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. Justice in Rape Trials

21 October 1998
For immediate release

In a lecture to be delivered at the University of Sussex next Tuesday, Jennifer Temkin, one of the UK's foremost experts on criminal law and sexual offences, will address some of the difficulties posed by the rape trial.

There is growing concern about the conduct of rape trials which has led to the Government pledge to try to provide more support for victims. In the light of this pledge, in June l998, the Home Office published its report, "Speaking Up for Justice", which contains proposals which are intended to ease the plight of victims in rape trials. In ler lecture, Jennifer Temkin will ask the question, "Does the Report go far enough or too far in seeking to achieve this end?"

Professor Temkin will consider the rape trial from the perspective of barristers working in the system who are highly experienced in prosecuting and defending rape cases. She will examine some of the difficulties faced by the Crown in prosecuting rape cases and the strategies and tactics employed by barristers when defending. She will also consider the issue of ethics in the adversarial trial system.

You are invited to send a reporter to the lecture, Justice in Rape Trials, which will take place in the Chichester Lecture Theatre at the University of Sussex on Tuesday 27 October at 6.15.

For further information contact Sue Yates, Information Officer, University of Sussex, Tel. 01273 678384, Fax 01273 678335, email


Jennifer Temkin is Professor of Law at the University of Sussex. Her research and writing has focused on different aspects of criminal law, particularly sexual offences. Her book Rape and the Legal Process was published in l987 and an edited volume, Rape and Criminal Justice in l995. She is currently completing work on a project entitled, Rape Victims as Consumers of the Legal Process.

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