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 15 Oct 2001 

Film-making students nominated for Royal Television Society Award

Three media studies students from the University of Sussex have had their film nominated for Best Factual Programme in the Royal Television Society Southern Region Awards.

Sian Jones, Catherine Walsh and Marie Shaw all graduated this summer with degrees in media studies. Their 15-minute film, entitled 'Craith Y Cwm', is about the village of Capel Celyn in North Wales that was cleared of its inhabitants and then flooded in the 1960s in order to supply water to Liverpool.

"My teacher at school actually went to prison for trying to blow up the dam," says Sian, who did the interviews for the film in her native language of Welsh. "It's still a very emotional issue - one man we interviewed broke down in tears talking about it."

The students made their film as part of the 'Documentary: Theory and Practice' module of their degree, undertaking all the interviewing, directing and digital editing themselves. "We're just proud that the film has got this far and that people are watching it," says Catherine.

Two other films have been nominated in the same category, and the winning film will then go on to the national competition. "Obviously we'd like to win," says Marie, who made several short films with Catherine in their first year of study. "We haven't seen the other films though, and now we can just see all the flaws in our own!"

Sian, Catherine and Marie will attend a ceremony on Saturday 20 October at the De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton to hear if their film has won.

 Notes for editors 

For further information, please contact Peter Simmons, University of Sussex, Tel. 01273 678209, Fax 01273 877456, email or Alison Field, University of Sussex, Tel. 01273 678609, email

Catherine Walsh can be contacted on 07968 719327, Sian Jones can be contacted on 07929 548849 (after 4pm) and Marie Shaw can be contacted on 07977 299819.

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