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New ‘Atlas of Food’ maps out worrying trends

* 4 March 2003 *

New ‘Atlas of Food’ maps out worrying trends

The world's food policies are not meeting health and environmental needs and urgently need to change. So say the authors of a new 'Atlas of Food', published to coincide with a new World Health Organisation report. The WHO's report shows a mounting burden of  diet-related disease.

"The Atlas of Food gives a snapshot of some of the powerful forces that politicians must grapple with if they are to deliver a food supply system that doesn't contribute to ill-health and environmental damage even while feeding people," says Dr Erik Millstone, Reader in Science Policy at the University of Sussex and co-editor of the book.

The Atlas of Food gives a snapshot of 40 key global trends characterising the world of food today. These include:

"Political attention is on the Iraq conflict, but don't let us forget that there is a food war going on too. The challenge is clear. We have to ensure good quality food production that meets both human and ecological health. The watchword is quality not just quantity. The WHO report has laid down a challenge with governments, the food industry and we consumers must all rise to," said Professor Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy at City University and co-editor of The Atlas of Food. 

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