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. Adult learner nominee wants to be a teacher

14 May 2001
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Twenty years ago Pete Reynolds left school with just two 'O' levels. Now he intends to go back into the classroom - as a fully qualified teacher.

Pete, 35, is finishing a BA in cultural studies at the University of Sussex and intends to take a postgraduate certificate in education at the University to equip him to teach English to secondary school children.

His commitment to learning has earned him a nomination in this year's Adult Learner of the Year awards, organised by Brighton and Hove Council, on May 17.

"It has been a struggle at times," says Pete, who lives with his partner Sue and their two small children in Hove. "But I kept going because it was something I really wanted to do. I left school with just two 'O' levels and went to work in a shoe factory, because that's what we did in my family. I never thought I could get a degree."

Pete considered himself academically unable until he won an essay-writing competition when he was 21. This boosted his confidence and inspired him to return to learning. While working in a variety of jobs, from cinema projectionist to script writer for a cable TV company, Pete went on to take A levels in English, politics and media studies. Five years ago he began the part-time BA in cultural studies at the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) at Sussex.

"I've squashed a six-year course into five years to get through it more quickly," says Pete. "And now I want to become a secondary school teacher because I feel I have a lot to offer school children. I think I can make classes interesting. I know teachers are unhappy with their profession, but I've been on the other side, working in jobs with short-term contracts and very little security. I feel confident about my reasons for wanting to be a teacher."

Peter was nominated for the Adult Learners' Award by his course tutors in CCE. Gerry Holloway, course convener, says: "Pete is a truly gifted adult learner. He has made it clear from the beginning that, ultimately, he wanted to become a teacher. Studying at the University has allowed him to realise this ambition."

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