools. I hope it will help teachers understand more about themselves and their work and will help us to achieve happier, more successful children in our schools."

The conference, Promoting Emotional Intelligence in Schools, will be held on March 31 at the Institute of Development Studies, from 11am to 4.30pm.

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