University of Sussex Media Release.
. Atomic Bombshell Wins Sussex Student National Physics Contest

20 May 1999
For immediate release

A Sussex University student has been named the nationwide 'top postgraduate; by the Institute of Physics for his prize-winning lecture on atomic mirrors. Carlos Saba, a PhD student, will go on to represent the UK at an International Conference in Helsinki this August.

Carlos is based in the Universityís Centre for Optical and Atomic Physics, a pioneer of cutting-edge laser cooling and atom manipulation. He is part of a team which aims to develop a new technology similar to electronics but based on the flow of atoms instead of currents. By harnessing the wave-like properties of the atoms they hope to create revolutionary new chips which might eventually be used in quantum computers.

Carlos scooped the award for his lecture "An Atomic Trampoline". He demonstrated a device - invented at the Sussex Centre- which prevents the atoms from falling under gravity and which will form the basis of the new chip technology. According to Julia Rose, Student Officer at the Institute of Physics, the lecture Carlos gave was "particularly clear, especially considering the high level of his research. We were very impressed."

Carlos is delighted about his win - and the prize: "Iíve never thought of going to Finland before, but Iím looking forward to experiencing 20 hours a day of sunlight. That will make a change from the UK."

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